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Dear Is In The Mirror

Updated on September 4, 2015

Rock me, as great white fly's in front of my eyes, shattering wide receiver,

Game, detained, false start across the line, kindle's reader,


Believe her...

Bali leave her...

Into the desert, where know waters pure,


K, no now, I'm concerned,

Feeding more than just my mind, string bow & arrow, lives are on the line... Yours & mine, hungry for what we might find, dimes rhyme, paychecks earned,

But what have I really learned...

Only how to get burned,

Out, playing with fire counting the days to retire, tired, feet planted in ferns,

Pine box's locked... Head stoned rocks, fork turns...

Left right???

Right... Left... Brain burns,

Gravel crackles & pops squealing to a dusty stop, stomach churns,

Why does my soul yearn to bee free, trapped inside out of me, bow too stern...

Find the herbs & curb the code nerd,


Paint music with words...

Now it's yours...

Time to shine... Find, courage


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