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Dear Deb--Saturday May eighth

Updated on September 24, 2010

When Washing Laundry really isn't Fun

I know it has been a week or so since I wrote a Dear Deb hub, but to be honest with you all the questions are not coming in as I thought they might, so, if you want to see more of the Dear Deb hubs, ask some questions, my email address is: and I encourage you not to be shy.  It's all in the name of entertainment, and getting the hard to come by answers to some possibly sensitive questions, or maybe just plain old questions you don't know who else to ask....

Dear Deb;

I do not have room nor do I own my own washing machine or dryer.   Therefore I am forced to go to a public laundry facility to wash clothes every other week or so..  Here is my question--what does a person do when children, as young as two, and as old as ten or eleven think this is the place to run, scream, hide under the tables and so forth.

The place is usually somewhat crowded, and is more used by younger families than by people my age, I am in my fifties.  Now don't misunderstand me, I love kids and have a few myself that made it to adulthood. and I don't think I am being one of those fussy old biddies that don't want to be bothered either.  It is just that I feel this isn't the place for this sort of play, and there have been times on more than one occasion when I have stepped on kids, run into them with my cart, or they have hit me with my cart, not being able to stop in time;

It is a rather noisy place as it is, therefore some of the noise they make is not as loud as it could be if we were in a store or something, but their mothers seem to be oblivious to their behaviour, and seem more interested in talking with friends or others doing their laundry, or some seem to be just in a cloud somewhere, just not paying attention.

What would the proper thing to do in this situation.  This is the only laundry close to my home, and I really don't want to travel across town to another, where there is probably the same thing going on anyway.  How might I go about stopping this mass confusion ?

sincerely;  dirty laundry

Dear dirty,

I have witnessed this situation myself, and it can be very irritating to be trying to get something done when you have a half a dozen or so kids running havoc in a place of business.

I have a couple of possible suggestions, and I will give you all the possible answers and let you pick the solution that is best for you...

One thing  you could do is to contact the owner of the place and let them deal with it.  It cannot be something they want going on, for someone could bet hurt, besides it being not that great for business.  They ,might get some part time help to stay during peak hours, or simply post a sign.  Although if the mom's don't see their running and screaming kids tearing around, will they notice a sign?

Secondly, and a more direct approach might be to tell the children themselves, that this is not a good place to play tag, or maybe something like Whoa, Hey, Slow it down, I almost stepped on you....and if you say it loud enough maybe mom will hear.

Third possibility, just go tell mom yourself that her kids are out of control and you are having trouble doing laundry with them on your table with your clothes. or,

Just go across town and do it.  None of these answers are really good ones, and I am at a loss to give you a better one.  Sometimes the answer just isn't an easy one, but pick one and good luck, maybe you can find some combination here that will work.


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  • Paradise7 profile image


    8 years ago from Upstate New York

    Good advice, the best possible.

  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    8 years ago from Oxnard

    That could work, but I somehow got the impression that dirty wasn't too comfortable with speaking to the moms, or perhaps the problems would have solved themselves before this. Communication goes a long way to solving problems, if only we can get there. but I agree, the kids need somewhere to romp besides the laundry.

  • JY3502 profile image

    John Young 

    8 years ago from Florence, South Carolina



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