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"Dark Calling" and Darren Shan's Big Bang Theory

Updated on January 9, 2010

"Dark Calling" is the 9th book in Darren Shan's Demonata series. Re-capping on the events from Demon Apocalypse, the Boat and the Hospital from yet another perspective but once again this is delivered faultlessly with all the parts slotting together like one of Kernels windows. But it did feel like it spent too long getting into the swing of it in the beginning as it just went over what had happened in the previous books.

Dark Calling doesn't see as much action as the others but rather falls back on explanation of the start of the universe. This book is told through Kernel's eyes, telling of his travels through the universe with the help of the Old Creatures. We learn more about the Old Ones from this book, together with the original demons, and a lot more about the Kah-Gash, its power, and what it actually is. And we learn that the foe they are currently against is none other than Death, which has taken on a form due to Bec's escape from the cave when Bill-E died.

A Demonata book looks more like a science fiction book and to me it somehow felt like the author was really reaching and struggling for plot lines. However, the theory of the chessboard-like original universe has give me satisfying answer to the question that has been bothering me so long - what was the universe shaped like before the Big Bang?

Physicists think there was nothing before the big bang, but the Old Ones explained to Kernal, the Original Universe was shaped like a chess board, there were sixty-four zones, half black, half white. Each zone was limitless in size. Time did not exist. The universe had existed and would exist forever. It was the same for the Old Creatures and the Demonata.'

Sixty-four zones, equal in all respects, black separated from white by a force we called the Kah-Gash.

Demon existed in the white zones, they were vile, violent monsters who could reproduce. The Old Creature inhabited the Black Zones and were sterile. Since there was not time, they were all immortal. Death did exist - the Old Ones could be killed - but it rarely bothered them.

Initially the Old Creature and the Demonata were not aware of each other, but the Demonata were curious. They tested the Barriers where white met black, and found a way to cross, and they discovered the Old Ones.'

Then the war between the Old Ones and the Demonata began. Universal, timeless, a war of Magic. The universe Burned. The Kah-Gash buckled. Ultimately it could stand the strain no longer.

The universe was crumbling. The Kah-Gash could not hold. But still they fought. In the end the Kah-Gash fractured. In a blinding, destructive flash, all sixty-four zones shrank to the size of a speck. A split-second later, the Ball of the universe exploded. Everything was destroyed and reborn.

Time as you know it begin with the Big Bang. So did the Life.

The Big Bang created two universes, and they are separate. But the two universes has one common point, that was the Crux. They overlap each other. The new universes spread out in all directions from this Crux. The universes overlap each other. They share the same space but never touch. Except the Crux exists in both universes at once.


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