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Deanomax Lyrics Killin Me

Updated on April 13, 2012

Killin' Me

your lies and deceit

have knocked me off my feet

the pain in my heart gives you pleasure

the promise you made

like the vision must fade

professing your love without measure

and how can it be

that your saying to me

the life that we had is now over

that same little girl

in her own little world

nothings the same

i don't know her


your killin' me    your killin' me

your killin' me    your killin' me

i don't understand

you know who the hell i am

always the one who would show it

so just say goodbye

no need to wonder why

all will be lost and you know it

repeat chorus lead break chorus 3

Driver 1985 Mark Bighley,Brian Bruessel,Tony Geels and Kerry Dean "Jay" Clugston Dedicated to Sam Duran and Mike Stepp

driver's first gig

Driver ink: notes are actual song...take a guess


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    • profile image

      deanomax 8 years ago

      hey brian! contact me been trying to find you ask mark he has my #

    • profile image

      BB 8 years ago

      Hey JC, I,ve got a poster from Hangover Oupost (rattlesnake) - I need to find it, scan it and send it your way