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Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola

Updated on October 3, 2015


I was sent a free copy of Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola.

Pennsylvania 1873: When, in the harsh world of Pennsylvania coal country, Jim Farrell is hanged for murder, his wife and three daughters must turn their beautiful home into a boarding house in order to survive. But struggling beneath the shadow of shame becomes too much for eldest daughter, Kate. She resolves to clear her father’s name in spite of her mother’s admonition to “let it go,” and convinces her sisters to help. All too soon their dangerous quest rips the family apart.

— Sylvia Bambola

Sylvia Bambola

Sylvia Bambola has written many books including:

  • The Salt Covenants
  • Return to Appleton
  • Waters of Marah
  • Rebekah's Treasure
  • The Daughters of Jim Farrell
  • Refiner's Fire
  • Tears in a Bottle

Sylvia Bambola was born in Romania in 1945 and was adopted from a German orphanage five years later by an American Army Colonel. When she was seven she saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time as well as the shores of her new country. As an army brat, she called eight different states home, an experience that gave birth to a deep passion for her new homeland.The vastness yet friendliness of America, as well as its diversity yet parallelism still continue to amaze her.

— Sylvia Bambola


As I wrote in the disclaimer "I was sent a free copy of Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola."

I found myself of two different minds in respect to Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola on one hand I enjoyed the plot of murder and the attempt to clear the father's name on the other hand there was just so much unneeded dialogue that it got very repetitive. I had to fight myself to keep reading the book without skipping pages at a time.

My favorite character was detective Adams; I enjoyed his character and his creativity. I like how he pretended to be Kate's cousin to get an in with the suspects. I also liked the interaction between Kate and Adams. I also liked that Kate was a strong female lead character, but she seemed to lack sense at sometime and came out as a bit of a bully to her sisters. She verbally attacked them at one point until they gave their money to her so she could hire detective Adams.

Overall I am glad that I read the book, but I am more glad that I did not have to waste any money buying it. The Daughters of Jim Farrell by Sylvia Bambola is much more of a rent from the library book than a purchase at Barnes and Nobles book.


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