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“DHARM” - the Principle of the “Prakritih”

Updated on August 23, 2016

“Dharm” is a Sanskrit word derived from “dhri”, which means to hold together or to sustain. The expression of “Dharma” thus stands for "that which contains to uphold together or sustain “Prakritih” and all its creation including the human being.

“Prakritih” sustains the cosmic creation and life universally in compliance with a set of principles. These metaphysical principles of the “Prakritih” are not exotic but precisely crafted, complete in itself, flexible within its ambit yet relentlessly uncompromising, inviolable, thoroughly impartial and applicable universally for all periods of time. These principles exist before, during all the process of creations and even after and therefore “Shashwat”. These principles remain unchangeable even in the midst of all changes yet incorporate dynamism and growth. These principles imbibe and invigorate the energic vibrations or “Shabda Brahman”. This eternal manifestation is everlasting, continuous and is the truth ancient i.e. “Sanatana”. These principles are inherent and integral to all creations of the “Prakritih”. It is a hidden treasure in our inner realms and requires exploration by experiencing the inner world of self.

“Prakritih” is self disciplined & remains in strict abidance with these principles to support, maintain, govern and uphold the entire cosmic order. These principles are ever righteous i.e. hold true always and powerful enough to facilitate realization of manifestation of divinity within.

These five principles are “Principle of Truth, Dignity, Patience, Humility and Co-existence”. These principles form the building blocks of life, are inherited and remain integral to all living being. These form the essence of life and living with trust, respect and equality.

When we follow these principles in trust and live in its compliance, we show respect to the creator and all its creation and treat them in equality to self. Adherence to these principles i.e. compliance to righteousness facilitates an eternal relationship of interdependence & co-existence with all being- living as well as non-living.

“Dharm” is living in compliance with this righteousness i.e. acting in consonance with the principles of the “Prakritih”. It is a treasure integral and lies hidden in all of us. “Dharm” is the spirit of all creations. To live in “Dharm” is to live with true self and be in accord with the stream of all cosmic things. “Dharm” leads one into the mode of enquiry of the truth of the self and is a process of self realization. “Dharm” alone establishes the quest for truth- the “Shashwat Sat”. Understanding “Shaswat or Sanatan Dharm” is an inquiry into truth. It is uncovering and realizing what lies hidden within self. It is knowledge and realization of true self –the microcosm or the energy supreme within. Knowing and understanding these eternal principles is the real knowledge of the self. This paves way to the purpose of life and living. Adherence with these eternal principles is all about communion with true self.This only facilitates to be an associate and assist the energy supreme in construct and furtherance of the grandeur of cosmic designs through effective day to day living. This is the only “Dharm” and the key to survival, evolution and growth process.

“Dharm” is the guiding force for day to day living and mandatory to all living being. It is more so to the most intelligent creation of the “Prakritih”-the human being to characterize a sense of universal responsibility. While most life froms comply with it to their potential, human being often chooses to defy as it turns greedy, starts ammasing and becomes ego centerd due to ignorance created by its own perceived intelligence. “Dharm” aims at “Loksangrah” or well being of all living being through the spirited approach for effective growth of all the creations of the “Prakritih”. It develops a feeling of oneness with others. It generates and strengthens belief in self and therefore in others.


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