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Dark Whispers

Updated on September 5, 2018
Lance Nelson profile image

A young desired writer with a Bachelor of Laws degree, Barrister - at - Law and a teacher of English Literature including Prose and Poetry.


I'm gonna cut off your balls, cook them and watch my dog feast on it, if you ever cheat on me or even try to" I had whispered to Jimmy on our second date. He had laughed so hard and nearly choked on his fries.

"see why I love you?"He asked, eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Your sense of humour is totally cool",

"I wonder why everyone called you weird" he had said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I wish he had taken those words seriously, I wish something or someone had whispered to him that I meant every word I had said.

I was devastated; I wanted to see some blood, which was the only thing that would calm my raging thoughts. I needed to harm someone for Jimmy's sin. I needed to make him pay.

"But I love him" a tiny voice whispered from within me.

"NO! He has to pay for hurting me" the voice whispered again.

I smiled as the thought of Alicia came to my mind. She'd pay for Jimmy's sin. My adrenaline pumping and overriding with excitement as I walked to the kitchen cabinet. Grabbing the handle of the sharp knife, I couldn't wait for it to be stained with blood. "Oh, the joy and excitement of it"

Tucking the knife beneath my nightwear I left my room for Alicia's dorm downstairs. The voices in my head in connivance with my plans. They kept whispering

"she stole him"

"she took him away"

"the sly bitch"

"cut her throat"

"kill her"

"cut her to pieces"

"kill her"

"she must pay for his sin".

The dorm was eerily quiet and dark except for the faint lights that reflected from the windows of one or two rooms in the corridor. An almost empty dorm, some students had left for either clubbing or date night. I pressed the doorbell, turned the doorknob and moved away hiding in the shadows waiting for my prey. The door opened and Alicia's head popped out a little.

"Who’s it? She asked trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness. Seeing no one she cursed quietly and shut the door. I came out from my hiding spot and turned the doorknob again this time with force. I withdrew immediately from the door, ready to strike. She opened the door quietly this time.

"Jimmy honey, is that you? She asked nervously, stepping out into the corridor. I dragged her hair backwards, struck immediately pushing and twisting the knife into her throat. She struggled, the more she did the more I enjoyed the show. Her warm blood gushing out, spreading on my fingers and splattering on the floor. Releasing her hair and pulling out the knife, she slumped to the floor with an almost silent thud. Eyes open with horror and shock.

"You weird bitch!" She said, struggling to get up. Raising up the knife I smiled and struck at the same spot again and again until she went rigid. I dragged her lifeless body into her room, placing the knife on top her body I went back to the corridor with some piece of clothes I found on her bed. I quietly wiped every trace of blood. Though the traces were still obvious but the corridor was dark and no one would notice until morning.

I crawled back into the room, shut the door without locking it and switched off the light. The voices in my head started again. This time louder and more than before. I knew he would come and when he does he'd pay for his sins.



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