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Dear me and you

Updated on April 29, 2017
Deepali Sharma profile image

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.

Dear me and you......
What happened was not your fault.
I know that sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror and not see the daggers stuck in your skin
But look closely
And try to read your name carved as strength
And hope onto those blades.
Do not pull them out,
just let them stay and melt into your blood,
Let your past sit upon your cells as a souvenir of your war.

Your innocence was trapped in his hands.
He consumed all the skin on your body
But you ressurected from your shredded parts.
You learned to call yourself beautiful after shouting all the ugly words to yourself.
The wounds are hard to heal
This process is slow
But the healing has now begun.
Starting from the void in your mouth
It's going down to your toes
Cleaning all of his dirt
And forming a new shelter for your soul........a warm......a magical place for your heart to dwell and beat freely
Free of his filth
Free of the pain
Free of the wreck.
Feel it pounding up and down
Every movement is a new song
A new day
A new sound which tells you
you and me....we both have won.

And now,
The war is over
Youu're ready to go home.
So undress that rage
Take a deep breath
Wear the peace and carry on.......carry on


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