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Daylight is Dying

Updated on June 22, 2013

Something That Wasn't.

I wish I could sleep in the peace that you brought me,

But the night always whispers your name.

You know I'll see your face in my dreams,

But it's no longer the same.

You're on my mind when the day's lit so brightly-

There still when the sky fades to rose.

And then when the daylight is dying,

I wrap myself in your words so that I'm not alone.

Sometimes I think about us, wish it had been different

But the path that I'm on has brought me back to you.

In the back of my mind I knew something was missing-

I just blocked it out, did what I had to do.

But the road that I traveled before

Didn't seem to protect me from harm.

I knew this time, when I walked out the door

I'd find myself running back into your arms.

Until you're here, the wind brings me comfort

And I cast my prayers onto the stone,

Maybe we'll finish what we've always had started-

Right now it's so good to be home.

I've stumbled a few times while making my way

To the side of the road just to take in the view

But something caught my eye and I stayed there awhile-

I've done things that I couldn't undo.

There's always one person we look back and wonder about- the one who "got away", the lost one. Mine turned out to be a scared little boy, but at least he was good inspiration.


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