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Deadpool - Key Issues

Updated on September 12, 2016

The Birth Of Deadpool

Created by 90s superstar artist and Image Comics founder Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool made his debut on the cover of The New Mutants # 98 in February 1991. Deadpool was initially very obviously a rip off of Deathstroke a mercenary character from The Teen Titans comics, indeed the real name of Deathstoke 'Slade Wilson' was echoed in the new characters moniker of Wade Wilson. Originally intended as a supervillan Deadpool would soon metamorphisize into somewhat of an antihero character. Disfigured and totally mentally unstable , Deadpool has amazing athletic physical prowess and an increased healing factor.

New Mutants # 98
New Mutants # 98

The New Mutants #98

The New Mutants # 98 has been regarded as a key comic for some time now but it is only recently that sales of this comic have reached the heights that it is selling at today, probably trebling in price since the announcement and release of the Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous character.

The Circle Chase
The Circle Chase

X - Force and onwards.

Deadpool was to become a regular reacurring character in the X - Force comics before being seen in other titles , for example , Daredevil and The Avengers books. Deadpool was soon to earn his own mini series The Circle Chase. The mini series was a relative success and was soon followed by another, imaginatively titled Deadpool.

Own Title

By 1997 Deadpool was to get his own ongoing title, it was during this run when the Deadpool which we know and love today became more recogniseable. Written by Joe Kelly Deadpool became somewhat of a cult character, an action comic parody who would often break the fourth wall by talking to the readership like a super powered Bugs Bunny , hence the name ' Merc with a Mouth '.

Important Comics / Key Issues

Since Deadpool has only been around since the 90s he has not ran up a list of key issues like a more established icon such as Spider-man for example, but there are numerous issues that are gaining in value and may be worth a risk in purchasing if comic book speculation is your thing. Obviously Deadpools fist appearance in New Mutants # 98 is the one to have but unless you are prepared to spend quite a bit of cash the horse may have bolted on this one so lets have a look at some other issues.

X - Force # 2 Deadpools 2nd appearance.
X - Force # 2 Deadpools 2nd appearance.

X - Force # 2

A bit of an obvious one this but for years there was no love shown to this comic whatsoever but recently there has been a slight upsurge in prices paid for Deadpools 2nd appearance.

Deadpool # 1

The 1st issue of Deadpools own title remains a popular issue with collectors.

Amazing Spider-man 611
Amazing Spider-man 611

Amazing Spider-man 611

Any Spider-man issue that features the wise cracking arachnid and the Merc with the Mouth is bound to become collectable.

Deadpool # 19
Deadpool # 19

Deadpool 2008 Series # 19

Another Spidey and Deadpool team up but this one also includes the first appearance of Hit Monkey.

Deadpool # 27
Deadpool # 27

Deadpool # 27

It is in this issue that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall for the 1st time in his own series, an important event to Deadpool fans.

X - Force # 19
X - Force # 19

X - Force # 19

First appearance of Copycat as herself in a comic, Copycat had previously appeared as Domino in New Mutants # 98 , Copycat is a major character in the Deadpool movie played by Morena Baccarin.

Wolverine # 88
Wolverine # 88

Wolverine # 88

The first fight between Wolverine and Deadpool. There is a connection between the two characters, both have been part of the Weapon X program, indeed Deadpool has a part of Wolverines healing factor within him. Wolverine is soon to realise just how hard to hurt Deadpool it is.

Deadpool # 14
Deadpool # 14

Deadpool # 14

The 1st appearance of Ajax an important villain in Deadpool comics.

Deadpool and Death Annual 1998
Deadpool and Death Annual 1998

Deadpool and Death Annual 1998

This one shot explains the origins of the Merc with the Mouth.

X - Force # 4
X - Force # 4

X - Force # 4

The 3rd appearance of Deadpool.

Deadpool # 54
Deadpool # 54

Deadpool issues 54, 55

These two issues featuring The Punisher have always been popular issues.

Going Forward

Like Harley Quinn in the DC Universe Deadpool really seems to be able to do no wrong. Particularly popular with young comic book fans Deadpool comics look set for a bright future and with the success of the Deadpool movie it's likely there could be sequels. From a comic book investment point of view Deadpool comics seem like they could be a solid risk at least for the near future.


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    • Nathan Kiehn profile image

      Nathan Kiehn 

      13 months ago

      I have Amazing Spider-Man #611, and it's a fun issue. The art is terrible, but Joe Kelly's dialogue is, as usual, totally on point and really, really fun to read. He's hilarious, and Deadpool's humor is spot-on.

      I've read a few of these other issues recently. I've never been a huge Deadpool fan, but I might have to check him out sometime. Thanks for the list for future reference.


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