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Updated on September 5, 2009


Once two chittu birds lived by the sea. One was a he-bird. The other was a she-bird. The she-bird asked her mate. Where shall we build our nest? The he-bird said we can build our nest here on the bush. She said. It is very near the sea. Will not the water wash away our nest?

The he-bird was proud. He said, No the sea cannot come near us and wash away our nest. So the she-bird built her nest in the bush near the sea. She laid her eggs in the nest.

Soon the wind began to blow. It began to rain. The sea rose. The waves came rushing. A big wave washed away the nest of the chittu birds.  The poor birds were unhappy.  They lost their nest. They lost their eggs. They learnt a good lesson. They were never proud from that day.


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