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Dark Love Part 5

Updated on October 23, 2016


The D.J had begun playing music and people crowded the dance floor. The four girls walked over and began dancing. Elsewhere Catherine joined Armand, Lisa and Christopher.

“How is Tonya?” Lisa asked

“She’s doing better. It feels nice to have some of the family back together again.” Catherine replied

“Did Melanie start to track Victor?” Christopher asked

“She’ll start tomorrow night at sunset.” Armand replied

On the dance floor a slow song came on, Sebastian walked up behind Charlotte. He spun her around and pulled her closed to him. Janet and Kristen smiled as other couples, including Nick and Melanie began to dance. By midnight Charlotte and her friends piled into the limo to take them back to the mansion.

“So Charlotte are you two official?” Janet asked

Sebastian and Charlotte exchanged smiles, and then turned back to their friends. They nodded ‘Yes’ and both girls cheered.

“About time…” Kristen commented

“Before you ask, yeah it was that obvious.” Janet continued

“I think we all knew.” Melanie chimed in

Everyone laughed; Sebastian pulled Charlotte close to him, lifting her legs to drape over his lap.

“I guess it’s not that bad.” Charlotte whispered

“Told you…” Sebastian replied

They arrived back at the mansion and were greeted by Faith. She wore a pair of blue jeans and pink t-shirt.

“Hi Faith what’s happening?” Charlotte asked

“We set up something in the backyard for you and your friends.” Faith replied


“I helped.” Tonya replied

She walked up beside Faith.

“Kristen, Janet, this is Melanie’s twin sister Tonya. Tonya these are my best friends Kristen and Janet.” Charlotte continued


Tonya led them into the backyard. String lights hung along the four gray walls; there was a record player and records beside it on a table leaning against the north wall.

“This is groovy.” Charlotte commented

“Did anyone make a cake?” Kristen asked

Faith appeared carrying a tray small round vanilla frosted cake, plates, forks, and candles. Everyone gathered at the table, Faith stuck the candles into the cake and lit them. She smiled as they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. Then she blew out the candles. Faith cut slices for Kristen and Janet.

“Aren’t you having any Charlotte?” Janet asked

“We had some earlier.” Charlotte replied

“This was an extra.” Faith added

Melanie put on a record and began dancing with Nick. Sebastian and Charlotte joined them as Kristen and Janet ate. By one in the morning, Phil drove Kristen and Janet home. Charlotte waved as the limousine pulled away from the house. Sebastian came up beside her.

“They were curious.” Charlotte commented

“I heard mortal food makes you nauseous.” Sebastian replied

“I know that I can’t tell them. We can co-exist, but no one can know about us.”

“You could invite them into the coven.”

Charlotte shook her head ‘No’. Sebastian put his arm around her.

“They have big dreams Sebastian. I’m not to ruin any opportunity coming their way. If we cross paths later on, after they become successful; then I might do it for them.”

“I understand.”

They walked back inside and upstairs to Charlotte’s room. Armand, Catherine, Lisa and Christopher arrived home. Faith came out from the conference room.

“Hello Faith.” Catherine said

“Evening everyone, another successful night?” She asked

“It was.” Armand replied

“Cool. I’m a little concerned about Tonya.” She continued

“What’s wrong?” Catherine asked

“I noticed a small Band-Aid on her neck. When I asked her about it, she immediately brushed it off.” Faith replied

“Maybe Damien was drinking her blood. Absorbing her powers to have a little fun...” Lisa suggested

“I don’t even want to imagine what that bastard considered fun.” Armand growled

“Maybe I can talk to her about tomorrow night.” Catherine commented

“I would be careful Cat. She could shut down if you pry too much.” Faith chimed in

“Don’t worry; we’re family.” Catherine replied

Everyone nodded in agreement and retired to their rooms. The next day after the sun sunk below the horizon, Melanie woke up and began to get dressed. She changed into a pair of brown boots, blue jeans, and black t-shirt. She started to braid her hair, when she looked down to see Nick’s arms wrap around her waist.

“I’m coming with you.” He whispered

“Nick… you can’t. I have to do this alone.” She replied

“Gee whiz Mel let me help.”

She sighed and the put her hand over his.

“Stay close by, in case anything happens. But stay out of sight.”

“No problem.”

He changed quickly and then followed her out of her bedroom. They came downstairs together; Catherine and Armand were standing by the door.

“Nick is coming with me. He’ll be close by, in case anything happens.” Melanie explained

“Good idea; please be careful, Victor is very powerful.” Catherine replied

“We will.” Nick chimed in

They walked out blurring down the dirt path. The door shut and Catherine leaned her head against Arman’s shoulder.

“She’ll be alright. Let’s go open the club.” Armand whispered

“C’mon…” She said

“Cat, Armand…” Lisa called

They turned to see her at the top of the stairs.

“Chris and I are going to the movies. Will you two be okay opening the club?” She asked

“We’ll be cool. Have fun.” Catherine replied

“Thanks. We’ll take your shift tomorrow night, if you two want to do something.”

Catherine and Armand waved goodbye, the door opened. Phil was waiting by his car.

“Evening Mr. and Mrs. Coleman.” He commented

“Evening Phil.” They replied

“Are Mr. and Mrs. Masters joining you?”

“No; we gave them the night off.” Catherine replied

“Alright let’s go…”

Elsewhere Charlotte woke up to see a note lying on Sebastian’s pillow. Leaning on her elbows the note rose into the air and unfolded.

‘Charlotte, get dressed and meet me out front. I love you… Sebastian.’

Slowly she sat up and got out of bed. She took off her blue t-shirt as she opened up her wardrobe. Her hand took out a dark blue sleeveless dress; with purple and green floral pattern.

She brushed her hair and slipped on a pair of white sandals. The front door was opened as she came downstairs. She walked outside to see Sebastian standing by a horse and carriage.

“Your carriage my lady…”Sebastian commented

“This is groovy. Thank you sir...” Charlotte replied

The moon’s light shone upon the red carriage and tall brown horse attached with a black harness. Its driver sat with its back towards them, wearing a brown shirt, blue, jeans and a brown hat. He took her hand, as she stepped up on the black metal step. She sat down on the black cushioned seat, he joined her.

“Driver… to the route I showed you earlier.” Sebastian commanded

The driver nodded and cracked its whip, the carriage back to move away from the mansion. She stared up at the clear night sky filled with countless stars and a full moon. Living outside the city was something she appreciated. Compared to living in the city the lights never turned off and she could never see the sky so clear.

The carriage came to a stop. Her eyes lit up to see a large blue blanket laid out by a lake. He got up and stepped out. The driver handed him a large picnic basket. He turned to see Charlotte standing behind him smiling.

“C’mon…” He laughed

They walked over, sat down; he placed the basket at their feet. He opened one side taking out two plastic wine glasses and a glass bottle with a cork stopper.

“What’s that?” Charlotte asked

“You’ll see, I promise you’ll like it.” Sebastian replied

She sighed and watched him open the bottle and fill each glass to the rim. He handed her one and they gently tapped them together.

“Cheers…” Charlotte said

“Cheers…” He replied

Slowly she brought the glass to her lips, as the liquid entered her mouth she gave him a questioning stare.

“It’s blood…” She whispered

He nodded as he put his glass down.

“Its synthetic blood, that one of the coven members, who is a scientist, made. I think he finally perfected it.”

“This is wicked.”

“I told you that you’d like it.”

She kissed him on his cheek and continued to drink. The moon’s reflection appeared on the surface of the water. Crickets began chirping their song for the entire woods to hear. He noticed her glass was empty and poured her some more. As she took a sip, he got up, and reached into his pants pocket. He took out a small silver velvet box.

Slowly he got down on one knee, opening the box to reveal an engagement ring. It was white gold band with a square cut diamond in the center.

“Charlotte, when we first met I didn’t think there was anyone out there who I could relate to. That night we kissed in the hotel pool, I fell in love with you at that moment. I don’t think there is anyone else I would spend eternity with. Charlotte Coleman will you marry me?” He began

She gasped and suddenly felt her eyes watering with tears. One began to slowly run down her cheek, she wiped it away and replied “Yes Sebastian I will marry you.” He took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger. They kissed, her arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him closer to her.


She was seated at her vanity, wearing a purple bathrobe. Melanie was behind her cousin ‘French’ braiding her hair. There was a knock at the door, Catherine walked in carrying an off-white garment bag.

It was hung on her wardrobe. She wore a long bell sleeved dress and brown sandals. Melanie placed a reef of ‘Baby’s Breath’ and ‘Forget Me Knots’ upon Charlotte’s head. She smiled and walked out of the room. Catherine sat down Charlotte’s bed.

“The night you were born, time became our enemy. I promised you that your father and I would give you the most wonderful life.” She paused

“You did, though I sometimes felt like the President; the family being my secret service. Time isn’t the enemy anymore.” Charlotte replied

“Not ever again love. Let’s get you dressed.”

Numerous candles were lined up on the ledge of the gray stone walls. Two sets of long white wooden benches, separated by a white cloth path leading to the alter; filled with family and friends.

The priest appeared with Sebastian and his parents. Both men were dressed in brown shoes, navy pants, and white short sleeved buttoned shirts. Lisa wore a navy strapless cocktail dress and white sandals. Melanie, Janet, and Kristen walked up wearing capped sleeved navy dresses, silver sandals; each carried a bouquet of red roses. One by one they walked down the aisle, slowly everyone rose to see Charlotte standing in between her parents.

Armand was dressed the same as Sebastian and Chris. Charlotte wore a capped sleeved white dress with matching sandals. Slowly they walked towards the priest; they stopped as the priest signaled everyone to sit down.

Gray highlights ran throughout his brown hair. A pair of blue eyes looked through a pair of glasses. His face was round, he stood average height, build, and he smiled at the small family.

“Who gives this woman away?” He asked

“We do…”Catherine and Armand replied together

She hugged her parents as they handed her to Sebastian. They faced the priest, Armand and Catherine sat down in the front row.

“We are gathered here this evening to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Both Sebastian and Charlotte have written their own vows. Sebastian…”

“Charlotte, I promise to love, honor, and cherish each day we spend together. May our eternity be filled with all the happiness and love in the world; I love you.”

The priest looked over to Charlotte.

“Sebastian, I promise to love, honor, and support you. I love you so much and look forward to spending eternity with you.”

“By the power vested in me and by the state of New York City; I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

He pulled her close and gently pressed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, parting his lips with her tongue. His tongue began pushing against hers, everyone applauded. They stepped back, he picked her up, and Melanie tossed a set of keys with a small tag attached to the key ring.

Charlotte ripped the tag off and opened the note.

Sebastian’s car is parked out front. Enjoy our wedding gift to you. Love Melanie, Kristen, Tonya and Janet. PS. Follow the signs.

She smiled and handed the note to Sebastian.

“Let’s go…” He whispered to her

They waved and began running thought the house out the front door. Sebastian’s black ‘Opel Manta GT-E’ was parked ready to leave; he noticed two suitcases sitting in the back seat. They got in; he started the car and pulled away from the mansion.

There were white signs stapled to every other tree with arrows pointing straight ahead.

“Any idea on what they did for us?” He asked

“No; anything is possible with my cousins and best friends.” Charlotte replied

At the end of the road, he stopped the car. Their eyes lit up to see a small cottage. The moon’s light shined upon the light brown exterior and dark brown roof. Lights were turned on, in every room. They got out of the car; he picked her up and carried her to the front door. The rear doors opened and the luggage floated behind them as the front door opened.

Wood flooring light the entire downstairs and the short staircase leading upstairs. The walls were painted a pale yellow, which complimented the light wood and blue furniture. They walked upstairs into their bedroom. She smiled seeing her furniture from her room; he put her down as she walked over to her wardrobe.

“I’m surprised your parents didn’t beg us to stay at the mansion.” He commented

“We’re close by; not as if we moved across the globe.” Charlotte laughed

“Good point.”

She had stepped out her wedding dress, he came up behind her. Slowly she turned to face him, still wearing her bra and panties. He wrapped his arms around her and tackled her onto the bed. His lips pressed against hers, as she ripped off his shirt.

Six months later, Catherine and Armand opened the club and were seated at their table. Melanie walked in and appeared at their table.

“Victor is planning an attack on the mansion.” She began

“When?” Armand asked

“Soon… we have to warn everyone.” Melanie replied

“He’s going after Charlotte. Ever since she was born, he thought she was evil; it’s because she was born a half-breed.” Catherine continued

“She’s not a half-breed anymore. You made her a full vampire.” Melanie interrupted

“I’ll go back to the mansion to warn everyone.” Catherine suggested

“Alright, be careful.” Armand replied

Back at their home, Charlotte sat outside in the backyard staring up at the clear night sky. She wore her purple bathrobe, as Sebastian came up beside her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“Something is wrong… I can feel it.” She replied

He walked up wrapping his arms around her waist. She leaned back against him still staring up at the sky.

“Charlotte…” Catherine called

“Mum what are you doing here?” She asked

Catherine walked up to her daughter and son- in law with Melanie behind her.

“Victor and the hunters are planning an attack on the mansion.” Catherine replied

“Why? I’m not a half-breed anymore.” Charlotte asked

“He wants to destroy us. He was furious when your father and I dated married and then you came into our lives.”

Charlotte smiled, but then stepped away from Sebastian. She ran into the house and came back dressed in a pair of brown sandals, blue jeans, and white short sleeved ‘peasant’ shirt.

“Someone’s close by.” Charlotte whispered

She began walking towards the front of the house, Sebastian was about to open his mouth. Catherine and Melanie shook their heads ‘No’, shutting him up quickly.

“Don’t argue with her. If she senses something, she’s usually right.” Melanie whispered

They stopped to see Charlotte standing in between the cottage and the forest.

“No use in hiding Grandfather. I know you’re out there.” Charlotte called

Victor stepped out from the shadows dressed in a brown leather vest, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” He growled

“Because you’re family, even though you hate us.” She paused; “It became a habit since I was a little girl.”

“What do you want Victor?” Catherine asked appearing beside her daughter

“This war ends tonight. That demon should have never entered this world. She’s evil.” Victor replied

“I’m not evil.” Charlotte snapped

It got quiet, a gunshot broke the silence. The bullet stopped an inch from Charlotte’s face. She watched the bullet fall to the ground. Other hunters appeared behind Victor, ready to attack. They began chanting spells; Catherine waved her hand sending them flying backwards. Victor got tackled by Armand. Punches were exchanged; other coven members arrived to join the fight.

Charlotte stood next to Sebastian. She took his hand into hers and they started running. They threw punches at hunters charging to attack. Suddenly a shot was fired, Catherine fell to the ground. Charlotte let go of her husband’s hand and appeared beside her mother.

“Catherine!” Armand shouted

He stared at Victor, his face covered in bruises and blood. His hands wrapped around Victor’s neck, in one move, Armand killed his father.

Charlotte put her mother’s head in her lap, seeing a wound had pierced her heart. Armand ran over to his wife and daughter.

“Cat…” Armand whispered

Catherine took his hand into hers and smiled.

“I’m sorry my loves. Charlotte, take this and defeat the hunters.” Catherine said in a hoarse voice

Charlotte noticed a black velvet bag with silver braided rope tied to her wrist. It untied and a red crescent shaped jewel attached to a silver chain landed in Charlotte’s hands.

“This is the red moon crystal. It has been in our family for centuries. Its powers are limitless; hold it up to the sky, the moon light will activate it. Be brave my love and end this war.” She continued

Armand and Charlotte watched Catherine’s body turn to dust. She hugged her father tightly and then slowly stood up. Sebastian and Melanie helped Armand to his feet. Charlotte held the crystal above her head. A red light surrounded her.

“With the power of this crystal… hunters… be gone!” Charlotte shouted

The light grew stronger engulfing everything in its path. Slowly the light faded, the hunters had vanished. She smiled, but it faded seeing her father on the ground. Her eyes widened, as he suffered the same death as her mother.

“Charlotte!” Melanie screamed

Another shot was fired, knocking her to the ground. Sebastian knelt down beside her; she clutched the crystal to her chest. She coughed, as Sebastian put her head into his lap.

“Charlotte… please hang on baby… you can’t leave me.” Sebastian pleaded

“No my love… it was meant to happen this way. I made a wish upon the stone, that my reincarnation will make her way back to the mansion. She’ll have my memories and powers. Watch over the city and she’ll find you. I love you…”

Before he could reply her skin turned black, her body disintegrated. Her ashes created a small tornado around him. He gasped to see the crystal had also disappeared. Tears welded up in his eyes, he

stared down at the ground.

Slowly he stood up and signaled the other coven members to follow. They returned to the mansion. Christian and Lisa stood outside as everyone returned with sad looks upon their faces. Sebastian led everyone in the throne room. Once everyone was assembled he stared at everyone.

“Tonight we ended a battle that had lasted twenty years. I think we can enjoy this peace for a long time. It saddens me to say that, we lost Catherine, Armand, and Charlotte. Charlotte, used a powerful crystal to defeat the hunters, but also made a wish that her reincarnation would make her way back to the mansion. This was before she died. So let us, celebrate for bringing us together and let’s keep watch over the city.” He explained

There was a low roar amongst the crowd, but then he nodded for everyone to leave. Melanie and Tonya walked up to him.


“So what’s our next move?” He asked

“We contact the council. When we meet with them, we ask the three of us run the coven. One of us will call our grandparents to…” Melanie paused

“Let them know what’s happened.” Tonya continued

By Friday night, the council arrived; Tonya led them into the conference room. Sebastian, and Melanie were seated at one end of the table, Tonya joined them.

“We asked you here to inform you, Catherine, Armand, and Charlotte were killed by the hunters. From what we learned, the hunters have created bullets that contained light. Once it enters the body, the light bursts, causing the body to burn from the inside. Before Charlotte died, she made a wish upon the red moon crystal that her reincarnation makes her way back to the mansion. She also told us to watch over the city, in the hopes we’ll find her or vice versa. We also ask that the three of us rule the coven, until then.” Melanie began

“Please accept our sincerest condolences. Have Danielle and Nicholas been notified?” Mercedes asked

“I called ten minutes ago. They are flying in this weekend.” Tonya replied

“You have permission to rule the coven. Please call if you need anything else.” Randolph continued.

“Thank you.” Melanie commented.

The room began to empty, Lisa and Chris walked up to their son. They hugged him.

“How are you?” Chris asked

“I’m taking one day at a time dad.” Sebastian replied

“Was a room already made up for your grandparents?” Lisa asked

“Faith took care of it. She was standing next to me while I was on the phone.” Tonya chimed in

“We’d better go, have to open the club.” Chris continued

He and Lisa left the room, the others stayed behind.

“Who could we send out to watch over the city?” Sebastian asked

“Raven, myself, or Sarah.” Melanie replied

“Get Raven up to speed and then send him out. Make sure he has a key to the safe house.” Sebastian continued

Melanie nodded, got up and walked out of the room. Tonya buried her head into her hands and looked over at Sebastian. She smiled and left him alone. It was the first time; he had a moment to himself. The sadness finally took over as he leaned back in his chair staring up at the ceiling. She was gone; the hunters were going to pay, if they ever resurfaced. He felt a tear running down his cheek, it fell onto his shirt.

“I love you Charlotte… if the hunters ever come back… they’ll pay…” He said out loud

After letting out a deep breath he got up and walked out of the conference room. Melanie walked up to him with a man behind her. He was Sebastian’s height, dirty blond hair and green eyes; he was dressed in a white beater, jean vest over it, blue jeans, and black biker boots.

“Sebastian I’m so sorry man.” He began

“Thanks Raven; Melanie told you about your assignment?” Sebastian replied

“She did; I can start on Monday.”

“Cool, I’m going to head home.”

“We’ll call when my grandparents arrive. They’ll want to meet you.” Melanie commented.

Saturday night, rain tapped against the windows. Melanie and Tonya stood outside in silence. A car’s headlights appeared in the distance and got closer.

Phil’s limousine pulled up and came to a stop. He got out, the trunk popped open as he walked around to open the door. Danielle and Nicholas stepped out, followed by Alice holding a large black umbrella. They were all dressed in black. Melanie and Tonya walked up and hugged them. The front door opened and they all went inside. Their luggage sat by the door as the girls lead their family into the living room.

The blue walls seemed dull from the dim circular light fixture above. There were two brown couches across from each other in the center of the room.

“How did it happen?” Nicholas asked

“They were shot. The bullets contained light, burning their bodies from the inside out. Aunt Catherine gave Charlotte the red moon crystal, she defeated the hunters. After getting shot, she made a wish asking her reincarnation finds her way back to the mansion.” Melanie explained

“And Victor?” Danielle interrupted

“Armand killed him, after Aunt Catherine was shot.” Tonya continued

“Where is the crystal?” Nicholas asked

“It vanished after Charlotte died.” Melanie whispered

“At least the hunters can’t get to it. For now it’s safe.” Nicholas commented

“Melanie… immortality suits you so well.” Alice muttered

“Mum you’ve finally decided to join the conversation.” Melanie snapped back

“Sixteen forever… so what’s his name?” Alice asked

“It doesn’t matter. He disappeared and won’t come back for a long time. I found Aunt Catherine and Uncle Armand, I came home.”

“At least your sister is waiting.”

Melanie rolled her eyes. Danielle nudged Alice, stopping her before she opened her mouth again. There was a knock at the door, Sebastian walked in.

“Hello everyone…” He began

“Who is this bloke?” Alice asked

“This is Sebastian, Charlotte’s husband…” Melanie replied

Alice sighed; Danielle and Nicholas managed to smile. He sat down next to Melanie and Tonya. He wore a pair of blue jeans and black sweater.

“I wish we could have met under different circumstances.” He commented

“How did you two meet?” Nicholas asked

“We met when we were twelve years old. Armand and Catherine had just arrived in the city and were staying in a hotel. My parents are vampires and she brought her parents to meet mine, but we had that in common; mortal children being raised by immortals. Armand and Catherine helped a lot of immortals come out of hiding. My parents and they opened a night club, one of the most popular in the city.” Sebastian explained

He reached into his pants pocket and took out two photos of Charlotte. One was of them together when they first met. The other was from ‘picture day’ at their high school. Danielle took them and passed them to Nicholas and Alice.

“She was beautiful.” Nicholas whispered

“Looks like Catherine…” Danielle added

“Keep them.” Sebastian continued

“Thank you…” They replied together

“If you all would excuse me, I’m going to feed.” Alice interrupted

She got up and walked out of the room; Nicholas got up and followed her.

“I apologize; Alice has changed since losing her husband and now her sister. Nicholas was never really one to express his feelings.” Danielle paused; “Who is in charge of the coven?”

“The three of us; we met with the council and they agreed it would be best.” Melanie replied

“He formed a council?”

“My parents are members along with a few former local politicians.” Sebastian added

“Nicholas and I would like to meet them.”

“We can arrange that tonight.”

“Good. Sebastian may I have a moment alone with my granddaughters?”

“Of course, I’ll call Mercedes to have the council come over.”

He got up and left the room. Danielle got up and hugged the girls tightly and then sat back down.

“Your mother might have been sarcastic, but immortality does suit you Mel. I felt horrible she took out her rage on you two, after your father passed. And I know you two rebelled against her, which I don’t blame you.”

“This is a surprise.” Tonya laughed

Danielle smiled, “I’m not forcing you to talk to her. But please be civil with each other.”

“We’ll try…” They replied together

By Sunday Nicholas and Danielle met with the council. They felt honored to meet the founding leaders of the coven from London. After everyone left, Raven also left to watch over the city. No one knew how long it would be when Charlotte’s reincarnation would appear. Sebastian accompanied his friend on some nights, just to get out of the house. Melanie and Tonya kept the mansion running on a tight schedule. One night everything came to a halt.

Melanie and Tonya came back to the mansion their clothes soaked in blood. Tears streamed down Melanie’s face, stained with blood, as she fell to her knees. Faith came downstairs and ran up to them.

“What the hell happened?” She asked

“That…bloody… monster… is… going… to pay…” Melanie growled under her breath

“Damien attacked us in Central Park, he killed Nick.” Tonya replied

“Melanie I’m so sorry.” Faith whispered; “Come on, let’s get you two cleaned up.”

“Faith, just leave me alone…” Melanie snapped

Melanie got to her feet and went upstairs, they heard the door to the bathroom slam shut. Tonya followed and went up to her bedroom. Faith sighed as Sebastian walked in with Raven.

“Good evening gentlemen.” Faith said turning to the two men

“Hello Faith, why do I smell blood?” Sebastian replied

“Damien attacked Melanie, Tonya and Nick in Central Park.”

“He killed Nick with a bullet filled with light.” Melanie interrupted

She appeared at the top of the stairs wearing a dark green t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Mel, I’m so sorry.” Sebastian continued

“Thank you. It’ll be a long time before he resurfaces again. When he does, I’ll be waiting.”

“We’ll get him. Right now we have to keep the mansion under control.” Tonya said walking up to her sister

“I know; I need some time.”

She walked downstairs and out into the backyard. Tonya came downstairs and joined the others.

“Raven what are you doing back?” Tonya asked

“It was my call; we agreed he would go out every other month and search the city. You can call me crazy, but I have a feeling this will work.” Sebastian replied

“No judgement; hopefully this works.” Tonya continued

“C’mon let’s go to Dark Palace. It’s been a while since you’ve taken some time to have fun.” Faith suggested.

“Alright let’s go! What about Melanie?” Sebastian asked

“I’ll stay behind.” Raven suggested

“You sure?” Tonya paused; “Maybe, I would probably the last person she’d want to talk to.”

“Go; have fun.”

They waved and walked out the door. He slowly walked through the house and into the backyard to find Melanie lying on the ground and staring up at the sky. He lied down beside her, “Mind if I join you?” He asked. There was a long silence, but then she looked over at him and smiled, “Sure.” She replied.


Nearly forty years passed and they entered a new era. What made it fascinating was seeing when back in the day new inventions were introduced; now they have evolved. A black metal fence and gate surrounded the mansion as the sun set below the horizon.

Sebastian sat in the office on a large black leather couch, staring out the window overlooking the club. A fire crackled within the gray marble fireplace that stood across from him. The room was lined with dark maple floors with matching bookcase and desk. A floor lamp stood in the far corner, dimly lighting the room. There was a knock on the door, Melanie walked in and sat down beside him. She wore a dark red tank top, long black skirt and knee high boots; beneath a long black leather coat. Her hair was braided into pigtails and draped over her shoulders.

“Is there any news about her?” He asked

“Raven developed these to show you.” She replied

She handed him a large manila envelope. “He found this girl outside of a photography studio, who could be her. He sensed powers, but she didn’t show them.”

He opened the envelope and started looking through the black and white photos. His eyes widened as he sat back on the couch. She turned to him with a look of concern.

“She looks identical to her. What’s her name? Where can I find her?” He gasped

“Her name is Riana Turner; nicknamed Rae; lives in a small apartment complex on Eighth Avenue. Raven observed she’s been having the same dream night after night, about the last battle.”

“It has to be her. Have Raven keep an eye on her until further notice.”

“Alright; are you going to come down and join us?”

“I would like to be alone.”

She sighed and got up, leaving the room. The door closed behind as she walked downstairs into the main hall. He sat up, staring at the photos, “Can it be you?” He thought. Slowly he got up and put the photos on the desk. He rolled up the sleeves of his dark grey buttoned shirt, brushed off his black slacks, and admired his new black cowboy boots.

A chill ran up his spine, someone was close by, a familiar force. He walked over to the window, his eyes widened to see the girl from Raven’s photos dancing. She wore a pair of black boots, blue jeans, and dark purple ‘peasant’ shirt. The multicolored lights danced upon the black and red padded walls, which complimented the Gothic styled couches and dark wooden floor. Red cushioned bar stools surrounded the dark wooden bar that jetted out from the center of the room.

The d.j’s booth was in the left corner of the room, one speaker above and three others in the other corners. A slow song had started to play, he appeared behind her, his hand reached out and tapped her shoulder. She turned to see him; he kept calm not to react to how much she looked like Charlotte. They started to dance. He sensed her confusion, but then she calmed herself feeling safe dancing with a random guy.

“Who are you?” She asked

He didn’t answer and continued to dance with her. She was the same height, dark brown hair with red highlight and blue eyes. The song ended and he blurred appearing back in the office. He watched her looking around for him, she gave up and left.

There was a knock at the door. It opened, Tonya walked up to him.

“That was her wasn’t it?” She asked

He didn’t answer, his smile answered her question.

“She’ll come back.” He muttered

“I hope you’re right. If Mel finds out you made contact with her, she’ll be livid.”

“I know. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t worry… mums the word…”

She winked and walked out of the room, but then Raven walked in. He wore a black button down shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

“She was here.” He commented

Sebastian nodded, “Any more attacks?”

“A few, nothing we couldn’t handle. Since the streets are crowded, they don’t want to cause a scene.”

“You can return to the mansion tonight. I have a feeling Rae will come back, very soon.”

“It’s Rae now?”

Sebastian sighed and Raven patted him on the back, before leaving him alone. The club was closing; he walked downstairs to see Melanie leaving with Raven. Tonya came out from behind the bar.

“The janitor service should here soon. The money bags are behind the bar for Zoey to come and deposit.” She explained

“Sounds good…” He replied


He was waiting for her to walk out to lock the doors. She walked out, smiling.

“What’s up?”

“It’s nothing…”

He shook off what she wanted to ask. She already knew the answer, but hearing it would have made it real. They began walking, the air had a smoky scent to it, and someone was burning a fire nearby. As they reached the corner, he took out his car keys from his pocket. The doors unlocked before he put the key into the lock. He smiled, they got in, and he put the key into the ignition and pulled away from the curb.

“She looked as if she had the best night of her life.” She commented

He didn’t answer, there was a long silence, but then he smiled; “It did.” He replied

An hour later they arrived back at the mansion. He dropped her off by the front door. After she walked inside, he drove around, pulling into the second garage. The other garage branched off from the house.

He began walking home, but stopped to look up at the night sky. A minute later he walked through the front door and went upstairs. The walls had been repainted in an off-white that flattered the new dark wooden furniture, white and red upholstered chairs. He fell onto the queen sized bed, covered with white sheets and comforter.

A large flat screen television hung on the wall cross from it. He took off his shoes, shirt, and pants, until he was down to his black boxer shorts. Slowly he crawled underneath the blankets and fell asleep. The next night he awoke and got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, long sleeved black thermal shirt, and put on a pair of black sneakers.

He left the house and ran towards the city; found himself by the club. His eyes lit up to see Rae standing in front staring at the entrance. She wore a long black skirt, dark pink t-shirt and black hoodie over it. Slowly she turned to see him, he walked up to her. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, she smiled.

She stared down at the ground, but then stared back up at him.

“Are you alright?” He asked

“Yeah, just have a dull headache. We danced last night, I never did thank you for it.” She replied

“You’re welcome.”

“I… I don’t know, but it feels as if I’ve met you somewhere before. Sebastian…”

“What do you remember?”

“I lay in your lap, wounded badly. And I said to you, no my love it was meant to happen this way. I made a wish upon the stone, asking my reincarnation make her way back to the mansion. The dream always starts that way every night.”

Should I tell her?” He thought to himself.

There was no telling whether or not she would want to hear that her dream was a memory. He sensed her curiosity and fear running all over her body. He decided to roll the dice and see if she would come around again.

“If you want, I’m just suggesting, mind you. Come back when the club opens tonight and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.”

“I’ll come back.”

He walked into ‘Dark Palace’ and went upstairs into the office. He was checking his e-mails when Melanie appeared sitting on his desk. She wore a blood red strapless dress beneath her leather jacket and laced boots. Her braid draped over her shoulder as their eyes met.

“You made contact with her. Don’t even try to bloody lie to me. I smell her scent

scent on you.” She hissed

“Relax; she’s coming back tonight and I’m going to tell her everything.” He replied slowly

“Does the council or your parents know what you’re planning to do?”

“No; once I bring Rae back to the mansion, then I will tell them.”

“These attacks are becoming more frequent. We both know it’s bloody difficult to go out at night without being spotted.”

“I know. I believe Rae will end this war.”

“I hope you’re right Sebastian.”

Two hours later, the club opened. Sebastian came down stairs and saw Rae standing in the center of the room. People were walking around her wondering why she hadn’t moved. She wore a black t-shirt dress, black leggings, and matching boots. He blurred down stairs and appeared behind her. His hand slowly reached out touching her shoulder. She turned to see him, he took her by the hand and they both blurred upstairs into the office.

He closed the door behind him, she sat down on the couch, and he joined her.

“How did we get up here so fast?” She asked

He didn’t answer. Their eyes met and he sensed she was seeing her nightmare again. She turned away, massaging her temples.

“I know you’re wondering why you keep having that same nightmare night after night.” He said

“Yes. Who is this woman Charlotte?” Rae asked

“Forty years ago a war began between vampires and hunters in London, England; mostly made up of wizards, witches, and warlocks. Rumors say it started because a vampire named Catherine took a mortal, Armand to be her husband. Others say it was because, the night Catherine gave birth to their daughter Charlotte. There were complications, Catherine almost bled out, her mother made her immortal before the umbilical cord was cut. It turned Charlotte into a half-breed; half mortal and half immortal, but not one survived past their eighteenth birthday. The hunters didn’t stop and wanted Charlotte dead. Catherine and Armand left London and came here to New York. Charlotte and I met in the hotel; she and her parents were staying in. Our parents met and became friends.

Charlotte and I grew up together. Our parents opened this club allowing mortals and immortals to coexist in peace. The coven was formed and we moved into the mansion by the late seventies. Months later, the leader of the hunters arrived in the city and formed a new army. The night of the last battle, both Armand and Catherine were killed in front of Charlotte.

Catherine gave Charlotte an ancient jewel, which she used to defeat the hunters. After celebrating our victory, she was shot and died in my arms. And as your dream ended, she made a wish upon the jewel that her reincarnation finds her way back to us. Rae you are Charlotte’s reincarnation. We know about your powers and the nightmares. That’s why you know my name.” He explain

There was a long silence, he watched as she began to process everything he had just told her. She got up and stared at him, eyes widened.

“I’m a what! This can’t be true! You have the wrong girl.”

“I know it’s a lot to take in. It is true, this is your destiny.”

He watched the door open and then slam shut. The lights flickered on and office, Rae took a deep breath to calm down. She walked over to the window and stared down at the crowded main hall of the club. People were dancing, drinking, and having a great time.

“What do you want with me?”

“I would like for you to come back to the mansion with me. You’ll learn more about your past life and what lies ahead. I know you’re wondering…”

“What is it like?”

He appeared behind her, she felt his hand brush her hair behind her ear; exposing her neck. She shivered feeling his cold hand massaging her.

“Do you trust me? To end your mortal life and become an immortal?”

She placed her hand over his, “Yes” she whispered

“There is no going back. You’ll live in the shadows, go out into the sunlight and your body will turn into dust. You’ll feed on the evil, not on the innocent, until you’re satisfied.”

“I understand… Sebastian…”


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