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Dagda's Bowl Final Entry

Updated on August 5, 2013
I am Dagda, Great God of Magic
I am Dagda, Great God of Magic | Source

Mortals invade my creation

I am Dagda, God of Magic. I created every magical creature. I power every spell and every spell component. Why then, must mortals taint everything that I create? I went today to do a final inspection of my gift to Celeste. I wanted everything to be perfect for her visit to her new land. All of my magical creatures thrive within this new land as do the natural creatures that followed my call. I, successfully, brought every creature known in the world below to my new creation. Unfortunately, a group of humans and elves followed the trail of some game animals straight into my land.

They build a village on my creation.
They build a village on my creation. | Source

A mortal village

Of course, they immediately set up a new village for themselves. A beautiful virgin land like this requires the presence of such as them. Arrogant and vain as these humans and elves are; they, then, had the temerity to start fighting amongst themselves over who would be lord and master here.

I sent my dragon hordes to teach them who were the true lords and masters of this land. Some dragons did not want to hurt the puny beings and I agreed with them.

“Only scare them so they will not think to harass you and the other creatures.” I advised them.

When a horde of dragons descended upon their village, they ceased with their eternal bickering and ran for their lives. Apparently, they work to build themselves a stronghold to protect themselves from the Dragons. Hopefully, this will teach them to work together against a common adversary.

No Dwarves

I shall not, however, allow any more of their kind or of the dwarves into my new land. The dwarves have not caused as much difficulty as the elves and the humans but they still mine out the mountains until there is nothing left of them. I will have my creation be free of the infestation of mortals that the land below so suffers under. To this end, I raised mountains all the way around my creation. Once they had grown to their full height, I added my divine protections around them so that none would ever be able to pass over, under or through them. Those who live in my creation shall stay there. None shall be able to trespass within. It shall remain a secluded garden to celebrate harmony between Nature and Magic.

A Successful Gift

Now that I am alone, I cannot stop smiling. I gave the Goddess of Nature her present today. I found her sitting alone by the Great Oak and took the opportunity.

“Good Day to you, Goddess of Nature.”

“And to you as well, God of Magic”

“I wonder if you would do me the honour of letting me show you something. I hope that it will meet with your approval.”

“I would be honoured, God of Magic.”

I, gently, took her hand and teleported into my creation. Only I can teleport in or out of my world but once I give it to her, she will also have that freedom. She looked around in wonder at the landscape surrounding us.

“Please accept this gift, my Lady of Nature. I created it for you. It represents the perfect mingling of Nature and Magic. Please go and explore, I will wait for you here.”

Dagda's Bowl

She shot me a smile and disappeared. I spent the next few hours enjoying my creation but worrying that she would not approve. Her expression upon her return, however, removed any such concern from my heart.

“It’s perfect. Every creature within either of our spheres lives within this realm in perfect harmony. Nature sings in delight with the life and peace you have created. I have added my protections as well to this delightful bowl. None shall leave or enter and all shall be in balance. I shall name it after its creator. Henceforth, this land shall be known as Dagda’s Bowl, proof of the harmony and alliance that exist between Nature and Magic.”

As she named the land, the final piece fell into place and my creation was complete. Dagda’s Bowl shall always prosper and so shall the friendship between Magic and Nature. I have succeeded in my goals and shall close my journal here. I hope my trials have provided guidance in whatever problem you seek to resolve, my heir.


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