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At The Coffee House

Updated on November 3, 2011

Man, I shoulda got your number.

What a cliché way to meet someone

In the coffee house, that’s funny

I’ve seen you around town, once or twice

Each time we always managed to meet eye to eye

I always refocus my attention

I want you, but the fear of rejection

Prevents me from making my move

However, today was different

My lust for you was strong enough to give me

That little boost of courage

So I worked up enough nerves to talk to you

You looked handsome today

I checked you out, from head to toe

What a fine specimen you are

This tall, brown caramel skinned brotha

With deep dark eyes stood before me like a statue

Your uniform fitted you just right

This time, your gorgeous well maintained hand were ring free

“Yes! Thank you God!”

I expressed my appreciation to the barista, as she gave me my coffee

The grande, non-fat, three creams, and five sugars coffee

With a hint of hazelnut was warm and soothing this morning

As I turned to walk away, we bumped each other lightly

It was like something from a scene of a romantic comedy flick

“You look kinda familiar” I asked

WTH? That was so stupid, but you flashed that award winning smile

Then we held a casual conversation for about a minute or so

Then just like that, you were gone

You jumped in your squad car, sirens wailing, doing 50 in a 35

Leaving me with the thoughts of possibilities

Bouncing around in my head

Damn, another missed opportunity

Fuck it, if I see you again, I’m gonna take that risk

The universe is giving us chance after chance

So why not take at least one

I’m feeling your vibe

You seem like someone I can love

If you let me, I will love you

Like no woman has ever loved any man before

I’m not gonna sweat it

Cuz I will see you again

Hopefully at the coffee house


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