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Dark Love Part 2

Updated on October 23, 2016


Nine months had passed and she was starting to get a bad case of cabin fever. Danielle suggested she stay in bed and not do anything strenuous. She felt like she was in prison, wearing different large nightgowns of every color of the rainbow; today it was purple. At least she was able to go to Paris on her honeymoon. She would occasionally look at the photographs she took and imagined she was still there. There was a knock on the door, Armand walked in with a tray of pancakes, a bowl of fresh fruit, and orange juice.

“Armand I’m going to go mental if I have to spend one more day in bed.” She groaned

“Cat, I promise we’ll get out after the baby is born. I hope my mental father doesn’t start making threats again.”

“Mum feels he’s taking the piss out of them enjoying the town at night. Though most people think he’s already gone mental and refuses to go back to a hospital.”

“We’ve all heard. Hope you enjoy the breakfast I made for you.”

“Thank you…”

She then felt a sharp pain, as she sent the tray to sit on her desk.

“Armand… something is wrong…” She whispered

A small puddle of blood formed around her.

“Faith!” Armand screamed

The curtains closed, as Faith, Danielle and Alice ran into the room.

“What’s happening?” Catherine asked as tears formed in her eyes

Danielle gasped, “The baby is in trouble. Cat you might have to be turned, I fear it’s the only way you’ll see your child grow.”

“What! I won’t!” Catherine screamed

“Cat, listen to me, I have to my darling. Unless you want your child to be motherless.”

“Please mum…”

Catherine got into the birthing position as Faith threw her blankets onto the floor. Armand stood beside her, taking her hand into his.

“Alice, get a bowl of hot water, Danielle get some towels.” Faith commanded

Both women left the room, Danielle returned with towels. Alice came back with a large bowl of hot water.

“Cat… I need you to push.” Faith whispered

Catherine gathered her strength and began to push. Faith watched as she saw the top of the baby’s head.

“You are doing cool Cat. Just one more good push.” She heard Faith’s voice echo in her head

“I can’t…”

“Please Cat…”

She nodded and used the last bit of strength she had left in her body. Danielle appeared on the other side of her daughter. She sensed her heartbeat had slowed down; she held Catherine’s head and bit into her neck. Catherine began to feel lightheaded, but she trusted her mother to save her.

Danielle pulled back and then cut her wrist. “Drink my love; let me give you the gift of immortality.” Her voice whispered. Catherine began to drink as she began to hear her baby crying.

“It’s a girl!” Faith cheered

Catherine let go of her mother’s wrist and began to breathe heavily. She watched as Faith cut the umbilical cord and then fell unconscious.

“Cat!” Armand called

“Be patient Armand; go be with your daughter.” Danielle commanded

Alice, Armand, and Faith took the baby out of the room to get her cleaned up. Nicholas appeared in the doorway, seeing his daughter lying in bloody sheets.

“Danielle...” He paused immediately thinking the worst

“She is one of us my love. She would have bled to death if I did not turn her.” Danielle replied

“What about the baby?”

“It is a girl my love…”

He came into the bedroom, watching Catherine’s body begin to change. Her skin gradually turned pale, her hair turned a dark. Slowly her eyes opened and she sat up looking at her parents.

“Mum, dad?” She whispered

“Catherine, everything is okay my love.” Danielle replied

“Where’s my baby?”

“Faith, Alice, and Armand are cleaning her up.”

“A girl… mum you turned her too…”

Catherine fell back onto the bed; Nicholas looked at Danielle in shock.

“Danielle what did you do?” He asked

“I could not wait. Cat was going to die.” She paused

“Do you realize what you have done to that child?”

Danielle looked at Catherine, her daughter’s body rose into the air. The bedroom door opened as Danielle led Catherine’s body out to the bathroom.

“Half mortal, half vampire…” She replied

She took Catherine into her and Nicholas’s bathroom. The blue tile lit up as the light turned on. There was a white sink below a large square mirror; to the left of it was the toilet. A large white bathtub, was next to the toilet, Danielle sat her daughter down on the edge of the tub.

She began to undress Catherine, as the drain plugged up and hot water began to fill the tub. Catherine started coming around, as Danielle helped her into the tub.

“Mum?” She asked

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Danielle replied

Catherine watched as a bar of soap and a washcloth landed in her hands.

“Is the baby alright?” Catherine asked

“She has become a half-breed.” Danielle replied

“What do you mean?”

“After you drank my blood, Faith hadn’t cut the umbilical cord right away. No one has seen one in a century. None have lived passed their eighteenth birthday. I’m so sorry Cat.”

“She will have the most normal life. Armand and I want to make every moment count. Please leave me alone.”

Danielle nodded and walked out of the bathroom. Catherine continued to bathe. An hour later she finished, Danielle came back holding Catherine’s blue robe and a change of clothes. After Catherine got dressed she hugged her mother tightly and cried.

“Come meet your daughter.” Danielle suggested

Catherine nodded and followed her mother downstairs. Armand was sitting on the couch, next to Faith, holding their daughter wrapped in a dark pink blanket. Alice got up and hugged her sister; Armand got up and handed their daughter to her. She lifted the small hood that formed on top of her head, to meet the blue eyes of her daughter.

“Welcome to the world… Charlotte…” Catherine whispered

“What a beautiful name.” Armand commented

“She’s so tiny.” Alice added

“Who knows how long she’ll stay like this.” Nicholas sighed

“What are you talking about Mr. Bloom?” Faith asked

“Half mortal, half vampire, no one has seen one in a century.” Nicholas replied

“Most have died before their eighteenth birthday.” Danielle chimed in; “Now, we’re going to need to clean up and prepare Charlotte’s room.”

Catherine and Armand sat down on the couch, as Faith went into the kitchen and returned with a bottle. Charlotte began feeding, there was a knock at the door, and Alice went to answer it. She led Vincent into the living room.

“Congratulations Cat and Armand.” He commented

“Thank you.” They replied together

Vincent then nudged Alice in the side and she then cleared her throat.

“I know this day is all about my niece coming into the world. Vincent and I got married by your friend Adam this morning.” Alice paused holding up her ring

Danielle and Nicholas walked up to the newlyweds and hugged them both.

“Welcome to the family, son.” Nicholas commented

“Thanks dad.” Vincent replied

Later on in the day, Armand and Vincent were making phone calls. Alice and Faith were cleaning Catherine’s room. Catherine sat and held Charlotte as she slept. She kept thinking what her mother had said, that no ‘half-breed’ lived before turning eighteen. Her lips kissed the top of Charlotte’s head.

“I promise you, Charlotte that your father and I will make every moment count. I hope we can all be together forever. I love you…” She whispered

Danielle came in and sat beside Catherine. Armand and Vincent had come out of the kitchen.

“Is everything arranged boys?” Danielle asked

“We got lucky. Deliveries will be coming by the end of the week. Where will we be staying while the construction goes on?” Armand replied

“Deliveries? Construction?” Catherine asked

“Darling we’re going to add an extension to the house. And I had Armand and Vincent, order furniture for Charlotte’s room. We have another house at the end of the road, now I suggest you all start packing.” Danielle replied

Armand and Vincent went upstairs; Catherine looked at her mother and smiled. By sunset, Armand’s trunk and Nicholas’s trunk was packed with luggage. They pulled away from the house and drove to the end of the road.

A white colonial styled home stood at the end of the room. Six pillars, three on each side, with a porch on top and below. The lights had been turned on as they pulled into the driveway. As they walked inside, the rooms were modeled similar to the old house.

“Mum, Dad this is beautiful.” Alice commented

“Thank you. Your father and I were thinking of opening the rooms to some of the coven members.” Danielle replied; “Now go get settled in your rooms. Armand, Cat, Charlotte’s room will be the second door on the left.”

Everyone went upstairs, Catherine and Armand walked into Charlotte’s room. A large white crib leaned against the wall across from the door. There was a small wooden shelving unit, next to the crib with two stuffed bears on the middle shelf. Beside it was a changing table; there was a large window on the left with a large upholstered white chair with pink flowers on it sitting next to it.

Catherine put Charlotte down and she continued to sleep soundly. They left her room and went into their room, next store. Catherine came out and went downstairs to see her parents putting on their coats.

“Is everything alright darling?” Danielle asked

“I need to feed.” She replied

“Come with us and we’ll show you how.” Nicholas continued

Danielle handed Catherine’s coat to her; they left as Armand came downstairs. Vincent and Alice were sitting in the living room watching television.

“Armand now that Cat is turned are you going to join her?” Alice asked

“Not yet.” Armand replied

“Are you mental? I cannot wait until I’ve started my family and can live for eternity.”

“Maybe I am. I would like to spend as much time with Charlotte as I can. Who knows how long we’ll have with her.”

Alice didn’t reply. Armand wasn’t ready to give up his mortal life. She couldn’t blame him, but her fate was already chosen and she was ready.


“She’s grown up so quickly.” Alice commented

“It is amazing that she has a thirst for knowledge.” Nicholas added

“Armand and I do not have the heart to tell her.” Catherine sighed

“We don’t blame you darling.” Danielle continued

Summer had begun as they sat outside on the patio. The house had been expanded, giving Armand, Catherine, and Charlotte a private wing. She had long black hair with red highlights and blue eyes like her mother; she looked about ten years old. No one knew how long they had with her. She seemed happy and felt lucky to have a loving family. Armand tutored her, while Catherine taught her to control her powers.

“Mum…Dad where are you?” Charlotte called

“In the backyard love...” Catherine replied

James, Roxanne, Pam, and Charlotte walked outside. Charlotte climbed into Catherine’s lap, her arms wrapped around her daughter tightly.

“Did you have a good time?” Catherine asked

“It was…” Charlotte paused

“What happened?” Danielle asked

Charlotte fell asleep in Catherine’s arms. She clung to her tightly as she drifted into a deep sleep.

“Victor showed up at the fairground. He warned us that Charlotte was evil. Charlotte tripped him a couple of times with her powers. We left before anyone could notice.” James replied

“Thank goodness no one noticed. This is becoming serious.” Armand commented

Everyone nodded in agreement. Faith came out and took Charlotte inside.

“We need to be careful about where we go. As long as we’re in public he can’t hurt us.” Nicholas continued

“He seems mental enough to try.” Alice growled

“What if he does? Then what do we do?” Catherine asked

Danielle and Nicholas exchanged looks, no one had the answer. Catherine looked at Armand; he nodded as she turned to her family.

“If he does, Armand, Charlotte and I will leave London. We doubt Victor will follow us.” She continued taking Armand’s hand into hers

“Leave? You can’t leave…” Pam gasped

“Pam, let’s go inside and let everyone talk.” Roxanne replied

They walked inside, the patio doors shut behind them. James sat down at the head of the table; Nicholas stood up and began pacing.

“Catherine you’re going to be the heir to this coven. You cannot let one mortal ruin your future.” He began

“I will be the heir to this coven, but not when there is a mental man threatening my family. Charlotte doesn’t need to be exposed to violence and hatred.” Catherine continued

“For now, we’ll make sure she’s protected. There is no need for you to leave.” Danielle chimed in

Catherine got up and walked inside, Armand followed her into their bedroom. The lamps turned on, they sat on two light wooden night tables, a large king size bed was in between them, covered with dark blue sheets. She sat down and buried her face into her hands; he sat down and took her into his arms.

“We are going to leave Armand. My father is mental if he thinks we’re going to stay with your father making threats. It scares me to think he would gather followers and then what? A war?” She paused

“With my old man, it would most likely come to it.” He replied

“I will start to make arrangements. If things get worse, we will leave.”

There was a knock on their door. Faith walked in and shut the door behind her.

“Is everything alright?” She asked

“My old man is off his rocket. We decided to leave if this gets worse. Will you come with us?” Armand replied

“Of course.” Faith replied

“You cannot tell anyone.” Catherine continued

“You have my word.” Faith said

The next morning, Charlotte was playing outside with Pam as Vincent and Alice arrived in a black Mercedes- Benz 300 limo.

“Hello Aunt Alice, Uncle Vincent!” Charlotte waved

“Hello Allice, Vincent.” Pam said

“Hello girls.” They replied together

“Where did you go this morning?” Charlotte asked

“I had a doctor’s appointment. And I have a surprise for everyone later tonight.” Alice replied

“Tell us!” The girls begged

“Not until tonight.” Vincent chimed in

Pam and Charlotte sighed as Alice and Vincent went inside. They went upstairs into Catherine’s old room, which became their room. The walls had been painted white; it complemented the off white night tables and dresser. Light yellow comforter cover the sheets on the king sized bed, as Alice walked over to the closet and took out a pair of white slippers.

“I’m chuffed that we’ve started our family.” She commented

“I am too darling. You’ll make a wonderful mother.” He replied

“My old man may go mental or might be happy to hear the news.”

“We’ll tell everyone tonight before they go out.”

“Righto; I’m going to kip. Please wake me in an hour.”


He left the room as she lied down and fell asleep. He went downstairs and outside to see Charlotte and Pam having a tea party. Armand pulled into the driveway and Charlotte got up and ran over to her father as he got out of his car.

“Daddy!” She cheered

“Hello love.” He replied picking her up and hugging her tightly

“Hello Mr. Coleman.” Pam waved

“Hello Pam, Vincent.” Armand said

He put Charlotte down and she joined Pam at their tea party. They laid out a red and white checkered blanket, with Charlotte’s tea set. There was a plate of sugar cookies and the teapot was filled with milk.

“Hello Armand.” Vincent waved

“How is Alice feeling?” Armand asked

“Much better thanks, she’s taking a kip.” Vincent replied

“I’m glad she’s feeling better.” Armand replied

“I’m knackered and going to kip on the couch. Keep an eye on the girls?”


Armand went inside, as Faith came out of the kitchen.

“Hello Armand how was work?” She asked

“I’m knackered and going to kip on the couch. Wake me when dinner is ready?” Armand replied


Armand had gotten a job as a plumber and worked afternoons. He lied down on the couch and fell asleep. As the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon, Catherine woke up to Charlotte knocking at the door. It opened and Charlotte walked in wearing a dark pink dress.

“Good morning mum.” She began

“Good morning love. What did you do today?” Catherine asked

“Pam and I had a tea party. Faith made us cookies and filled my tea set with milk.” Charlotte replied

“That sounds like fun. Is your father home from work?”

“He is; c’mon Aunt Alice and Uncle Vincent have a surprise for everyone.”

“A surprise? Did they tell you?”

Charlotte sighed and shook her head ‘No’. Catherine went into her closet and changed into a black short sleeved dress and ‘sandal shoes’. Charlotte took her by the hand and led her mother into the kitchen. Everyone was seated at the table. Nicholas was at the head of the table, Danielle on his left, with Alice and Vincent next to her. Armand was seated on Nicholas’s right with two empty chairs for Charlotte and Catherine. Faith was standing over the stove taking out a roasted chicken from the oven

“Have a seat Cat and Charlotte.” Danielle said

They sat down as Alice and Vincent stood up. There was a long silence before Alice took a deep breath.

“I asked you all here to announce something. I’m going to have a baby.” She began

“Congratulations!” Danielle got up and hugged her daughter and Vincent

“Aunt Alice is going to have a baby.” Catherine whispered to Charlotte

“Congratulations Aunt Alice… Uncle Vincent!” Charlotte cheered

“I knew it was brilliant idea to keep the nursery across from Cat’s old bedroom.” Danielle smiled

“We wanted to tell everyone, before some of you went out for the evening.” Alice continued

“Congratulations Alice and Vincent.” Nicholas added

Nicholas got up and Danielle followed him out of the kitchen. Catherine got up and helped Faith bring over plates and silverware for dinner. While they began eating, Catherine got up and kissed the top of Charlotte’s head.

“I’ll be right back love.” She whispered

She walked out of the kitchen to see her parents walking out the door. Her eyes widened to see two figures walking out of the woods. She ran out the door and watched as a rag lit on fire hurled toward her parents. As the orange and red object floated through the air, it stopped. Danielle and Nicholas turned to see Catherine standing in the front door.

“Cat…” Danielle whispered

“Tell Victor to stay away from our family. My daughter isn’t evil.” Cat said

She walked out to stand beside her parents; the rag slowly lowered itself floating above Catherine’s hand. Victor stepped forward with a crazed look on his face.

“She is evil. You seduced a mortal to bring that demon into this world.” Victor replied

He wore a white short sleeved buttoned shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. Armand appeared at the door, he came up beside Catherine.

“Get out of here old man.” Armand shouted

“Not until that demon and the rest of them are killed.” Victor replied

“It will be a long time before we let that happen.” Catherine interrupted

She threw the rag toward Victor who disappeared along with his companion. The fire went out as Catherine turned to Armand. They hugged tightly, and then she left with her parents to feed. Armand went back inside, joining Alice, Vincent, Faith, and Charlotte for dinner.

“Why was Grandfather here?” Charlotte asked

“Your Grandfather is completely crackers.” Alice replied

“Don’t worry about it Charlotte. Your Grandfather is sick.” Armand added

“But daddy why did he say I was evil?”

“He’s afraid to get to know you.” Armand replied

Charlotte shrugged it off and continued to eat.


Ten years passed, war had broken out between the vampires and hunters (witches and warlocks). The streets of town were no longer safe for the vampires to feed. It was a cool October evening, all the leaves on the trees turned to shades of red, orange, and brown. They all fell to the ground with each gust of wind. Catherine was sitting in her tree staring at the crescent moon glowing in the black sky amongst the stars. She wore bellbottom jeans, long sleeved black shirt and matching leather jacket.

She was lost in her thoughts; Alice had given birth to fraternal twin girls, Tonya and Melanie. Both had blue eyes; Tonya had brown hair, while Melanie had blond; they were like night and day. After they turned ten, she and Vincent were turned by Nicholas. Vincent had a gift of making people smile, with just entering the room. Alice always loved that quality about him, but she never admitted it to anyone. After being turned, he would leave his victims smiling. Some of the coven members thought it looked creepy, Alice liked it. “They died happy…” she would say.

“Cat...” Armand called

His voice brought her back, as she leaped down from her tree and landed behind him. He turned to face her, his hair had gotten longer. He wore bellbottom jeans, long sleeved gray shirt and brown leather jacket.

“All the arrangements have been made.” He paused

Her eyes lit up to see plane tickets to the United States. She hugged him tightly and then leaned back.

“When do we leave?” She asked

“Tomorrow night.”

She hugged him again tightly. Elsewhere, Charlotte was sitting in the living room with Melanie and Sonya, watching a movie. She got up and walked over to the window.

“Charlotte… what’s wrong?” Melanie asked

“Dunno… someone is outside…” She replied

She walked away from the window and the front door opened. Tonya and Melanie poked their heads out from the living room. A man dressed in brown boots, khaki pants, and blue jacket stood in the driveway. Charlotte stood in the doorway; she growled seeing it was her Grandfather. He held a vile in his hand, he threw it, and Charlotte’s eyes widened as it stopped an inch from her face. Melanie appeared beside her, dressed in blue pajamas.

“Who’s this Charlotte?” Melanie asked

“Grandfather…” Charlotte paused; “He thinks I’m evil.”

“That’s daft. Charlotte’s not evil.”

“Charlotte, Melanie, inside now!” Alice commanded

She appeared in front of the girls with Tonya behind her. She wore a pair of ‘Levis’ jeans, maroon t-shirt with a blue jean jacket over it. Tonya grabbed Melanie by the hand and pulled her inside, Charlotte got in front of her Aunt. The front door shut, Alice looked down at her niece who looked like she was in a trance.

Victor took a step back as Charlotte grabbed the vile and it smashed in her hand. A mist escaped into the air, her eyes widened again. Victor levitated into the air as Charlotte slowly walked up to him.

“Put me down!” He yelled

“Bugger off Grandfather…” Charlotte whispered

He was sent flying as Charlotte turned and walked right passed her Aunt and inside. Alice couldn’t believe what she had seen. Charlotte was more powerful, no one could have that much control and strength. Alice went back inside, seeing Tonya and Melanie sitting at the top of the stairs. They walked downstairs and into their mother’s arms.

“Is he gone?” Melanie asked

“He is.” Alice replied

“He’s cacked handed at trying to get Charlotte.” Tonya commented

Alice laughed and leaned back to stare at her daughters.

“Alright then, that is enough excitement for tonight. Bedtime…” Alice continued

Both girls groaned as she walked them upstairs and into their room.

“Daddy!” Charlotte cheered

She leaped into her father’s arms, as Alice came downstairs with Vincent behind her. Catherine’s eyes widened as she looked at her sister.

“Charlotte, say good night to everyone.” Catherine began

“Good night.” Charlotte whispered

Armand took her to her room; Catherine ran her fingers through her hair.

“What the hell happened?” She asked

“Victor showed up, Charlotte sensed he was here. He tried to attack, but she defended herself. Tonya ran and got me, Charlotte disarmed him of his potion. She made him bugger off. She was unharmed, I swear Cat.”

“She could have been killed!”

“Cat calm down. Charlotte is safe and is more powerful than you, I, and mum combined.”

“Don’t be daft. She’s only a child and who knows how much longer we have with her.”

Catherine pushed passed her sister and poked her head into Charlotte’s room. She smiled as her daughter was sleeping. The pink blankets covered her face all Catherine could see was the top of her head.

“Cat…” A voice called

Charlotte’s door closed, Catherine saw Danielle beside her. She wore a black and white cocktail dress and white ‘Go Go’ boots.

“Alice told me what happened. Is Charlotte okay?” She asked

“She’s a tough kid. It scares me all the time to think she’ll be gone soon.” Catherine replied

“You and Armand are doing a wonderful job. She’ll always remember that.”

Catherine smiled and hugged her mother tightly. Danielle smiled and saw Nicholas waiting by the front door. Catherine waved as they left, Armand came up behind her.

“Am I being daft for being over protective of her?” She asked

“No; but she does love to get a rise out of you.” He replied

“I’m just being leery I guess. She is and will be our only child. She means the world to me.”

“We’re both being leery and daft. We have to let her enjoy her life.”

Alice walked upstairs into hers and Vincent’s bedroom. He was sitting in bed reading a book as she sat down at the end of the bed.

“What’s up then?” He said

“Cat is being daft. She is so overprotective of Charlotte, though I don’t blame her. She is definitely more powerful than she seems.” Alice replied

“I can understand. She’s a half-breed and they’re afraid she will cop it.”

“At least our girls will have a normal life.” She muttered under her breath


“I know… I take it back.”

“Maybe you should apologize to your sister.”


She walked back downstairs to see her sister sitting in the living room.

“Cat… I’m sorry.” She began

Catherine got up and walked over to her sister. They hugged and Catherine smiled.

“I’m sorry too. Armand and I agreed we were being daft and leery with Charlotte. She’s lived this long, and looks about twelve. I hope that she just enjoys life.”

“I’m going to go feed. Do you want to come?”

“We’ll watch out for each other.”

They walked out the front door and headed towards town. The next morning Armand woke up and pulled the suitcases out from underneath his and Catherine’s bed. He left the bedroom and went outside to load up his car trunk. As he came back in, he smelled eggs, pancakes, and bacon, Faith was awake and cooking breakfast.

Tonya, Melanie, and Charlotte were sitting in the living room watching television. They were still in their pajamas, as he walked into the kitchen.

“I just loaded the suitcases into the car. Here are my keys, go and put yours in the backseat.” He began handing her his keys

“Thank you Armand. Once you get home, we’ll leave for the airport.” Faith replied

“Girls… C’mon breakfast is ready.” Armand called

The girls walked in and sat down at the table. Armand had fixed plates for the girls and served them as Faith went and put her suitcase in Armand’s backseat. She came back inside and joined everyone at the table. Afterwards, Faith took the girls upstairs to shower and get dressed, while Armand left for work.

Elsewhere, Danielle woke up feeling something was wrong.

“What’s wrong love?” Nicholas asked

“I’m not sure. Screw it, it’s probably nothing.” She replied

“You sure? You usually are right when it comes to your feelings.”

“Screw it.”


Downstairs Catherine woke up feeling nervous and excited.


The gate leading to their new life was filled with people sitting, waiting to board. Fluorescent lights lit up the dull white walls, blue plastic seats and brown carpet. The scent of coffee would fill the air, along with the numerous conversations and calls being made over the loud speakers.

Charlotte was asleep in Faith’s arms. Catherine would look over at her, knowing they were doing the right thing. Armand returned with a cup of coffee and sat beside Catherine. The call to board their flight made her heart skip a beat. Faith woke up and followed Armand and Catherine toward the gate.

“Catherine!” A voice yelled

They turned to see Alice, Vincent, James, and Roxanne. Alice stepped forward and hissed warning them not to move.

“Please Cat don’t be daft. You don’t know what you’re doing.” She begged

She held up Catherine’s letter and threw it on the floor. Catherine got in front of her family.

“Alice, everyone, have you come to say goodbye?” She asked

“No; we’re here to take you, Charlotte, and Faith home. And kill him!”

Vincent and James stepped forward. Both were dressed in all black. Catherine got in front of Armand, exposing her fangs.

“You will not touch him. If any of you attempt to lay a hand on him you will pay with your life.”

“I’ll deal with my sister. Take Armand…” Alice commanded

Catherine’s eyes widened, she sent the small group sliding on the tiled floor and around the corner. They handed their boarding passes to a stewardess and walked through the gray colored gate and into the plane. People filled the gray colored seats of the ‘Coach’ section of the plan, they walked threw into ‘First Class’. Rows of gray seats were spaced out, as passengers sat down. Stuarts were walking up and down the aisles making sure everything was in order for takeoff.

Charlotte woke up as Faith put her down in her seat. She smiled and then fell back to sleep after Faith buckled her seatbelt. Catherine sat down next to Armand, as the captain announced they would be taking off in five minutes. The plane took off, two hours later the captain turned off the ‘fasten seatbelt sign’.

“Do you think they’ll come after us?” Armand asked

“Dunno; knowing my mum she’ll convince my dad that this is for the best. Do you think the hunters will follow us?” Catherine replied

“I’m not sure. As long as they think Charlotte is still in London we will be safe.” He replied

“I doubt your parents or any of the coven members would tell.” Faith whispered

“She does have a point.” Catherine chimed in

Back in London Alice and the others returned home. Nicholas and Danielle came out from the living room.

“Where are they?” Nicholas asked

“They left...” Alice replied

“Cat sent us flying from the gate.” Vincent continued

“By the time we got back there the plane had taken off.” James added

“Why? How could she betray us?” Nicholas shouted

“Could you blame her?” Danielle interrupted

Everyone stared at her, “Could you excuse us please?” She asked. They went into the living room; Danielle took him into the backyard.

“Danielle…”Nicholas paused

“We concealed them from the human world. The night I made Catherine, you made Vincent and Alice. I do not want them to spend eternity as we have.” She said

He went to reply, but she held up her hand to stop him.

“The hunters were after Charlotte and they wouldn’t have stopped until she was caught or killed. This war was getting hairy and some of our coven members are too afraid to leave their homes. We have to try to set an example. If someone leaves let them; do not try to keep them here against their will.”

She walked back inside to see Melanie, Tonya, and Pam coming downstairs.

“Where are Aunt Cat, Uncle Armand, and Charlotte?” Tonya asked

“They moved love.” Alice replied

“Why split without saying goodbye?” Melanie asked

“They did; Aunt Cat left us a note. She loves you and will write once they’re settled in their new home.” Vincent replied

“Don’t sweat it. Now let’s get you three to bed.” Alice suggested

“Pam can sleep in Charlotte’s room.” Danielle commented

James and Roxanne walked Pam down the hall. Melanie and Tonya hugged Vincent goodnight, Alice led them upstairs. Danielle sat down on the couch in the living room.

“Are we going to find them?” Vincent asked

“No; we’ve concealed you all from the world. Ever since you’ve been made and this war began; we live in fear. You all should enjoy your immortality. Don’t make the same mistakes we made.” Danielle replied

“I think it’s beginning to rub off onto Alice.”

“Help her before it’s too late.”

Vincent nodded, Alice came back downstairs as James and Roxanne returned.

“So what’s our next move?” Alice asked

“Let your sister go love. We’re not going after her.” Danielle replied

Alice gasped; Vincent came up behind her wrapping his arms around her. She turned and hugged him tightly.

“I’m going to miss her.” She whispered

“We all will. But maybe this is for the best. The hunters will probably back off. C’mon we’re going out.” Vincent replied

“That’s a boss idea.” Roxanne chimed in

“Mum will you watch the girls?” Alice asked

“Go my children. Enjoy the rest of the night out.”

They left as Danielle buried her head in her hands. A wave of emotion had come over her. She was upset and happy that Catherine, Armand, and Charlotte left. On one hand, the hunter’s search would come to a halt, Charlotte left the country. Maybe the war would end and the coven could enjoy themselves again, verses being chased. On the other hand, the war wouldn’t end until every last vampire was killed. They had to start fighting back or they’d never leave their homes again. She and Nicholas had to prepare for what was ahead of them.

The flight attendants had brought out meals and drinks for everyone. Catherine sat beside Charlotte who was finishing her chicken cutlet and mashed potatoes.

“Mum why was Grandfather after me?” She asked

Catherine gasped, but knew that Charlotte would ask one day. She secretly was praying the day would come closer to when she would leave this world. No use in attempting to squash the truth now. She looked over to see Armand and Faith were eating and talking.

“Because you’re unique love...” She replied

“Unique? How?”

“You were born with powers, just like me, your Grandmother, and Aunt Alice. You are more powerful than the three of us together. Your Grandfather was afraid you would use your powers for evil than for good. He wanted to stop you, but we wouldn’t let him.”

Charlotte smiled as her mother scratched the top of her head. “I am unique.” Charlotte whispered. An hour later Catherine tucked Charlotte in and she fell asleep. Faith switched seats with Catherine as she sat next to Armand who had fallen asleep.

“Faith thanks for coming with us.” Catherine commented

“You’re welcome Cat. We had to split or the hunters would’ve stopped until they captured Charlotte. And who knows how long we’ll have with her. Besides it’ll be boss to see the states.” Faith replied

“Cat...” Armand whispered

She turned to see him straightening up in his seat, he smiled.

“What is it like Cat?” He asked

She sighed and then thought for a minute. “You start a brand new life. You leave a world in which you lived in the light and then enter one of darkness. Everything can be seen so clearly and time moves so slowly. We feed on criminals verses the innocent.” Catherine replied

“Cat I’m ready.”

“Armand please wait until we arrive at our new home. You say you’re ready, but once you’re made there is no going back.”

“Four hours and counting…” He muttered

Catherine put her arms around him, her head rested against his chest. Hearing the captain announce they would be landing in five minutes, Charlotte cheered. Catherine gasped and looked over at her family. Armand took her hand into his and kissed it gently. After the plane landed and the gate opened, people began getting up and exiting.

Charlotte walked in between her parents, Faith was ahead of them. They came out of the gate. Thankfully the sun hadn’t risen yet; Armand and Faith went to wait for their luggage at the baggage claim area. Catherine and Charlotte went to find a cab or bus to take them into the city.

“How much time do we have?” Faith asked

“No long, we have to move quickly.” Armand replied

He sighed in relief seeing the luggage sliding down on the carousel. They grabbed their suitcases and started running towards the exit. As they walked through the sliding doors, a man dressed in a black suit walked up to them. He was in his early twenties, brown eyes, and light brown hair and of average build.

“Mr. Coleman let me help you with your luggage. Your wife and daughter are waiting for you and your nanny in my limousine.” He said

“Thank you…” Armand replied

“Phil…” He commented

Phil pointed to the black limousine parked by the curb as taxis and buses drove by. Armand and Faith followed him over; he opened the back door and shut it as he loaded the luggage into the trunk. Catherine and Charlotte were sitting on the black leather seats, talking.

“We were wondering when you were going to find us.” Charlotte commented

“Where is Phil taking us?” Armand asked

Catherine smiled, “To the Drake Hotel. We’ll stay there until we figure out a plan.”

Phil got into the driver’s seat and slowly pulled away from the airport. Charlotte looked out the window as they got onto the highway and then into the city.


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