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Dear Depression... (a poem)

Updated on August 4, 2016
copyright @ Nicholas Wolf
copyright @ Nicholas Wolf

That dark cloud, that horrible depressed mood

That down feeling, that hopeless mind-altering state

Whatever the hell you wanna be called

I know you now, I understand your tormenting ways

Your a cycle that provokes fear

But guess what?

I'm not running away from you anymore

I'm stronger than your lies

Your scheme doesn't trick me anymore

Confuses me, yes

But it won't cause me to hide

I will rise and fight

I will endure and persevere

I may not win, but I sure as hell won't lose

I figured you out now

Next time you decide to hit me with an unexpected strike, I will be ready

You see, I'm just anticipating your next move

I'm waiting

When you return, I will throw you back to your depressing sea or wherever you came from

And guess what?

I'm no longer filled with hopeless, dreadful fear for your next arrival

Does that mean I won?

I don't know

But it does mean that I'm not backing down from you any longer

My determination to conquer you, my confidence that has began to build within, my hope of better happy days

Will take you to battle

I will fight

I will endure

I will persevere

Will you?

Maybe you'll get a taste of your own depressing, fear-inducing, traumatizing-like medicine

Until next time, depression...

Nick Wolf 8/3/2016


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