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Days That Make Us Quiver In Our Boots

Updated on April 6, 2011

When We Have To Wait To Hear The Results

Life sometimes catches us by surprise

We have to face the facts and that is when the doctor tells us what we have to know

We turn away trying not to look the doctor in the eye

Until the news is good and then we instantly want to become best friends

I had to go in the hospital for a small proceedure

It turned out great but what if ?

Things were different and I couldn't go home to relax and sit back and be relieved

What if my outcome wasn't so good ?

Would I be sadder than a tree frog that couldn't make any noise

Would I want to go back to work and pretend everything is back to normal when it isn't

Could I still keep all my high hopes knowing my dreams have been permantly smeared ?

I feel healthy but what if I wasn't ?

What could I do?

Except follow the doctors orders and keep trying to get better

So I sit here at home once again and in no pain

I have had a chance to see my life in a new light

One that isn't florescent and directly above me while I am lying on my back

I can sit up straight without an I.V. in my right arm and an oxygen monitor on my right index finger

With my name braceIet and my date of birth

I couldn't wait to take the johny off and put on my pants to make sure my privates stay private

But that would be to easy

I know in time I would forget this moment

Then all the thoughts that were rushing through my head would soon disappear

So I took home the johny and slippers to remind me how fortunate I always am

I haven't been in the hospital for surgery for over 35 years and I couldn't help but wonder

It is too late to change what is ?

As hard as I tried

I thought every positive thought I know before going in

Like it could change the outcome

Soon other thoughts tried to make their way through

I tried to keep talking to anyone who would listen

So I didn't have time to think anything I didn't want to know

I was thankful that I went under quick and recovery went well

I went to say lucky

Then I had to change it

Because luck is something that is for fun that makes a day good or sometimes better

When your dealing with your own health

I want to thank God

That my life and my health is something I will never take for granted

It is these trying moments that make the strongest men and the tough as nails people bend like rubber

My heart goes out to all who are in a hospital today or ever

I am very appreciative to all the hospital staff and especially my doctor

I go back to my work which is a far cry from anything they see from day to day

In the hospital they are all gifted and are very special people

I couldn't do what they do

As I return to my job

My biggest problem is now my littlest concern

It is funny how are thoughts can change with just one experience

I am going to remember this day forward from years to come

I think we all forget the simple things in life

Like having good health

Maybe because we are blessed with being healthy so often

We think it is the norm

Now I try to think differently

I will try to do more

I will try to write more

I know I can't change the way things are in life by just wishing for better

I can keep a positive attitude for those who need some encouragement

I can make new friendships with so many people

That need help seeing there are endless good possibilities and dreams

That can be found and shared

The time is to stop waiting and start doing

One day at a time

All the time

Not waiting for everything to be perfect

Because that day will never come

The last thing I remembered before going to sleep from the anesthesia

That I wasn't comfortable and my feet weren't in the right position

Even though the nurse did everything to make me feel so comfortable

I think I was stalling because I didn't want to be there

Like a little kid fidgeting at the table playing with his food at the supper table not wanting to eat

I am home with a smile on my face

I don't think it is going to come off for days

May everyone be well and if you are sick I sincerely want you to feel better

Send me a thought and I will try my best

To make you laugh and smile more than me

I know you can do it

Even If I have to use every word of the alphabet from A to Z !



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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      Deepthought I feel your wonderful zest for life and all the good feelings you have deep inside of you.Just by you coming around means the world to me.You are right how we tend to fear the unknown.I remember only to well what my parents use to say.You know what you have but you don't know what you can get.Our bodies tell us what we need to know.But what really is going on under our skin?Dim Flaxenwick Hospitals make so many people better.I just look at one and I feel better all ready.I am convinced all my symptoms where gone and I was instantly healed from just sitting outside.I only went in to humor my wife.I have always been blessed with good health.Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.You are all in my thoughts everyday too.I love to think about people before they get sick and need just a little extra love!!!!Thank you very much.All your support feels great.I feel stronger than Tony the tiger.Enjoy life and ride the wings of a bird in flight to take you where ever you want to go.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Hello,!!! Hope you are resting if that's what the doctor ordered. Hospitals give me the creeps. I truly sympathise with you. Happy to know you are home again.You have tons of friends on hubpages who'll be wishing and praying for you to get well. l'm just one of them. love, Dim xx

    • deepthought profile image

      Deep 7 years ago from In the middle of nowhere and worldwide but still that T.O.kid from da north of America

      Well Dream on, it is good to hear all went well and that you trying to keep a positive outlook about the whole thing...

      forever will we fear the unknown but we must take a step forwords.....stay in good health my friend peace!!!!