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Days of Despair Poem Part 2

Updated on December 21, 2012

Just when I begin to feel

That things are getting better

The thoughts come round again and

Days of Despair are there still.

Loneliness washes over me

Even though I am surrounded by

Loved ones each and every day but yet

Days of despair just won’t let me be.

Sadness that just don’t go away

Fills my heart and mind a lot and

Wishing them away do not work so

Days of despair just linger or stay.

While I have everything I need

As well as some of the things I want

There comes a moment in the space of time

Days of despair—my soul does bleed.

Will this cycle ever stop?

It’s almost always the same

A circle going round and round so

Days of despair—up they do pop.

Sometimes I really do wake

With happiness all around

But it doesn’t last long as

Days of despair do a reality check.

I lost my sanity over twenty years ago

And I don’t mean my mind of life’s survival

All beliefs I once held so very dear

Days of despair came and away they did blow.

Learning then that there’s no happy ending

Only eventual pain, hurt, and deceit

So I’ve waded through life for twenty years with

Days of despair being so condescending.

Respite, at times, has come and gone

Good times and memories I do have

The price of which I’ve always been glad to pay but

Days of despair, then and now, make me feel so alone.


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