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Daredevil issue 1 review: I didn't see that coming

Updated on August 17, 2011

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When I started reading Daredevil, it was actually fairly recently. I went back, and started reading the Bendis/Maleev run, and read through the Brubaker/Lark run, to the most recent Shadowland storyline. I dropped off right before Shadowland, but before that, I absolutely loved the Bendis and Brubaker runs. It wasn’t really a superhero book, but rather a crime story, that was so dark, and it just never let up on piling onto Matt. The art was gorgeous, and I think it was the best work that either Alex Maleev or Michael Lark has done to date. However, I sort of dropped off after they left, and didn’t read Shadowland, so I was eager to get into a Daredevil book again.

Two points for this book. 1) The new Daredevil (both in story and art), is completely different than the other recent runs. 2) This book was amazing. First, just look at that cover by Paolo Riviera, with the words filling in for the noise he hears, which shows how he sees with sonar. That has to be one of the best covers this year.

This issue is broken up into two stories. The first, drawn by Riviera, is Daredevil going after a tip that there is going to be a hit at a big Mob wedding. As he is “watching out” for the guy, a spot appears along the aisle. Turns out, it wasn’t a hit; it was a kidnapping, with the kidnapper being The Spot. There is a really great panel of how Daredevil sees this guy in a white-and-black polka-dot bodysuit. Each spot that we see is an actual hole in this person, a void in them. It is really cool. He ends up beating The Spot (who’d have guessed?), and kisses the bride, for some reason.

He gets on the front page of the paper for the kiss, which isn’t what he needs right now. See, everyone knows that Matt is Daredevil, but he has publicly denied it, and is still sticking to that story. However, even though he tells everyone he sees that he has no connection to Daredevil, no one believes it. His job as a defense attorney isn’t working out too well anymore either, when the prosecuting attorney starts to put Matt on trial, pointing out the hypocrisy of a vigilante defending this man that is actually on trial. The issue ends on a really weird note, with Captain America’s shield hurling at him.

But even though it was good, that story isn’t what the selling point of this book is. Marcos Martin is the selling point. The story at the back is really kind of cool, it’s just Matt trying to convince Foggy to eat better, and being….happy. You think it is a little uncharacteristic, considering the last, oh, ten to fifteen years of continuity, or so, but at the end, it all makes sense. Martin is one of the best artists out there today, and the little things he does to the scene, such as making little squares around things to show what Matt hears and smells, is amazing. You need to pick it up, just for the second Martin drawn story, totally worth the $3.99.

All in all, even though this Matt isn’t really the same one I read before, this was a fantastic issue. It is almost a reboot of a character, it is so different, but a reboot done right. Can’t wait until issue 2.


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