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David St. Alban's First Ever Hub

Updated on February 17, 2010

Blood of the Dragon

My Novel of the True Dracula!
My Novel of the True Dracula!

The Real Dracula: True Monster!

I invested 15 years of blood, sweat and tears into "re-vamping" the Dracula Legend. I have put Dracula back into the realm of true monsters of nature. No longer just the "dapper" well-dressed Count of Transylvania. Dracula himself tells the story of his birth, life and times from 1432 to 1893. These are his personal journals written in his own cold, dead hand! It is brought into the present by an archaeologist working a dig in Romania, who conjures up the Real Dracula, who had been asleep until he was disturbed by the psychic links between himself and the protaganist  Peter Ralston.

This 760+ page novel is my masterpiece and is deeply evocative of the times of the real Prince Vlad of Walachia, and of the ending of the Middle Ages where he ruled with an iron fist and killed thousands at his pleasure. It is so well researched it was stacked in a college library recently under the tag of "Romanian History." From the readers I have received nothing but kind words and accolades. But it is hard to market, since I don't have the time or cash to do it and publishers now expect an author to do most of the marketing. I am therefore using Hub and (, Tagged and Facebook to get the book out to people. It is a bargain now on Amazon and And can be picked up from 300.00 to 1.00 on many internet sites you can find on Google. Or it can be bought easily through my publisher.

If you want a deep and meaningful and thoughtful read, which will at once terrify and horrify you with it's visions of the raised dead, sorcery, torture and brutality, you will love this book! If you like long reads a'la Harry Potter, you will enjoy this in depth journey to the days of knights, maidens, monks and sorcerer, heretics and strange and uncanny beings from across time and space. If you are a true fantasy/horror fan you will see a lot of references to other authors and writings which entwine themselves into the tapestry of Dracula's evil life and strange UnDeath.

As the Hubpages progress I will leave chapters of the book here for your perusal.

I remain, your Humble and Obedient Servant,

David T. St. Albans-Pudelwitts esq.


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