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Dark Skeletons-What Lies Beneath The Surface, Part II

Updated on December 27, 2012

Only The Shadow Knows What Is Really Lurking!

Margo had a dark, closely guarded secret...............She is looking at her father. Bosworth Huntington is beaming with joy at his daughter. His beautiful, wonderful, and perfect daughter. A daughter who made him proud and never gave him problems in his life. In their Hampton enclave, he would remark to his neighbors how wonderful his daughter is! One of his neighbors would remark to him how extremely lucky he was! This neighbor admired Margo for the pure and chaste young woman that she was. This neighbor further remarked that in the 21st century, it is extremely rare to find a young woman with a strict and intact morality.

Margo wondered if ONLY her father knew about her life! If only he knew! No one in the family know of her torrid affair with Jeff. The nights of passionate lovemaking in a Midtown hotel and/or in Jeff's Soho condominium. The lustful, unadulterated cries of passion in weekend Bermuda and Bahamas getaways. All of this on pretext that she was working nights and weekends on projects. Only a very close associate, a frenemy and competitor, knew of the secret affair. The frenemy, more of an enemy than a friend, was a childhood and teenage associate of Margo. This frenemy admired and hated Margo for her blonde good looks and tall, athletic build. The frenemy's mother would derisely compare her to Margo. To the frenemy's mother, Margo was such much better than she was-better looking, more popular, better personality-in fact, Margo was the ultimate superlative while she was totally a dismal loser!

Well, the frenemy was tired of her mother's derision. She decided to prove her mother wrong. Her grades, while not as good as Margo's, were good enough for admission to Caltech. She graduated from Caltech with honors and a degree which guaranteed lifetime employment. Armed with the degree, she worked in Wall Street, utlimately being promoted to vice president of a competitor firm. She and Margo, both vice presidents of competing firm, are slated for promotion of president at a Fortune 500 company located in Connecticut! Even though both women are highly proficient executives, Margo has the edge regarding the promotion! Margo KNEW the man instrumental in the promotion........Barclay Carrington, a handsome CEO, a scion of a wealthy Georgian family! Rumors has it that Margo had an affair with Mr. Carrington although he was married with four children! The frenemy knows this also! She is a very close friend of Mrs. Carrington! If Margo thinks that she has an edge regarding the promotion-she better think again! The frenemy has information on Margo which is indelicate and dangerous! If the information is leaked out, it could tarnish Margo's wholesome, all-American girl reputation! The frenemy was invited to the wedding. She wanted to see the golden girl marry the ultimate prince. She was smiling demonically, if only they really know that their golden girl, the pillar of virtue is actually a manipulative slut!

Schyler was crying and beaming with pride. She, as the mother of the bride, was taken back to her wedding day in 1979. She, too, was a virgin when she married Bosworth. She was an atypical 1970s woman. She believed in premartial chastity. Her parents, especially her mother, inundated her that sexuality was sacred, not to be squandered! Her mother, Ulrike, strongly admonished her that ladies protected their chastity and saved sexual relations for their husbands. Schyler heeded her mothers' advice and taught her three daughters the same. Out of three of her daughters, only Courtney was the wild one. Unbeknowst to Schyler, Margo also indulged!

Margo met Hamilton and the minister started to read the vows.........When the minister asked Hamilton if he takes Margo to be his lawfully wedded wife, he replied in the affirmative. The minister then asked Margo if she would take Hamilton to be her lawfully wedded husband, she went totally blank! The minister asked Margo the same question five times! Margo did not answer! She then felt weak and fainted! Everyone in the yard, especially Schyler, gasped loudly! The minister stated that everyone should take an hour break and so that Margo could recollect!

Hamilton then carried Margo away into the anteroom adjacent to the family's mansion. When Margo come to, Schyler screamed at her what is wrong and the wedding will definitely continue! She was awake but barely conscious. Schyler kept repeating that the wedding will continue! Bosworth barged into the anteroom, quietly cajoling Margo. She could not speak at all. She seemed to be in shock. Hamilton was perplexed. He wondered why she did not respond to the minister's repeated question! Hamilton knew that he loved Margo and wanted a perfect marriage! Margo was the perfect other half for him! Margo icily looked at Hamilton and her parents, not saying anything at all! Then the minister came in, asking everyone if everything was okay. All replied in the affirmative, except for Margo who was still speechless!

Kavanagh barged in, demanding Margo that she go on with the wedding. She informed Margo that Hamilton is a good catch and that she will find no man who is successful and as rich as he is. She added that Hamilton is also from a pedigreed family which is extremely rare these days! She asserted to Margo that she would be stupid if she elected not to marry Hamilton! Courtney then came in the anteroom, interjecting to Margo that she must follow her heart, not her parents' heart! Kavanagh shouted at Courtney to mind her business and to leave the room! Nevertheless, Courtney continued to persuade her sister, Margo, to change her mind regarding the wedding and not to marry Hamilton!

Margo began to speak, asking everyone except Courtney to leave the antetroom. As they left the anteroom, Hamilton turned and told her that he deeply loved her. Schyler told her that the wedding must continue! Kavanagh said to her that she had a good man and not to lose him over foolishness! Courtney was the only person remaining in the anteroom. Margo proceeded to make a stunning revelation...........She told Courtney that she never loved Hamilton and that she was pregnant! Upon the revelation of the latter part of the statement, all the color disappeared from Courtney's face! She fell to the floor from the chair.

Courtney was in utter shock. She then inquired as to who is the father of the child! Margo revealed that it was Jeff Davidson, the musician. Courtney stated to her that if their parents found out, she would be cut off from the family fortune and be disowned! Margo seems deathly afraid of the consequences at hand. Margo informed Courtney that she could not risk it and tarnishing her reputation. She informed Courtney that she would have an abortion and marry Hamilton! Courtney informed her sister that she was delusional and crazy. Courtney further stated to Margo that this would be hypercritical as there was no love between her and Hamilton. Margo replied that she did not care- she could not let her parent know of this because it would create a family scandal of momentous proportions!

Courtney adamantly told Margo to inform their parents of her pregnancy by Jeff. Margo started to sob uncontrollably, stating that she could not hurt them and most of all, Hamilton! Courtney looked at Margo as if she was insane! Courtney continued saying," Look, Margo, you do not love Hamilton. You actually love Jeff. You have always loved Jeff. Please be a woman and do the right thing by yourself. Tell Mom, Dad, and Hamilton that you are pregnant and that Jeff is the father!" Margo replied, " I c-c-c-can't! Just think about what this will do to Mom and Dad! I am just sick thinking about it!" Margo again fainted!

It was more than a hour and everyone was becoming more apprehensive regarding the wedding. Schyler excused herself from the guests and family members. She proceed to leave her chair, walking towards the anteroom. She burst open the door, tersely inquiring to Margo if she was ready to continue with the wedding. Margo just looked at her mother nonplussed, saying nothing! Schyler then repeated the question. As the question was repeated, Courtney abruptly cut her off. Schyler turned around at Courtney, stating that this issue was none of her affair and added that Margo is GOING to proceed with the wedding!

Courtney started to get into an argument with her mother. She told Schyler that everything was always all about her and her wants, never about anyone's else wants. Schyler replied to Courtney that she only did what was best for her children. She subequently rehashed to Courtney that she was the only child who never heeded nor appreciated her guidance and the opportunities afforded her! She further informed Courtney that she was a complete and utter failure, comparing her to Margo! Courtney informed her mother to cut the nonsense! Courtney added that this wedding was only for show! Schyler became more incensed, shouting, " It is too bad Courtney that you NEVER had a wedding! Oh no, you preferred to shack up with various men and having their children! Your moral values are so askewed! I am sorry- you have NO moral values!"

Courtney wanted to say something to Schyler but did not! She abruptly left the anteroom. Schyler was alone with Margo. Schyler proceeded to have a pep talk with her. She explained to her daughter that it is natural to be apprehensive regarding her wedding. Margo was about to interrupt her mother when Ulrike come in. Ulkrike informed Margo that the wedding must proceed and whatever subconscious feelings she has about the wedding must be pushed aside. Ulrike related to her granddaughter that she felt the same way in 1946 as a young woman in postwar Germany. Margo blurted to Ulrike that she never loved Hamilton and that she has a shocking secret.............


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you for your encouraging words!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      you are an amazing story-teller indeed.. onto part three... I love it so far


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