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DCnU- Review of the 52 part 1

Updated on September 30, 2011

What is this?

This is my review of some of the New DC Books from their relaunch. For this first group I will focus on the Batman and Green Lantern related titles from the first 2 weeks (September 7th and the 14th) and a few other random books from those weeks as well.

Green Lantern and Red Lantern Corps

My issues of GL and RLC
My issues of GL and RLC | Source

Red Lanterns and Green Lantern

To start. Both are not reboots or recon's likes the other DCnU books. Both carry over the same continuity as they have had before the change up.

This is both good and bad. It is good because Old readers will be happy. Bad because new readers might be confused if the old continuity is not explained quickly enough or if explained too quickly.

Thankfully both of these books delt with backstory in very good ways.

Geoff Johns Green Lantern was able to establish past events in dialogue that was well paced. New readers learn Sinestro was a leader of a group of Bad guys and Hal used to be a member of the Green Lanterns. Other than that the story did not have much to it besides showing the personalities of the characters for introduction, so it made a good introduction but was not much of a story in itself.

As for The Red Lanterns. When I heard this was in the line up I did not know what to think. It sounded like a good idea, and it turned out to be wonderful.... so far as this issue is concerned.

It showed Atrocitus in a new light. He seemed partly noble in some respects though whinny. Despite this the book certainly entertained and gave a good hook that drew me in. I did only plan on buying only the first issues but of certain of the 52 but I will have to check out the Red Lanterns more.

As for the art on these issues both were good. Seemed on equal par and style to what it was before. No pages or scenes amazed me too much. Both covers were good but the Green lantern close up of Sinestro was pretty but the close up did not have much do it. As for the Red Lantern cover it copied covers already done before for past Green Lantern related issues to the point it might have been traced to a degree. (it was the long red tail coming off the butcher up the page. It was exactly that of Parallax's from the Sinestro corps cover like this)

As I said I advise this to old readers because it just continues where it left off for both books but as for new readers.... You might be confused but the past books were good so the future of these books should be bright.

Batman and Robin

This book had some good things and some issues. Issues being Damian.

He is good and interesting with how the challenges Batman more than any other Robin has. It shows a bit of a father son relationship... but one that normally happens with much older teenagers when the son is trying to prove himself a man.

But there can only be so must back talk before it makes a character annoying and for the reader to pray for a stray bullet or for batman to crack and give his kid a spanking. This is not good for new readers.

Also the story clearly carries over alot from before the "reboot" and like Green Lantern is not really a reboot at all. This too is not good for new readers but is good for old readers.

The two best parts I thought of this book were the mysterious villain and the Russian Batman even though both were only in the book.... briefly....

To compare this book to the Detective Comics issue.... It is better in my eyes because Detective felt much darker. DC had more gore and violence and BaR while still having violence and death had a happier tone to it overall. Bruce was trying to move on in his life and was not as gloomy and negative as Batman normally comes off as.

I do not think I will continue this book and do not advise it for new readers because they might not understand why Batman has a son and why his son is Robin but for batman fans pick it up... and lets hope Batman can teach his son some respect. I also advise Detective Comics but only if you think you can handle a lot of violence.

Action Comics and Swamp Thing

The covers for these were both good art but the Action Comics had a better angle and did take place in the book so I prefer it. ST's was just there and pretty.
The covers for these were both good art but the Action Comics had a better angle and did take place in the book so I prefer it. ST's was just there and pretty. | Source

Action Comics and Swamp Thing

Before I start with the Superman title I must say... I am bias against Superman. I just do not like the perfect God, Can-do-no-wrong character he mostly is. (and I know Clark Kent had human faults but it was how Superman had none). Also there is the overpowering of him that took place in the past to where he could move planets and such.

Having a perfect being such as that did not feel right to me.... and overall the only Superman related thing I have ever enjoyed was the cartoon form the 90's. That show made it interesting for me and it helped that the show was tied with Batman.

But this issue I loved. It showed him as a strong caring person. Key word person. He had some faults in both his secret Identity and as a Superhero.

Many have said this was a bad story because Superman seemed too dark and almost batman like and this is true.... he was almost batman but I felt more real. If he develops into the more perfect persona most see as Superman that will be fine but seeing him start out not like that is a good starting point.

As for the story of the issue it had good action but felt rushed. It moved quickly at times and that was a negative. As for the art it was good during action scenes but felt okay during the normal scenes.

I do advise this book as a good one for new readers but as if you are a hardcore superman fan who must see him as perfect at all turns this is not the book for you.

Moving on to Swamp Thing....

Yeah.... It had a very good beginning and the ending cliff hanger was alright.... and even the middle was good.... but something felt off about it.

The book had a good feel from the perspective of Holland as a man back in his life from being dead and with some vague memories of another life as Swamp Thing, but they do not give exploitation for his being back from the dead nor go into enough detail for my tastes of what Swamp Thing is or what happened when he was Swamp Thing. And without some of this explanation it leaves open questions.

The story does not feel complete and that too much is being left out as a mystery to be answered in future issues. Some mystery is good but with too much it leaves things confusing. And I do know the back story for how he came back in Brightest Day and the run Allen Moore had on the book but with the relaunch it is unknown how much of that applys to this new book.

I did enjoy most of this book and do advise it but... if all the unanswered questions are too much for you as a reader wiki Brightest Day.


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    • profile image

      Jayfort 5 years ago

      DC Comics has lost me as a reader of new comics after more than 45 years thanks to the DCNu. Once they screw up or discontinue their Showcase Presents black & white anthologies; I'll be done with them completely.