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D.I.Y.Disaster Area

Updated on October 2, 2012

There are some things I really can’t try

They make me go insane

One of them is D.I.Y.

It ends up ‘Do It Again’

So you call in the man in the know

There’s plenty here he can fix

I hope he’s all set to go

And not just up to his tricks.

You’ve heard of some who like to con

Or sit around drinking their tea.

So I hope he’s not trying it on

Or the jobs come back to me.

They start banging around

Knocking holes in the plaster

You’re willing to bet your last pound

It will turn out a real disaster.

But they have now finished and

they’ve put back the walls and the sockets.

They now charge a few grand

And leave gaping holes in your pockets.


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