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Danielle Steel's Tedious Novels and the Fact that I Found One I Sort of Liked..

Updated on July 20, 2015

Danielle Steel The Author

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steelm, or to her millions of adoring fans, 'Danielle Steel,' has sold 800 million novels and as I understand, is currently the best selling author in the world and the fourth best selling author of all time. Living out of California, Steel publishes several novels a year and is often working on four or five at a time. Her formula is fairly consistent- dealing with rich families who have faced some kind of tragedy. Like Nicholas Sparks books, Steel's novels do the best they can to draw empathy from her readers to get them connected to the main characters and care enough to see what happens at the end of the novel. Steel's novels are very simplistic, and for the most part, easy reading.

Steel started her career writing articles for magazines. She moved to California and someone suggested that she write a book. I guess the rest is history.

Steel has been married more than five times, and each one of her divorces spawned best selling novels. She holds a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for most consecutive weeks on the New York Times' Best Selling Books. Steel has written a total of ninety-seven novels, several which have been made into movies.

Danielle Steel Looks Good for 67 Years Old

My General Opinion On Steel's Works

When I was a teen, I started reading Steel's books. I soon figured out that as anyone who reads her books (think of Nora Roberts as well), they are very formulated and they most often deal with rich families who face tragic ordeals and cope with them in their lives. I will say though, that Steel's writing has really gotten better over the years. She has evolved as a writer, and up until last week, I hadn't read anything of hers in years.

Audible had a sale on a bunch of Danielle Steel books- $4.95 each. I am a sucker for audible deals so I checked out the description of the books. I thought 'Meh, I'll try one.' I didn't expect much substance nor enjoyment, but I was pleasantly surprised with the story and my selection. It did follow the same formula, the writing is somewhat simplistic, Steel still repeats herself quite frequently- but I have to admit, the character development was quite good and I found myself really wanting to know what happened next with each of the characters.

The book I read is called 'Winners' and it was written by Steel in October of 2013.

Winners the Novel, By Danielle Steel

Before I Get Started on Winners- Here are Steel's Other Novels

**taken from the website:

  • 1973 - Going Home
  • 1977 - Passion's Promise
  • 1978 - Now And Forever
  • 1978 - The Promise
  • 1980 - Season Of Passion
  • 1980 - Summer's End
  • 1980 - The Ring
  • 1981 - Palomino
  • 1981 - To Love Again
  • 1981 - Remembrance
  • 1981 - Loving
  • 1982 - Once In A Lifetime
  • 1982 - Crossings
  • 1983 - A Perfect Stranger
  • 1983 - Thurston House
  • 1983 - Changes
  • 1984 - Full Circle
  • 1984 - Love: Poems (nonfiction)
  • 1984 - Having a Baby (nonfiction)
  • 1985 - Family Album
  • 1985 - Secrets
  • 1986 - Wanderlust
  • 1987 - Fine Things
  • 1987 - Kaleidoscope
  • 1988 - Zoya
  • 1989 - Star
  • 1989 - Daddy
  • 990 - Message From Nam
  • 1991 - Heartbeat
  • 1991 - No Greater Love
  • 1992 - Jewels
  • 1992 - Mixed Blessings
  • 1993 - Vanished
  • 1994 - Accident
  • 1994 - The Gift
  • 1994 - Wing
  • 1995 - Lightning
  • 1995 - Five Days In Paris
  • 1996 - Malice
  • 1996 - Silent Honor
  • 1997 - The Ranch
  • 1997 - Special Delivery
  • 1997 - The Ghost
  • 1998 - The Long Road Home
  • 1998 - The Klone And I
  • 1998 - His Bright Light (nonfiction)
  • 1998 - Mirror Image
  • 1999 - Bittersweet
  • 1999 - Granny Dan
  • 1999 - Irresistible Forces
  • 2000 - The Wedding
  • 2000 - The House On Hope Street
  • 2000 - Journey
  • 2001 - Lone Eagle
  • 2001 - Leap Of Faith
  • 2001 - The Kiss
  • 2002 - The Cottage
  • 2002 - Sunset in St. Tropez
  • 2002 - Answered Prayers
  • 2003 - Dating Game
  • 2003 - Johnny Angel
  • 2003 - Safe Harbour
  • 2004 - Ransom
  • 2004 - Second Chance
  • 2004 - Echoes
  • 2005 - Impossible
  • 2005 - Miracle
  • 2005 - Toxic Bachelors
  • 006 - The House
  • 2006 - Coming Out
  • 2006 - HRH
  • 2007 - Sisters
  • 2007 - Bungalow 2
  • 2007 - Amazing Grace
  • 2008 - Honor Thyself
  • 2008 - Rogue
  • 2008 - A Good Woman
  • 2009 - One Day at a Time
  • 2009 - Matters of the Heart
  • 2009 - Southern Lights
  • 2010 - Big Girl
  • 2010 - Family Ties
  • 2010 - Legacy
  • 2011 - 44 Charles Street
  • 2011 - Happy Birthday
  • 2011 - Hotel Vendome
  • 2012 - Betrayal
  • 2012 - Friends Forever
  • 2012 - The Sins of the Mother
  • 2012 - A Gift of Hope
  • 2013 - Until the End of Time
  • 2013 - First Sight
  • 2013 - Winners
  • 2013 - Pure Joy: The Dogs We Love (nonfiction)
  • 2014 - Power Play
  • 2014 - A Perfect Life
  • Danielle Steel's Children's Books
  • 1989 - Martha's New Daddy
  • 1989 - Max and the Babysitter
  • 1989 - Martha's Best Friend
  • 1989 - Max's Daddy Goes to the Hospital
  • 1989 - Max's New Baby
  • 1989 - Martha's New School
  • 1990 - Max Runs Away
  • 1990 - Martha's New Puppy
  • 1991 - Max and Grandma and Grampa Winky
  • 1991 - Martha and Hilary and the Stranger
  • 1992 - Freddie's Trip
  • 1992 - Freddie's First Night Away
  • 1992 - Freddie and the Doctor
  • 2009 - The Happiest Hippo in the World (picture book)

How she writes so many books is beyond me- several per year! Unbelievable!

Your Favourite Danielle Steel Book, If you Have One

What is your favourite (if any) Danielle Steel Book

See results

Winners- My Review

'Winners' had me addicted in the very first two chapters. We start with our three main characters. Lily Thomas is a Cherry Creek Colorado rich kid who is working towards a spot on the Olympic ski team. Jessie is a busy mom and neurosurgeon at a hospital near the ski slope Lily frequently practices at. Bill is Lily's very overprotective father, who is also a widow. He's had to raise Lily on his own, and she is honestly his pride an joy.

The tragic component happens when Lily is in a ski accident where the lift broke and she was stuck in snow for hours. Her spine was completely severed and she goes into surgery right away with Jessie. Bill doesn't trust Jessie but he reluctantly and nervously (after behaving like a jerk), allows Jessie to operate. While Jessie was operating on Lily for a tedious fourteen hours, her beloved husband gets into a car accident and tragically dies.

So- at this point we have Lily, who we feel horribly sorry for. We have Bill, who is irritating however we understand he's frustrated because he is told that his daughter will not only not ski again, but not walk again- and he refuses to believe it. And, we have Jessie who is raising four children on her own now because the love of her life has died.

Bill decides to take his daughter to every 'great specialist' around the world only to be told the same thing- his daughter won't walk again. When he finally accepts this fact he starts into a venture to help kids in Lily's situation which renews his hope in his purpose, and we meet other characters on the way who are also seeking for some meaning to their life.

The narrator on the audible book is awful.. ha! When he uses female voices he sounds like he is mocking them. However, the story is simple, easy, and very compelling. I found myself liking the characters and wanting to know what happened next. I liked it so much, I even listened to the book in the car to and from work to find out what would happen. It's beautifully simplistic, it doesn't take any effort to read or understand- but sometimes I like books just like that.

I am impressed with Steel's book 'Winners' and I would really appreciate any other recommendations by her if you have any.

Thanks for reading!


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    • lyoness913 profile imageAUTHOR

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Hi Temptor,

      Thanks so much for the complement and for the uprates!


    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Wonderful narration! I had read 3 of her books as a teenager - The Ring, Full Circle and Malice, I had only liked the first one. You have described the new story really well. Voted up.


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