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Do You Care? We Want to Tell...

Updated on March 30, 2017


Us! The youth! The future generation! The future bidders of talent! The upcoming representatives of the Commercial and non-commercial world! The ‘still kids at heart’ crave to say a lot of things about how tiring, how upsetting, how exhausting, how hard, how insecure, how meaningless, how fake our lives have become ever since we’ve actually grown up and realized on what terms this world works.

Everything and Everyone around us seems so hoggish and narcissistic sometimes, we want to tell.

Our lives are not as happy and as happening as it seems to our older and the younger generation, we want to tell.

How we go through all the fuss around us to be a more contemporary human, we want to tell.

How we succumb the latent pressure from our parents family peer and teachers, we want to tell.

How we obey the norms of dreaming with a Boundaries, we want to tell.

How many mis happenings we (too) suffer through, we want to tell.

How we keep our thoughts and imaginations locked up in a small diary because no one gives a shit, we want to tell.

How we also compromise on our dreams just so that we are still parallel to ‘Sharma ji ka beta’, we want to tell.

How we customize our dreams according to the feasibility of not money but mentality gifted by our very own society, we want to tell.

How we keep saving those ‘must be done’ links on social media we aspire to get in action someday, we want to tell.

How desperate we have become to earn, not livelihood but infinite money since now we know what rules the world, we want to tell

How we weep alone during nights along our bedsides, realizing how useless our inborn talents seem to the closest people around, in shaping our future, we want to tell.

How we now just are trying to welcome our life everyday without a question, we want to tell.

How we are now just spending our life rather than living it, we want to tell.

How, just like our parents did, we are prepping ourselves up for the ‘FORMAT OF LIFE’ the society has designed, we want to tell.

How we are losing hope of doing our own something with every passing day, we want to tell.

Does it still matter to anyone? We don’t even expect now,



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    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 9 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Something everyone can relate to. 'Sharmaji ka beta' was a killer.

      On the contrary though, I guess everbody has something to TELL, unfortunately most of us have lost the willingess to listen rather emphasizing selfishly on the need to be heard!!