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Updated on July 29, 2016

My original poetry

God has healing Hands. No matter what we are going THROUGH, have been THROUGH the Hands of Jesus will comfort, relieve, protect, lead us THROUGH. Difficult unbearable times will come. Killings will not stop, divorces will happen but God....has healing hands. (There is a record called Healing Hands, Florida Mass Choir)


My body, my soul is weary.

So tired I can no longer fight.

My eyes look toward the sky

In my mind I wonder, “Why?”

I call, “Deliver me oh God!”

Heal me with Your touch.

I trust in You to see me through.

I have no one but You.

I need You now.

Every second, every hour,

Every minute of the day.

I need You now.

Your strength, Your power

Drive my fear away.

Though the world is dark around me

And I mostly feel alone

You have promised to be with me

You said, “You’d never leave.”

You are not a God that You would lie.

So I put my trust in You.

In this day I’m near to You.

Wrap me in Your arms.

You, dear Jesus know my pain.

You know my deepest thoughts.

In Your love for me You suffered,

Bled and died.

I look to You upon the cross

My pain I cannot hide

But in Your glorious presence

I shall reside.

Nothing can take me from You

My life You will renew

But should there be more work for me

Your healing I will know.

If my purpose here is finished

Eternity is mine.

My hand You will take hold.

And speak the words I’ve longed to hear

Well done my child

Come Home!

By Pastor Jonita Johnson 4/7/2011

I love writing, and poetry is something I just started dabbling in a couple o years ago. I know to be really good I need to study style. But in the meantime, I'll write what I feel.

Sometimes like today my heart is open wide. I wake up sometimes with words in my head. And as I write I think of people around me who are in the circumstances I'm writing about. sometimes it's me who is either experiencing what I write about, or have experience it in the past. Memories play with our minds in so many different ways. Some pleasant thoughts, some not so great but real just the same.

Writing for me has become a mind clearer. All the clutter of the day, I can release to paper. I feel the same way about my art, or craft projects. I don't believe that our minds or hearts are meant to stay troubled. Medically it's bad for our bodies, and even the Bible say, "Let not Your hearts be troubled... Fear not..." So we need and have outlets to help remove the confusion, fears, doubts and cares of the day. The problems may not get solved by writing, drawing or crafting but I assure anyone reading this, you can experience a few moments or hours of peace from the problems at hand.

This poem today, "Deliver Me," is special to me because in the last few weeks there have been several people close to me diagnosed with Cancer and other illnesses, one young lady at 21 died this week of pneumonia related symptoms, so this morning I wrote.


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    • writerjay profile image

      Jay Johnson 6 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Thank you Judy. Hope to hear more from you and to see you too.

    • profile image

      Judy Buchanan 6 years ago

      Pastor Jay's prayer really uplifted me today. It is the Lenten season, and I have had trouble relating to the Wednesday night services. I play piano for several groups at church, and the rehearsals wear me out, because of arthritis, back issues, and fibromyalgia. Sitting is difficult for me, and being a workhorse musician wears me out physically, and I don't get lifted up spiritually. This has prayer has reminded me what my faith in Jesus is all about.