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Deam Come True Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2013


This story is basically about a boy who is very lazy and boring, but he has a unique hobby. It is to listen to the stories of other people. He is an arm-chair traveller, who roams from one place to another and comes to know about different people, cultures, beliefs, enchanting and not- so-enchanting places, superstitions, miracles and super-natural encounters as also about the inner thoughts that at times bother us as human beings - all through the stories of other people or casual conversation with interesting characters.

Table Of Contents

Chapter No.
Saturday... Really?
Visit to an Enchanting Place
Home Sweet Home
Siberian Winds in Hokkaido
Trek to Himalayas
Story in Revenge
Backlash at Payback Time

Visit to an enchanting place

“So Ichi, how was your visit? Was it a lie too? And what’s that ‘something happened’?” I enquired. He said, “No- no, not at all. Let me tell you what happened” I didn’t like his boring chats, but time seemed to have stopped. In one sentence, I had nothing better to do. I asked him to continue walking and whether we could go to the river next to my place? Without any hmm, umm, aanan, he agreed and we marched again, towards the so called river, which seemed like a canal to me. I told him that I won’t interrupt, unless there was a question and asked him to go on. He said no problem and launched the story from his big mouth.

“I wanted to see animals in the wild, so we went to the state of Kotaba in Aniatica. It felt quite awkward at the beginning, but later we were used to it. My parents were quite interested too. We took a plane direct to the capital city of the state. But to see animals in the forest, we had to go and take a bus, which was not so comfortable. I would say it was pathetic. We somehow managed to survive the roller coaster ride from the capital to our destination, but there was much more to it. There were huge holes in the road. If I rephrase the sentence, there were bits of road inside the huge holes. After the first round of fear factor or may be just the auditions, we automatically came out of the bus. It was so densely populated, that we were thrown out as we lined up to get down the bus. At last, we were safe again on our feet in that jungle. Three of us and a guide. The guide’s face was covered with a smile, when he said, “It was not so crowded today and we reached this place much before than what I had expected”. I just swallowed the saliva in my mouth and kept on staring at his face, bemused. . Continuing his monologue, he asked us to have our dinner in a nearby restaurant because we were early. There was no problem in it, except that his definition of nearby was very far from its usual meaning.


We walked for half an hour non-stop and reached an isolated place, where there was a restaurant with dim lights inside and a lamp hanging in front of the gate. My dad said, ‘it’s going to be adventurous’, but my ears couldn’t accept the words and changed it to dangerous. My mom was expressionless, which made me laugh and the guide was a complete joker. I was just waiting to sit down in my place and say I wasn’t hungry at all.

But that joker came with food, which smelled good and I wondered how it tasted? And out of curiosity, I tasted it. My eyes were going right and left, trying to analyze the food and suddenly my hunger came back to me. It felt really mysterious, but whatever it was it tasted really good. I thanked the guide and the owner. We finished our food and the next thought in our minds was quite worrisome; we had to go all the way back to take a different route to the interior of the jungle. Don’t know who decided to build the shelter there!

Full of regrets, we moved back again in the same direction as we came from. And it took us one hour this time to reach the same bus stop. The guide said that our timing was perfect and we could now go to the place we were waiting for. Fortunately, it was not so far from that bus stop. We reached there in 10 to 15 minutes or so. There were two special rooms reserved for us in that building and the guide introduced us to the staff at the ‘Wild Station’. The board which said ‘Wild Station’ was half gone, and the red paint used had worn out to a faint hue. The manager came to show us our room and asked us to get ready by 5 in the morning. I looked at my watch for the first time there. It said, 7 pm, but it was actually 10:30 pm! I forgot about the time difference. I was so curious as to why the guide was saying that we were on time when it was so late. Dad talked to our guide and the hotel manager and I flew to my room. While I was getting fast into the sleep mode, I thought about many things. In particular, I relished my thoughts about the upcoming fun and adventure. I was a bit scared too because I could see from my window nothing else but the jet black surroundings. The room was a bit small and the walls weren’t painted. A single beam of red light was coming direct on my face from the ventilator on the front wall. I felt uneasy, but my tired body and aching legs won over my mind and I slept.

‘Wake up Ichi. It’s already 5’, I heard my mom shouting from the other room. I was really sleepy, but more than that, I was curious to see those animals in the forest. I jumped from the bed, like a ninja, got ready, ate the breakfast as if I didn’t have anything for the past 3 days and ran down to see how it felt like in the jungle, early in the morning. But my excitement was damaged by the chilling weather. I could see white transparent pearls on every green thing around me. People call them dew drops. The hairs on my arm stood like pricks off the back of a porcupine. Visibility was very poor. The place appeared surrounded by a smoke screen, though I could see the fog disappearing.


After a while my parents came down as well. And by that time, everything was quite normal. We took some photos together and our guide was all set to leave with us. There was a reasonably big Jeep with sun roof. I sat in front alongside the driver, dad and mom sat in the middle and the guide occupied the jump seat at the back. We left the ‘wild station’ and headed towards the deep forest. As we were on our way, the guide told us about the history and topography of the place. On the way, we saw many animals and clicked some photos from the sun roof. At last, we were there. Our guide said that it was just the beginning of the journey and started unloading our stuff.

The place was cool and quite. It was the first time I ever saw a tree house and on top of that we were going to stay for the next 4 days!! After doing some bending and stretching, I was going to call the guide, but it felt a bit awkward that I still didn’t know his name. I therefore went to my mom to enquire his name; it was Prabhu. I asked Mr Prabhu what type of animals we are going to meet? He simply responded, wait and watch. I was a bit unhappy, yet satisfied as I had no other option either. After helping Mr. Prabhu in shifting the few attachés we had to the tree house, I decided to have a look at the waterfall nearby; climbed down the hanging wooden stairs and ran off to the waterfall. While I was on my way, I heard unusual some sound. But I didn’t let it bother me. I thought I was in a jungle and there could be many things which could make that kind of sounds. After jumping over the big roots of trees, removing spider’s cobwebs from the face and trying to look through the dense leaves, I could clearly figure out the soothing sound of water. A few minutes later, I was standing over a white rock and watching the beautiful white water, ready to go bungee jumping from the 300m high cliff. I was scared to look down, but I had walked so far. I lied down on the same rock and crawled to reach the end of it. The water was all over the place and it was slippery too. Suddenly, I heard a sound calling me from behind. The person was shouting and saying something.” I interrupted and said ‘Hold On’. He said, “How did you know”. I said I guessed and laughed, but that wasn’t the truth.

After his half the story completed, I said, “Ichi, we have been sitting by this river side for the past 2 hours, but now I need to go home. I really want to listen to the next part, but you know my mother’s anger. It was getting dark by every minute. He didn’t object. Even he was tired after that party and said that he would continue it later. He stood up and started walking towards his home, wishing me a good summer vacation. Even I uttered the formal nothings that are customary when people part. I still kept sitting there. I had to go home, but that was not what I wanted. I lied down on the grass and enjoyed the cool breeze for a while, but I realized it was better to go home. As I was standing up and dusting off my trousers I saw a familiar face. It was Gamakichi.



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