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Dead After Dark: An Okay Read About Vampires in Bon Temps

Updated on March 10, 2018

Dead After Dark by Charlene Harris

So I did the impossible. Finally after years of searching, I was able to get the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series called Dead After Dark. You know the book that is the source material for his little TV show called True Blood. Apparently the book series sky rocketed in popularity with the TV show, making it hard to find item. And when it was found, the price was often times is marked up higher than the rest of the books. After a while, I assumed that the ink on the pages had a percentage of gold in the composition as the logic of the high prices. Now that the fad has passed, and the show has derailed significantly (I wouldn’t know I’ve only watched season one. Friends told me about the later seasons.) I’m told, it has finally stepped down from royalty to join the rest of the book commoners. So here’s my reviews on Dead After Dark by Charlene Harris.

So what is it about? It focuses on a girl named Sookie Stackhouse who works as a cocktail waitress at a bar and grill called Merlottes in the small southern town of Bon Temps. It is the job she has held the longest so far because of her disability of being able to hear everyone’s thought. She’s a telepath who struggles on the day to day basis to keep her sanity while functioning in society. But one day in the bar a vampire comes in to buy a drink. Now this is set in a world where vampires have just come out of the coffin to reveal themselves and been accepted as citizens because they can drink a new synthetic blood, allowing them and humans to co-exist. Like a naïve little girl, bored with her little town, she is fascinated by him and likes him even more when he finds she can’t hear his thoughts. That first night they, a couple junkies try to drain him to sell his blood on the black market (as it makes humans feel wonderful.). There they officially meet. Least to say they fall in love. But during their relationship, there's string of murders in town. All of victims are woman who were assorting themselves with vampires and Sookie could be the next victims. Also her brother is a suspect for the murders.

So the good? Sookie overall is likable character compared to what we see in vampire novel today. Today they are either the helpless Bella Swan type who needs the vampire so she can melt in his arms or we have the tough as nails bad ass girl that usually is a vampire hunter or something like that. But Sookie is neither of those extremes. She’s not needy or tough. She’s a person I can imagine bumping into on any day. So I congratulate the author for the character she created. Also, the love story here isn’t over saturated with sex, which I’m thankful for. Sometimes authors get so lost in the sex scenes they forget to include the fact the characters actually love each other rather than sex meet ups.

The bad? Well there’s nothing really bad. It’s just that this book is very much the definition of a fluff read. There’s little detail. Besides Sookie, the characters are shallow. It’s not original. The conflict pops up here and there but isn’t too exciting. And the climax. Well its very meh. Given the hype this book got, I was very surprised. It’s something I may forget entirely. Next week, I might not remember reading this at all. It’s like a big piece of cotton candy. It looks like a lot but in reality it isn’t.

Overall it’s a cute little fluff read. But by no means is it wonderful exciting read. It’s just okay. I know there are fans out there, so I know it is a must for that vampire book audience. I recommend it to them. For the rest of us, I will say you can read if you’re interested. You won’t regret it. But there are so many other books out there to spend your time with.

2 Smoothie out of Four

Overall Rating: An Okay Read About Vampires in Bon Temps.

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    • SamieFoster profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Funny. I have The Strain laying around the house somewhere. I never read it because I was disappointed by the TV show. But if it is one of the best on your list, maybe I should actually give it a shot. The show could have been a bad adaption. Thanks for the advice.

    • Joseph B Daniel profile image

      Joseph B Daniel 

      2 years ago from Trinidad

      Hmm, as a fan of vampire novels go, I have always wanted to give this series a shot. But as you said, I never found the first installment. After reading this review I'm happy I didn't go to any extreme lengths to hunt it down. However, I may still give it a try. If you're into vampires I would suggest Anne Rice to anyone, but if you're not into the sex scenes, avoid The Vampire Armand. The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan is also very high on my vampire list.


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