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Dagda's Bowl Journal Entry One

Updated on June 24, 2013

Journal Entry One - Who am I?

I am the great God Dagda. I have supremacy and control over all magic on this world. Every spell spoken; I power. Every magical creature living; I created. Yet, this is the end of my powers. I have no great power or influence over the dead. I do not bring life in the springtime and quiet it in the fall. The elements do not respond to my demands only my entreaties. Other Gods and Goddess have supremacy within their own spheres as I have within the sphere of magic. We work in alliances to ensure the continuance of our various spheres. Over the eons of time, various organizations have developed between the Gods. Time has cemented alliances into families; divisions into feuds. One such division is the split between Nature and Magic.

My magical creatures live longer than mortals because of the magic within them.
My magical creatures live longer than mortals because of the magic within them.

Nature and Magic

The split between our two spheres began naturally enough. The races capable of magic on our world cast magic to ease the stress of Nature upon their lives. They warmed themselves and their abodes during the winter and cooled themselves during the heat of the summer. They redirected storms to protect their fields and livestock. Yet, each change of nature that they forced caused the very life of Nature to sicken. The cycles of Nature keep the earth balanced and healthy. Without these cycles, our planet would sicken and die. Celeste, the Goddess of Magic, used her own power to fight against the spells cast. Mortals learned that if they redirected or halted a storm; the storm would return three times as destructive as the original storm. Areas where mortals used magic to control the seasons withered and died. Thus Celeste returned the balance of nature to our planet. Yet, she has never forgiven Magic for the damage that it wrought.

They would kill my creatures if they could. I must not let them. I must make them understand.
They would kill my creatures if they could. I must not let them. I must make them understand.

Celeste's Alliances

Celeste has forbidden magic within her spheres. She warily watches all magical creatures. They protest to me that she plagues them with infestations and works with the Goddesses of Death to shorten their life spans. Morana and Morrigan gladly accept Celeste’s assistance. They have long protested the long lives and protections I have granted my creatures. They do not understand that magic protects and aids its own. I could no more shorten the lives of my creatures then I could stop Death entirely. Magic, like Death, is an entity all on its own. I can direct and control the manifestations of this entity on our world. I cannot force the entity’s manifestations to share the likeness of other mortals.

Why I write this journal

For the sake of my creatures, I must ally with Celeste. I must show her that we do share a common interest. I write this journal to detail and explain the development of the alliance between our two spheres. I also write this journal in case I do not survive the attempt. Celeste has the ability to destroy me if she chooses. Another God of Magic would then be created, but my death would give her time to diminish the presence of Magic on our world. If you are my heir and I have failed in this attempt; know that Magic will continue to manifest and like Nature’s storm will return with three times the destructive fury.


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