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Dark and vivid...

Updated on December 21, 2016

So dark and vivid... no matter which path I walk, no matter how many steps I take, I can not describe the clarity of death for goodness sake.

I foresee support, and aid from those whom care, but only for it to end in turmoil, abruptly, and in failure.

For there shall be no shining light, no paved path, no hope of reliance, no glimmer of goodness. For I remain forsaken, I remain in pure truth- no one ever said that the truth was a beautiful thing. Instead the truth shall be one to bring you to realism, bring you to acceptance, drain your tears until there's no more- because in the end, "you are the only force to either be brought down, or a hell of one to be reckoned with."

“I step, I proceed, I embrace, I accept, I acknowledge, I adapt- I survive... regardless.”


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