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Deadly Identities (Yandere**)

Updated on May 30, 2011

Deadly identities (Yandere***)


She was driving her car, with tears in her eyes. The road seemed to go on without mercy. She felt broken tired betrayed and helpless. Her anger shot through the mirror almost knocking her out. Her hands clutched something that restricted her movement on the wheel. They felt sweaty and salty. They shook hard but she was too exhausted to stop.

She was raining in anger ready to explode just like a nuclear warhead. She felt hatred seep through her. Her eyes were furious with anger. Her iris was dilated in anger and exasperation. Kaila had her hand on the wheel driving like a nutcase. Was it a bad dream?

She was shaking with different emotions. She felt odium towards him towards her and towards the world. Why was that happening to her? What has she done wrong? Was it even her fault? A lonely tear fell over her cheek and she set her head on her hands which clutched the wheel intensely as she removed her eyes from the road and buried her face in her hands  and took a look at that thing that was in her palm. Her world has just been ruined. “Love means crash and burn” She took a look at the creature with red splashed on her face and felt the tremendous weight of what she had done play in her head. She went back in time to where it all had begun; to the start.


The warm air from his apartment brushed her face gently like his fingers would do dancing over her pale faultless skin. The feeling made it hard to forget that now she was his wife. “His!” she said to herself. A sense of deep tranquility shot through her body and she embraced the memory of his angelic fingers playing diverse notes on her skin. The memories made her heart sizzle thinking about the time they spent together. He had gone to work only a couple of minutes ago and she yearned for his touch. He was the center of her universe now, and Kaila couldn’t help but think about his striking face, his amazing touch, his vibrant voice, him. She finally was his lawful wedded wife and nothing in the world mattered. She swam in her happiness unable to believe herslf.

It would be like ages for him to come back and join her for dinner but excitement filled her soul from top to bottom. Kaila knew waiting for his arrival was worth it. She loved him too much to even stop lingering about the moments they spent together. “His” the word echoed through her ribcage and she savored the astounding feeling that the word sent through her soul. “Guilty of being in love” she laughed to herself.

Unable to get herself out of bed, she lingered over his wet towel that lay there on their bed. She laced her fingers around the fabric and held it to her face. She breathed in the smell and let it suffocate life through her lungs. Reality hit her hard; she looked at the clock next to her and forced herself out of bed to the bathroom. Sure a long hot/cold shower will knock out the sleepiness and laziness out of her.

Forty minutes later she was heading for her office, wishing she didn’t have to go back to work but someone had to pay the bills. She was greeted by her secretary who appeared very pleased to see her. “The senior partners are thrilled to have you back Ms Rice. They are currently working on a very difficult case and couldn’t help but ask about you when you were on your honeymoon. Very demanding” she said as she rolled her eyes.

Kaila walked to her office only to be greeted by a huge pile of paperwork and reports. “Ouch! I have been away for what a week!!” She got to work reading, skimming and sorting out things. The senior partners were really demanding especially when she was working on the case. She had the brains and planned the strategies especially when the case was heading to the Supreme Court.

She went through the papers for hours feeling her eyes reading to fall out of their sockets. She was tired but she had to get the work done no matter what. She took a glance at the clock in front of her, it was past eight and she had lots of work to do. She called Christian with a very thoughtful heart, “Hey honey! I missed you !”

“Same here!” she heard a little giggle in the background.

“So you know how the senior partners like to bug me with all those reports and paperwork so I can’t-“

She was cut in the middle of the sentence by Christian’s “I know honey. Don’t worry as long as you get home safe.”

“I might stay up late till ten or something but I swear I will make it up to you!”she assured him

Giggles echoed in the background. “you better” he gave her that playful tone he always used with her when he was having fun.

She couldn’t help a smile on her face and she forced herself to dig again into the piles of progress reports she had on her desk. Only the thought of having Christian beside her when she gets home kept her going. Her eyes twisted and she laid a hand on them feeling the pain ooze out. The terrible headache shot up again almost crushing her skull but she had to finish her work in order to get home and finally throw her arms around the only person who she cared about.

“Past ten” she finally realized it was late and she had to get home. She almost sprang out of her chair and ran downstairs not believing that she finished her work early. “Early was a relative term to her.”

She said goodbyes to the empty office and headed out. She took her car from the garage, jammed the key into place, and drove with her heart almost flying that an officer would give her a ticket for that.

She was going home to the only place that she belonged.

The road kept running and Kaila’s hearted raced. She noticed that the lights of the bed room were on while driving into the garage. She couldn’t help but shiver over the cold that hit her back but all that was going to change. She was home.

She darted to the front steps and headed for the bedroom. Christian had the door closed but Kaila couldn’t help a smile. He was playing Besame Mucho by Andrea Bochily . She threw away all her worries aside and darted inside the room without knocking. “Honey I am hooooo-“

She couldn’t finish her sentence instead she slammed the sentence into half and shrieked “What the fuck is going on here?” She saw her “that bitch’s body” naked over his, enjoying. She didn’t even bother to look up at the person who invaded their little party. He didn’t even make eye contact with her and remained playing with the girl’s body touching and smirking. She felt violated among other stuff.

She jolted down from the room to the kitchen. She slammed her fist hard to the porcelain dishes on the table. The pain that shot from her hand made her blow her top. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She ran through the drawers yanking stuff out of the way. She finally came to a halt and took the little no the huge cleaver that she found out of the drawer and regarded it with a beautiful gaze. She licked her lips in desire and ran up to the bed room where that bitch of his laid on top of her enjoying her time. “Still her?”

She yanked that whore  from his chest by the hair and slammed her on the closet. That bitch laid there with blood seeping through the cut the slam made. She took her hidden weapon from behind her back and aimed hard. She was caught in her anger and couldn’t stop. She kept on hitting and hitting until all the anger all the pain was out. She bit her lip enjoyed the splashes of blood on the white sheets and hit the breaks. He was dead, over dead. He looked like a pile of dead meat. But that didn’t satisfy her anger. She came for more. And she focused her anger on his body. How dare he? She felt her blood pump hard up her head almost ready to explode that it when she said “F@#$ b@#$h!”


A sudden light flashed in the back of the mirror that yanked her back to the present. The little siren with red flashy lights made her go back to sanity or at least what was left of it. She looked into the mirror to see a police car behind hers. She came down to a stop and the officer came out of his car and simply looked her in the face. “Miss are you okay?” He regarded all that blood and came closer to her face making eye contact. “yes now I am ok. She made eye contact and gave him an evil smile. “I think I just killed my husband.”

The force of her words dazzled him “Ha?”. That was the only response he could come up with .

She threw a thing at his face which he tried to catch. He held it gazing at the male organ that lay in his hands. She smiled. “It was my husband’s but he couldn’t keep it to himself.”

* Yandere is a Japanese term for a personality that is initially extremely loving and gentle, then at one point becomes deranged or psychotic, often brutally so. Yandere is a combination of the two words yanderu meaning to be sick, and deredere which is defined as exhausted or lovestruck

claymore , awesome anime that doesn't have to do anything with deadly women but this image delivers the idea better than any other .
claymore , awesome anime that doesn't have to do anything with deadly women but this image delivers the idea better than any other .
"You have to beware not to piss me off.....or i swear you will regret being born!!"
"You have to beware not to piss me off.....or i swear you will regret being born!!"


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