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Dangling Things.

Updated on November 10, 2009

Dangling Things.





I love things

that dangle
earrings on a

lovely sculpted lobe
the way they swing

to and fro and
highlight the motion

of her swiveling head.

The pendulum on

a clock as it sways
back and forth and

moves time to it's
rhythmic hypnotic

course unchanging.

Green tea bags that

dangle in hot water
seeping their healthy juices

into a porcelain well

that will fill my bodies

sorely lacking needs with
a chinese cure-all

for what ails me...

Kittens in trees

that hang from a limb

and mewl but then
a young lady in distress
makes you into a hero

cause you climb up and
remove the razor sharp

claws from solid wood
and allow them to sink

into your soft bloodfilled

arms or chest.

Soon she kisses you

and dangles a twenty

for all your efforts.

My phallus when it is

checking out the linoleum
it's a solid feel as it brushes my leg
and flops across to the other.

I often get a rise

out of that but than
it doesn't dangle anymore.

Toes in a cool stream

wiggling each digit
as the water courses

between them removing

the toe jam.

Fish on a hook

that soon I will cook

in a buttered skillet over a flame

to fill my belly that doesn't yet

dangle over my belt

Breasts as they gently

bump together above my face

as she entangles herself

with what used to dangle on me.

there is so much more to enjoy

all the dangling things of life

but my fingers are

dangling over the keys

without any energy left

so now so I will close...

dang it all


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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Sweet and sensual until the toe jam and fish that is. Oh well.