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Death Brings Me Back To The Morning

Updated on June 1, 2017

I wake up in a fright as suddenly my cellphone rings. I go to grab it, but knock it on the tiled floor of my room. "Damn" I say as I miss the call. I get up from my bed and pick up my cellphone and see it now has a huge crack down the middle, but at least it still works. I check the call and see that it was my girlfriend, Emma, I ring her and explain that I dropped my phone, she said that was fine and that she wanted to meet up at our normal place, the park in our such small town, Kingsly. I agree to meet her there.

I head out to the park, which isn't worth driving to, and I meet Emma there. We start chatting about how long it's been since we last saw each other, then we walk over to the bakery next door which Emma's parents own. when we arrive we go in and see Miriam, Emma's Mum, at the front serving two customers, we wait and then Emma's Dad, Walter sees us, and comes out to see us, "What would you two like today?" He asks, as I was about to answer, three Men slam open the door, run to the front, pushing past me and Emma and shutting "give us all the cash". I say in a whisper to Emma I'm going to sneak out and phone the police, as I start to walk towards the door I hear a voice saying "stay or be shot", I thought after that nothing would happen but when I moved again I heard a bang, and screams and I saw black, almost like I was sleeping, then I woke in my bed no pain but remembering it all.

I look to my side and my phone is sitting there. I pick it up, no huge crack through it, then it rings, I pick it up and it is Emma, she instantly says "do you want to meet up at our usual place", I get so confused I simply say "déjà Fu", which confuses Emma, "What's wrong?" She asks, and I answer, "was I shot?" She replies with, "what a weird question" and "are you okay", I reply "I don't think so". So she ask if I want to meet at our usual place and talk about it, and I say yes.

At Kingsly park, I go looking for Emma, but cannot find her, then I get a phone call from her Mum saying she had gone to get us something to eat at the store and been held up by robbers, and at that moment one of the robbers must notice her on the phone, because there is a bang and a scream. I rush over to the bakery quickly and notice Emma holding the body of her Mum on the ground. In tears I rush in and suddenly realise that maybe when I die, I go back to the beginning of the day, so I take the chance and say "stupid robber, I know who you are and where you live, I'm gonna report you to the police". And with that, one of the robbers realises, he has already murdered so, he pulls out his gun and just as he shoots I say to Emma, "I know what I'm doing"

I wake up and set up a plan to stop the robbers. While I'm in the middle of the plan my cellphone rings as I was expecting, I answer with "hi babe", and this time I ask her if she wants to meet at the usual place. in amazement she says, "That's what I was going to ask you", I reply with, "no time for chit chat", "your parents and there bakery is in trouble from robbers". At first I hear silence, Emma says "how do you know this", I say "lets meet attempt the park and I will proof to you, the robbers".

At the park I explain to Emma what had happened when I got hit by the last two bullets. And when she still didn't believe me I said "just wait and see". the next thing I said while watching the store was, "ring your Mum and tell her to stay off her phone, no matter what", "why?" She says and I say back "quickly, get it done". Then after that's done I ring the police just as the robbers are entering the building, "111, what is your emergency", "There are robbers in a bakery, down Jasmine Street, send police" then I hang up knowing that police will come, a few minutes later a police car with sirens arrives, and a police officer gets out, I quickly catch up to her before she walks into the bakery, "you may want some sort of weapon, as they are armed with guns" I say, she runs back to the car and grabs a taser and a gun from the boot, "I want you two to leave the area" she says loudly, "but my parents are in there" replies Emma but the police officer ignores her and goes inside.

"You really did die and travel back" says Emma. I reply, "It seems whenever I die, I restart that day", "It's better than death", says Emma, I disagree and say "I need to find a way around it so I can die, not now but eventually, I hate this power". And when I say that I realise the police officer is listening, "It's okay, first things first, your parents are fine" she says looking at Emma, "The men are in custody" she continues saying to Emma and then looks over to me "and the last thing I wanted to say is I know of this power and the cure is deep within our capital city, a golden bullet to the heart", "that bullet won't kill me know will it?" I ask "no, I put my word on it, as long as a good friend shoots the bullet at you", I look at Emma and say "Does a girlfriend count" she replies "Hope so, or your in trouble", she continues on, "meet me, my name is Selma Martin, at the police station tomorrow and I will give you the map to the silver bullets location".

The next day, I ring Emma and say "are you ready to get going to the station, then to Wellington". She replies saying that she is ready to go and so we head off to the police station and ask for Selma the police officer, when we do the officer in at the desk gives me a weird look and says, "there is no. Selma that works here" and so I say "a Selma Martin" and he gets annoyed and says "as I said there is no Selma that works in this station". Then I go over to Emma and she says "what's wrong?" I tell her the problem of there being a false name, Selma Martin, and at that moment the lady from yesterday still in her police uniform comes out of the office and says to the front desk man "I'll take care of them", and he replies "okay Ellie". I get confused and am about to say, "I thought your name was", when she stops me and says "I will explain outside".

Outside she says "I didn't mean to give you that name" she continues on "something happened but that's a story for another time". "Anyway" she says "hears the map to the gun with the golden bullet and all you have to do is get a good friend, hopefully she will do and shoot you right in the heart with it" and you will wake up the previous day for the last time, we agree and we head off to the capital city of Wellington.

We make it to the airport, then we wait for our plane to Wellington, then we hear a voice say, "flight 685 to Wellington has been delayed till 6:45 in the morning, please make comfort in our lounge till then". "Till then" I almost scream, "that's 6 hours away", Emma replies with, "we might as well get some sleep". I agree, and we sleep till we hear the announcement, "flight 685 now boarding to Wellington". Once we are on board and taken off, I get some more sleep until I'm woken by Emma screaming "we're crashing" I lean over her and look outfit the window and it's true, then I look over to everyone on board, screams and babies crying until the plane hits the ground and it goes dark.

I wake up with a wail, waking Emma, "where am I?" I ask, "In the airport" she replies. I say back, "I died and am now back here", she replies back, how long have you got, "the plane crashes, so until we board at 6:45 in an hour", Emma says "let's go and stop them from using that plane", we go to the front desk, "can we please speak to the pilots of flight 685", the nice lady on the desk umms and ares until she finally gives in. Okay, she gets on the speaker and says loudly "can flight 685 pilots please report to front desk". A few minutes later two guys appear. "Yes" one says, "these two would like to speak to you to", one replies with, "make it quick we have to fly out in about an hour", then I say "that's what it's about". "We believe it's not safe to fly that plane today", I continue "something will go wrong" says Emma, one of the pilots says, "and what would that be, I reply, "a crash". One pilot is interested, the other is not one bit. "Please stop wasting our time" says the pilot who's not interested. As he's about to leave. The other guy says "wait, how do you know this", I lie and say "I have these dreams that always come to life". "Okay what if we do this" the pilot says "we change to another plane" then he leans over to the flight attendant and says "is 886 free?" She replies with a yes and he looks at me and smiles and then walks off. The lady announces. "Flight change due to a technical error with a plane, flight 685 is changed to flight 886".

After awhile we get on flight 886 and make it safely to Wellington this time, once there we find a motel and get a good nights sleep.

The next morning, there is a knock on the door, Emma beats me to it, when she gets there, the person at the door, knocks her out and calls for his mates, "let's find this map to the gun, with the golden bullet", I quickly grab the map from my bag and hide before they see me. Then I think to myself the only way to get out of this is to die and restart the day, so I confront the guys and first say, "what do you want the bullet for?", I get a reply of "none of your business, but you are going to be stopped, so I might as well tell you" to get it away from you", then he says the most scariest thing ever, "I know your secret, you cannot die". I reply with, "but if I shoot myself then I lose my power". He replies, "I'm a scientist, who needs you like this, so it's time" then he looks at his men and "says get him, don't kill him". With that I get knocked out and it's dark.

I wake, tied in a room,I can see a window so I look out it, it's morning, we must of been knocked out for a good while,Emma is also tied up beside me. I look over to Emma and say, what happened, and before she can answer a man walks in and answers for her, "you were knocked out, and I stole this from you", I look and see he has the map to the bullet and gun, then he says, "we are off to get the gun, then we are going to do some research on you", they leave leaving us tied up.

When they are gone I say to Emma, "do you know how to break a rope?", she replies with, "I have actually been working on breaking it for the last hour", and with that her rope snaps. And I say, "how did you.." And she holds up a mini knife, I ask "where did you get that from", and she replies "I always carry one, I was lucky those men didn't check me over". Emma unites me and we head for the exit silently, "stop" I say, "there's a guard". "What do we do" says Emma, "I have an idea" I say, we knock him out with something, Emma replies with "he does deserve it after knocking us out", so I go over and find a pot and sneak up on him, but he sees me. He gets his gun out to fast and shoots, it goes black once again.

I wake back tied in the room, the man comes in and says all his stuff about the map and research, then leaves, then I tell Emma what happened, after that she breaks the rope and unites me and we sneak up either side of the guard this time and I hit him over the head knocking him out instantly, we run out the door and I into the main streets of Wellington.

"We need to get back to the motel" I say "and get our cellphones to ring the police woman with two names", "okay" says Emma.

Once at the motel we grab our cellphones and I ring the police woman with two names, "hi, the map has been stolen, we need directions to the bullet and gun now", she replies with the directions which I say to Emma and she writes down on a piece of paper, I say "thanks" and hang up. "Let's go" I say and so we head off to an old building on South St, and enter, inside are the bad guys looking around, we sneak up the stairs and find the old guy, which is the next part of the hunt, I ask in the first room and the lady says he lives in the room at the end, I say to the lady "if some men come up, send them the wrong way", she says "okay", and we head to the old mans place, we are about to knock on the door when we hear footsteps coming up the stairs, so we quickly open the door and rush in slamming it behind us.

"Hey, get out" says a voice from behind a couch, I say "we are hear for a golden bullet and a gun, but there are also some bad people after it", he says "why are you after it" I reply "I can't die, I keep coming back, I want to undo this power, so I one day die" he says "the only way it will work is if a good friend or the one and only for you shoots you" he continues "meaning if the wrong person shoots you, your dead now", I reply "Emma here is the one, my only one, she would never cheat and we are going to be tighter forever", the old man says "okay, if your sure", then he goes and gets a box and opens it with a key that was around his neck, "here" he says to Emma, "shoot your man, but while your doing it think of the future you have together" he says one last thing "the shot has to be to the heart"

With that a bang goes of and I see all the deaths again that had happened, till this one, but as they neared this death it's like my life slowed down and I felt weird and then I fall to the ground. Emma drops the gun and runs over to me and says "babe are you still with us", then she grabs the gun and points it at the old man, "what happened?" He replies not one bit scared, first of "there is no more bullets in that gun, second, your heart is not good to your boyfriend, Emma says regretfully, "I have said to other guys, I'm still single, while I am with you" with my last breath I say "why?" Without noticing I'm gone she says, "I needed some more fun in my life" then she looks over and notices I'm gone. Emma throws the gun towards the old man, missing him, and then she starts crying. a couple minutes later there is a knock at the door, the old man gets up from his seat and goes over and says "yes", a man at the door says "we are just here for your gun and golden bullet". The old man replies, it's been used, and with that the door gets knocked open. And the men notice me on the the floor and Emma crying and so they just give up.

A week later, the funeral is being held at my favourite church, my parents are there, Emma and her parents, a bunch of others and even the old man arrived to give his sorrows. When Emma gets up to talk she says "all that is known about my lovely boyfriends health is that it was something sudden, but it is unknown what exactly it was that killed him" she finishes with "Rest in Piece and I'm sorry for any lies".

Later on the casket gets buried as requested by Emma and everyone else goes in for snacks and tea and coffee except Emma who says she wants to be alone with me, she starts by saying "I'm sorry for lying to you" she puts some flowers on and walks off with everyone else.

© 2017 James Alan Dudley Orchard


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