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Death May Be The End

Updated on September 23, 2016
Henry Bemis profile image

Writer who practices poetry behind the scenes. Usually contributing articles or short stories and some poems. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Death May Be The End - A Poem

Reeds whip each other head to head.

All our hopes and still dead we will be.

Why not have at it while we got?

Death may be the end but life is not.

Dolphins can speak English better than some.

We like to walk barefoot along the edge, our own drum.

Why not risk it all for laughs?

Death may be the negative but life’s the photograph.

Sloths grab their limbs instead of the tree’s.

I strum guitar while you strut and sashay.

Why not waste the day in arms?

Death may be the tail-end but life is the charm.

Stars explode and planets grow.

Here we are in life’s final throes.

Wasn’t it fun all the time to waste?

Death may not be the end,

But Life was better having seen your face.

© 2016 Adam Stier


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    • profile image

      PsychoticLuna 13 months ago

      Some people don't realize that while they're worried about dying. Their not living. Beautiful way to put it.