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My First Poetry

Updated on April 4, 2011

How to Write a Good Poem

There are a couple of things that you must keep in mind when writing a poem. The first thing, not that it is the most important, is to have a good subject matter. What this means, is that you must pick a topic that will be about something that is thought provoking or most people. It must be written using words that will not only describe your subject matter well but will cause the lines in the poem to read with the right timing. It is a matter of sounding right when it is read out loud, and like a joke, it must have timing.

Here is an example of good and bad timing:

Jack and his dog, lived in a house made of log.


Jack and his dog, lived in a house they had built out of a log.

If you read both of these examples out loud, you will find that one of them is much easier to read than the other.

A poem that is written correctly will just flow when read aloud, it will not sound choppy, or difficult to say. It will just be easy to say and to hear, and you will know that when you have finished it was right.

The next thing to remember, is like with anything that you write, the words you use to describe things should be the most colorful and give the best definition to what you are trying to give the reader a picture of. You must chose words that paint a picture of what you are talking about. Here is an example of that;

Mary and her daughter walked down the street picking flowers.

Mary and her little girl wandered down the country lane choosing the most colorful and lovely flowers they could find as they went.

Now as you can see, the first example is very generic, although you get the information of what they were doing, the second example gives you a much better picture of where they were and what was happening. It tells you that her daughter was little, it tells you that the street was in the country and was much more than a mere city block, and it describes what the flowers looked like, to some degree.

Here are the very first poems I ever wrote, and my attempt at putting together  a total package of timing, making it have a flow or stream of words that went together, and my best effort in interesting subject matter.  I hope you enjoy my poems.

Dreams and Miracles

Dreams and Miracles Can Really Come True,

Believe Really Hard is All You can Do.

Cause You Hope for the Best and Expect the Worst,

Well, it's Just an Old Saying it Don't Really Work.

For the Imagination of One Man's Mind,

Can Change the World and Make it All Fine.

So He Hoped and He Hoped and He Even Prayed,

And He Did This Almost Every Day.

Then All of a Sudden His Dreams Came True,

Making Me Think Maybe Believing can Help me Too!!

Day Dreamers

Most Of the World Think,

That the Dreamers among us are lazy,

Maybe somewhat out of touch

and Just a Little Crazy.

Folks don't see How

One So Dazed

and Seem so Out to Lunch,

Can make decisions in such a State,

On What Appears to be a Hunch.

Dreamers can't hold a 9 to 5

Still you can Watch them Dream Problems Away,

For They Work in a Dreamers Realm,

Watch Closely the Dreamers of Your Day.

For the Way I See it,

if it Weren't for a Dream in Someones Head,

The World Would Still be Choking on Flour,

Instead of Eating That Warm Fresh Bread.


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  • GPAGE profile image

    GPAGE 8 years ago from California

    The World Would Still be Choking on Flour,

    Instead of Eating That Warm Fresh Bread.