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Dagda's Bowl Journal Entries Seven and Eight

Updated on July 19, 2013
I should have protected Nature from Magic Users
I should have protected Nature from Magic Users

Journal Entry 7

After our grief, we left in better agreement with each other then we had shared ever before. Yet, I could not rejoice in it. I should have acted earlier. I described the mortal races as children; yet, I gave them such powers of destruction and did not mind them. My ears echo with the pleadings of my followers to return the Magic to them. I will not do so until I have determined the best way to control the use of magic and until they have made sufficient amends.

Only the Protectors of Nature continue to have access to Magic
Only the Protectors of Nature continue to have access to Magic

Protectors of Nature

I know why they plead so fervently. Winter is upon them and they have destroyed their sources of food. Without Magic to sustain them; they have little hope of survival. Their one remaining hope is that the protectors of Nature will find food among the ruins. How ironic. The preservers have found themselves suddenly held in high esteem by those who had mocked their service before. I hope the protectors use that esteem to write in mortal laws to protect Nature that otherwise would never find their way to paper.

Rules for Magic Users

I must also use this time to discuss with the other Gods and Goddess how to mediate the use of Magic. Already some have approached me, requesting a timeframe for when their followers will have their magic returned to them. I have arranged to speak again with them all later on today to determine the proper course of action.

Only I have the ability to block mortal’s access to Magic. Yet, not all mortals who practice Magic recognize me as their deity. Nor would I want them to. What cares have I for the duties of motherhood or the requirements of the hunt? None, but both have cause to use Magic. A set of rules must be written and upheld by all of the associated Gods and Goddesses whose followers use Magic.

I shall limit their access to Magic
I shall limit their access to Magic

Limitations on Magic?

One of those rules must state that no spell should be cast that will result in everlasting harm to the balance of Nature. The safety and continuance of the world below depends upon it. No doubt there are other rules that must be considered. Perhaps I should limit mortal’s access to Magic to their ability? The elf mage lost control of his spell, which is why it resulted in such destruction. If he had not had access to power beyond his ability then the destruction would not have occurred. It will require great effort on my part to see this done for Magic does not care to be restricted. I shall discuss this possibility with the other Gods and Goddesses.

A growing creation

On a separate note, my creation is ready to be populated. The forests have grown tall and dense. The ocean has settled the question of its depth and temperature. The plains flower over with long grass and rich soil. Rivers run swift and clean through the valleys of both plain and forest towards the deeper waters of the lakes. My world calls out for life to fulfill its final purpose.

Magic begins to create again my various creatures. Magic also calls throughout the world below for wildlife to come to populate this new world. I feel them answer the call and follow. Life begins and grows. We shall have world of Magic and Nature. I go to call the elements of this new land to life. For what is rock that is not alive itself?

Journal Entry 8: The Rules of Magic

I have just returned from my meeting with the other Gods and Goddesses. I shall not bother you with exact details of the meeting. Suffice it to say there was a great deal of politicking and Morana and Morrigan did their best to waylay any possible plans. They, however, were outvoted. Thank Heavens! The end result is that I must restrict the mortal’s access to their ability to control the magic. In return, the other Gods and Goddesses will uphold the following laws of Magic:

1.) No mortal magic shall disturb the balance of Nature

2.) No mortal magic user shall attempt genocide

3.) No mortal magic user shall create life

My orders should I fail

I have excused myself from any activity for the next few days. I shall be in trance ensuring that no mortal can reach beyond his ability to control the Magic. I do not expect this to be an easy battle. If I fail then, dear heir, you must continue where I have started. Magic is not intelligent or sentient; however, it is self-aware to a degree. It is pure magical energy and energy cannot be destroyed only channelled. If I fail, you must build the channel to block access until the mortal has the strength to use it. Use your Divine instincts and your strength. Only that will tame the energy to its new course.


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    • Vborrows profile image

      Vborrows 4 years ago from Hamilton Ontario

      Dagda is trying

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Another interesting story. I can see the common sense in the rules. This is a tragedy being mended.