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Daisy- A True Story About Saving My Cat

Updated on July 9, 2014


What would you do if you saw one of your pets caught in a trap in your neighbor’s yard at three in the morning? Would you risk the chance of legal reprehension in order to get her out? This actually happened to me with my cat Daisy.I had to decide between following the laws that I had been brought up to follow or to follow what my heart told me to do. In the end I followed my heart and it was one of the best decisions that I had made.

Maybe the circumstances around the incident could explain why I did what I did. I moved into a very new developed neighborhood. What started off as a wonderful start, great houses, great neighbors, great area of town, turned into sadness when within three months of moving, two of our cats had gone missing. If it wasn't bad enough, other pets throughout the neighborhood went missing as well. Every day there were new missing posters of small dogs or cats taped onto mailboxes or light posts. At first the extreme amount of missing animals was shrugged off as the result of wild dogs, coyotes, or simply the animals themselves just wandered off and got lost.


Still with everything going on, I still decided to get a new kitten that I named Daisy due to a daisy like spot on her fur. Daisy was a cute little kitten who was too smart for her own good. She would many times sneak her way into whatever trouble she wanted to get into. Her favorite type of trouble would be of course spilling full glasses of water, her favorite place to do so would be if the water is by anything that required electricity.I was still nervous that she would go missing so at first it was planned that she would be a inside cat but with the size of my family that wasn't possible and I had to let her outside.

For two months everything was fine, she would leave the house in the morning and meow to get back in around nighttime. Then one day she didn’t come home. Still I didn’t think much about it; it was summertime so cats like to cruise around after dusk so I went to bed.

I woke up at three in the morning when I kept hearing meowing that I couldn't trace. After counting the cats on my bed I noticed that Miss Daisy was missing. So it had to be her. so I went outside in the backyard to go and get her.

She wasn’t there. When I called her she didn’t come but she was still crying.

I thought she was injured and couldn't move so I walked around our backyard calling her and looking for any signs of her. It wasn't until I got to the fence that separated my yard from my neighbor’s that I knew something was wrong, her cries were coming from the other side of the fence. So I climbed the fence just a little bit to take a peek over the fence and I could see her eyes and her outline and she wasn't moving. I was terrified that she was seriously injured. She wouldn’t come to me. Freaking out I ran inside and got a flashlight and came back and what I saw made me want to burn my neighbor’s house down.

She was in a cat-catcher. Suddenly everything clicked and I knew exactly what had happened to my other two cats. I knew if I left her there I would have lost another cat. I refused to lose another cat.

This is the type of trap Daisy was found in
This is the type of trap Daisy was found in | Source

We knew if we waited until the morning, Daisy would be already sent to the SPCA or wherever else our neighbors took animals they have caught before. We had to do something now.

I didn’t even wake up my parents but I woke up my older sister and told her about my cat. We immediately went to my neighbor’s house and pounded on the door and rang the doorbell. We just wanted to get them to answer the door so we can get my cat back. After that proved to be unsuccessful, we decided to take another approach. We were going to get Daisy one way or another.

So we opened up the gate to the backyard, snuck into it keeping as quiet as we could be, and the minute Daisy saw us she perked up and started to attack the cage. We messed around with the cage trying to find out how to open it but we couldn’t figure it out so we took the whole cage. Could you imagine two bar- footed teenagers wearing night grown carrying this huge cat-catcher, full of anger and hatred. We didn’t even have a plan on how we were going to open the cat-catcher. We guessed we were going to have to break it to order to get Daisy out.

We got as far as our neighbor’s doorway before the neighbors finally opened the door. For a moment everybody was silent and just staring at each other. Then of course I had to open my mouth and I yelled at them because I knew they were behind most if not all of the missing posters. They were the ones who had our own missing cats, and yet they didn't say anything. They didn't call any of the people who put out posters even to apologize or tell them where the animals were. I was furious.

Luckily my sister was more levelheaded than me and she kept the situation under control, She got them to show us how to open the cage.We gave them back the catcher and we got our cat back. We apologized for sneaking into the yard.

I told my mom the next morning, still mad and wanting to find a way to let the other neighbors know about what we found out about the neighbors. My mom talked to the neighbors and the neighbor explained that the cats were ruining their garden. That was their reason. They got rid of people's pets because they were messing up their garden.

My mom lectured me afterward about entering a person’s property without permission and ranting about all the legal issues I could have gotten myself into. I honestly didn’t care at that time about legal issues; I cared about the possibility of what would have happened to Daisy if we didn’t get her out.

On the plus side, the neighbors moved away less than a month after that incident. No high amount of missing animal posters has been spotted since and today Daisy is a happy and healthy cat. She stays inside more than go outside and loves to be by people. However she would prefer it if the other two cats that we have would disappear.


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