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Dark Manchurians Arising

Updated on December 22, 2012

Bringing about the evil kingdom!

Called to Awaken and Destroy!

Everyone else ignored the EBS, (Emergency Broadcast Warning) that went out on Dec.21, 2012. Most hated hearing those obnoxious sounds blasted at them from radios and televisions across America, only to be told, "This is only a test of the EBS system!" Only those who were pre-programed to hear the slight changes of tone were alerted to their activation as evil sleeper agents to carry out tasks to help usher in the dark master for his worldwide reign.

The sleepers that had come before had all done their jobs quite effectively, with mass shootings, terrorist bombings, and targeted assassinations that resulted in a police state type of control and gun bans with massive confiscation. Now there was very little that could stand in the way of the rise of Apollyon, the destroyer. Today, peace would be removed from the earth, global slaughter would ensue, and who could fight against them?

Very few astronomers noticed the explosion of what appeared to be falling stars in the night skies, those that did noted how they fell straight to the earth, instead of horizontally across the night skies. These fallen angels were cast out of heaven and came to earth with a hatred and vengeance aimed at all the humans of this planet. Many went directly into high officials around the world, others had keys to open dungeons and release their fellow beings from divine captivity.

When the deep abyss had been opened, it emitted smoke and fumes that masked hordes of demonic beings finally released from their chains in the dark dungeons of earth's center. Scientists watched volcanoes erupt and sinkholes form in amazement, not realizing that the real dangers passed them unnoticed in the spirit realm.

As I readied the weapons for my particular part of this mission, I thought of the multitudes being activated throughout the world. Agents within every government, every military force, all criminal groups, police forces, hospitals, schools, corporations, every organization from the girl scouts to the NFL, and every religion from Buddhists to New Age to the Vatican had evil tares that would rise up to complete their respective missions. I was awed by the centuries of detailed planning and preparations that had gone into the events about to unfold to send the world into chaos and anarchy.

While my small part in this ultimate coup d' e'tat seemed inconsequential and would end with my suicide, my dying body would be revived by demons empowered with divine authority to complete this transfer of power. I was assured by Lucifer of the fulfillment of my rewards, just as others were assured of 72 virgins on completion of Jihad that resulted in their death. Just as Christians were told that they are called and chosen by God, so the dark master has called and chosen us for this massive blood letting.

As I contemplated with excitement and glee the attack that I was chosen for, the rush of new demonic powers entering my body caused me to shudder. I recited an ancient prayer in a forgotten language that I had never heard before, but instantly recognized it as a Nephilim curse spoken before child sacrifice or mass slaughter.

Knowledge that had been withheld from me was immediately revealed, that others would meet me near the football stadium prior to our attack. This being a college bowl game with two big name schools playing would give us massive high profile casualties. Police snipers were under the control of the dark one, and would add to the confusion after multiple bombs exploded near the field and in the alumni boxes. As many as thirty shooters would take down people fleeing the stadium explosions, slowing the crowds down for secondary "tailgate" vehicle bombs in the parking lot.

Although none of us had ever met, the timing and parts to be played had all been centrally programed by evil experts with MLK-Ultra, Satanic covens, and CIA psychiatrists with exacting detail. Any persons that failed or were captured would end their own lives to stop the trail cold, as part of their ingrained programming. So many horrific events were set to unfold in rapid succession that the entire world's government would be overwhelmed and give way to the dark master who could order things to cease.

As schools, malls, airports, football games, government offices, churches, city centers, mosques, Wall Street, hospitals, military bases, and all public gathering places were hit with continuous destruction, total surrender by governments and all humanity would be imminent. There had never been a time this devastating in the world's history or ever would be again.

The few Christian prophetic seers who had been forewarning about these events or government officials who would stand against it would be eliminated just prior to the massive slaughter. One of these would be visited by me, on my way to the big ballgame. Warnings and resistance with any spiritual knowledge would cease soon. The reign of the "Dark Master" and his demonic legions was set to begin, on the heels of massive destruction and promoted as the beginning of peace and safety. When all say peace and safety,sudden destruction comes like a flood.

Christian America was about to realize that she had become a nest of demons and every unclean thing as blood ran through the streets. The Muslims and Jews would also experience the same terror, then these three religions would face the blame and scorn of the nations for all this horror. Any that would renounce their God, specifically Jesus Christ, and make a Luciferian pledge would be spared and brought into the last religion the world will ever know; honoring Satan. God himself couldn't stop this onslaught, according to Lucifer; our red dragon.

The people of the world would think that they did god a favor as they slaughtered those who worship the one true God.

I shook myself out of a trance-like revelry, and proceeded to load all my equipment for the war games at hand. As I drove away from my home, I pressed my garage door opener, which had been armed with explosives to go off at game half-time. I thought of the preacher/radio personality that I was about to send to the God that he worships. It was too bad that I didn't have time to make him suffer and renounce his faith in Jesus Christ. But this was about like stopping by the convenience store on your way to be football game of the century.

(Authors notes: Although this is a fictional story, it's based on possible events that could fulfill Biblical prophecy in the not so distant future.)


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    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Will, Thanks for the encouraging comments!

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Whoa! What a chilling tale, and so well written! Wow!