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Dear Edna

Updated on March 10, 2012

Pastor Dennis's Mom and my friend

Edna, Me and Patty at a ladies luncheon
Edna, Me and Patty at a ladies luncheon | Source

A very special lady

Dear Edna

What a wonderful woman I see. I think, God put you in my life to lead and watch over me. I love to hear from you when you call me on the phone. To see how I am doing and making it on my own. You check to see how I am feeling, Cause you missed seeing me at church. You call to let me know you are praying. And see if all is well, you ask me in your search

I have watched and heard you with your son. Give encouragement and love. Especially after a sermon he has preached. You just know God gave him from above. I’ve seen how you love and help your husband, When he can’t help himself, you ignore your own pain. And put it on a shelf, just to be the wife you want to be. To please your God, husband and family

Many women have said to me how thoughtful you are. You let them know you were thinking of them and offer up a prayer. The most unselfish lady I’ve ever met. Showing others, and me that God has never failed you yet. I am so glad you are my friend you are so dear to me. You tell me that you love me and make me feel, like a part of your family.

I liken you to the virtuous woman, I find in Proverbs 31 my love and admiration you have won. I feel you show a good example of what we all can be. Giving of your time and love to others and your family. You are a picture of the kind of woman I long to be. So happy in your Saviors love. Telling of His salvation, and how He set you free

February 10, 2012

By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

Edna Pastor Dennis's Mom
Edna Pastor Dennis's Mom | Source

The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows


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