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Dare to free me?

Updated on March 5, 2012
Jullia Gillard PM of Australia- oh the shame! Source:
Jullia Gillard PM of Australia- oh the shame! Source:

Dare to free me?

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Who dares to set me free,

to claim the power over my free will?

Who thinks furnished rewards are akin to freedom,

in a world that you design, you control.

You dare to entice me with your lies, live by your rules

and prosper at the expense of me.

All in name of righteous liberation,

the crumbs of which I should be thankful.

Who dares to expect loyalty for your promises,

your deeply entrenched dogmas,

that bubble in the caldron of self-imposed avarice.

Why should I play your game of conformity?

Who dares to set me free in my state of freedom,

having attained it within; your words like echoes, null.

My mind is freedom you will never contain,

and you will never experience; your world a prison.

You are the keeper of your deceit,

the custodian of greed and selfish gain.

Who are you to lead me in your shallow pretence,

so far from truth it recognises you not.

Who are you, politician?


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