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Dear God: A Supplication to the Universal Force

Updated on August 4, 2012

This is the prayer I made at the time when I didn't understand why some people I didn't even know and who don't really know my real me, hacked all my accounts in the net and in any site I visited and signed up.

I had written my prayer or supplications to my God in a narrative poetic form, sort of a psalm Here it is;

Dear God,

Heavenly Father, where are you? I feel so lost but I remember your promise to me being your precious child in this Universe that you created and love.

In my meditations, I clearly "hear" your voice saying;

"Ask of me and I will give you whatever your heart desires."

In you Oh Lord do I put my wholehearted trust;

Uphold me in your Loving-Kindness;

Pamper me in your Infallible Righteousness; and catapult me to a safe ground.

Incline your ears to my woes and let me experience your Divine Guidance.

You are my Strength, my Pillar and my Stronghold;

My Rock, my Fortress and my Refuge whose powerful words command the whole Universe to protect me from harm.

Save me Oh God from the claws of the wicked;

Snatch me from the hands of blood thirsty men whose days are spent on self-destruction and causing misery to others in the process.

You are my All-knowing Almighty Father who upholds me even when I was in my mother's womb;

You brought me out to this life to channel your Divine Love to those around me;

You are my Hope and Assurance in my youth;

You are always here within me and with me in every twist and turn in my life's path ways;

I honor and glorify you in my mind, in my heart, in my soul and in my whole life through;

You are my Foundation;

All praises to you Heavenly Father for as long as I live.

I am my earthly father's delight and my mother's angel;

I am a wonder to many who know me personally;

All these are only true because you are my Father in Heaven who empower me;

Because You are a Living Fountain in my heart;

You actually live the life that I am living now;

My wisdom are yours;

My words are Yours in my mouth;

My love for my love ones and humanity as a whole is Your love for them that you allow me to live upon;

In my whole life, all praises are for you my Father in Heaven;

You stand by me and protect me when my faith in life and men fails me.

Where I am weak, You are my Strength.

My enemies may speak evil against me; they prowl and betray me; they lie to me with their devilish schemes and they counsel among themselves against me saying; "Her God has forsaken her; let's pursue and shame her for there is none to save her."

But vengeance is Yours my Father;

You know who they are and where You find them;

Let them be confounded and consumed;

Oh my God! make haste to avenge me!

Let those who seek to hurt me, be filled with reproach and dishonor.

But for me, I will praise You and honor You more and more continuously throughout my life;

My heart rejoices with the melody of your angels voices that ring deep in my soul;

My mouth shall only speak and tell of your Great Faithfulness and Your pure Righteousness all the days of my life;

I always live my life in the Strength and Power of my Almighty Father;

The Strength and Righteousness of the Lord endures forever;

His Righteousness protects me against the evildoers.

Oh God! You had taught me Righteousness even in my youth;

To this day and to all the coming days that You had made for me, I declare Your wondrous works in my life.

In my old days you fill me with your wisdom and power beyond fallible human understanding;

They can only surmise on Your Godhead and Righteousness, but are they there yet?

Their ignorance, disbelief and dishonor to your Power bring themselves suffering as a consequence.

Your Righteousness O God is very high;

You perform miracles in my life;

Had shown me great wonders;

You lift me up to the highest pedestal in my life's station;

You bring me peace when I should have been in the den of the devil;

You snatched me out from the brink of death and hell;

You continuously and untiringly increase my greatness and comfort me in every twist and turn of my way;

With the music in my heart and with the melodious pulse beats of my blood, I praise your Faithfulness to me Oh my Heavenly Father.

My God! You are my miracle. The unfathomable Love of my life.

You lift me up above the ordinary;

My tongue speaks only your Truth and your Righteousness all the days of my life.

I praise You Oh God for avenging me from the lying tongues and the evildoers;

They are now confounded and they cause themselves disgrace; dishonor;

Humiliation is their destiny.

Oh God! Who is like You in my life?


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you so much SparrowMinistries for dropping by. I am glad that you read and appreciate this hub.

      God Bless.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you so much SparrowMinistries for dropping by. I am glad that you read and appreciate this hub.

      God Bless.

    • profile image

      SparrowMinistries 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your heart. I hope many are blessed in reading this as I was! Up and beautiful.