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Dr Rhymes

Updated on October 6, 2017

Death Race


Crime rates mount up. The economy's falling.
The perfect reason for a prison fulling.
One is Terminal Island Penitentiary.
The warden was Claire Hennesey.
This prison has so many inmates.
That the warden was forced to make.
A decision to keep them all busy.
While becoming extremely wealthy.
So she created a gladiator game.
She broadcast it and made a ton of money.
The game was called Death Race.
It was a race but stayed in one place.
A three-day race on a closed in track.
Littered with pressure plates that activate.
The weapons of cars as they race.
Towards the end of one of the races.
A masked driver is nearing to finish.
They call him Frankenstein.
His rival Joe attempts to deny.
Machine Gun Joe surprises him.
Frankensteins equipment starts failing him.
As his Navigator case warns him.
She warns him to give it up.
But Frankenstein is not going to let up.
He refuses to let Joe finish first.
Case bails out because she knows the worse.
The worse awaits if he pursues it.
Frankenstein pursues and Joe destroys it.
An ex-con named Jensen Ames.
Is struggling to support his family.
The factory he is working at closes.
Angering him and his fellow workers.
He calms down and goes home.
Finds comfort, while sitting, on his throne.
But it doesn't last long. A masked affiliate.
Attacks his throne and knocks him unconscious.
Jensen awakes with a bloodied knife.
The masked affiliate has killed his wife.
He was framed. He was sentenced to life.
Jensen went to serve time and he was to the right.
He spends time in, Terminal Island.
Offered a job by the warden.
She wants him to impersonate Frankenstein.
While Joe destroyed his car, he died.
She guarantees his freedom if he wins.
Jensen accepts but finds her real intentions.
She wants to profit from Death Race again.
She hasn't since Frankensteins disappearance.
She saw Jensen and recognized his work.
Then immediately saw, what Jensen was worth.
On the first day. Jenson finds out.
What his jail time is really about.
The warden knew he was a Nascar Driver.
She wanted him to come in and be a rider.
On Day 2, he meets Dreadnought the tanker.
He comes in and thins out the racers.
Jensen works with another competitor.
On a mission, to take out the tanker.
They do so and warden Hennessey.
Was in total shock and very angry.
Hennessy then approaches Jensen.
To ask him to consider staying.
She lost Frankenstein & She lost the tanker.
She wanted that audience to so he can stay richer.
Jensen refuses and Hennessey.
Had no intentions of releasing.
She tried everything but nothing worked.
Jensen was released from the curse.

Jason Statham
Joan Allen
Claire Hennessey
Natalie Martinez

Death Race 2


Gateway driver Carl Lucas
Robbed a bank and was arrested.
He did it because he was ordered to.
Ordered by Marcus Kane, a crime guru.
Behind Cane, Lucas was put in prison.
Forcing him to learn the how to be a convict.
He adapted & joins a competition.
One that ends in death or submission.
The participants have access to weapons.
Any defense item they can use to win it.
It's called DEATHMATCH. It used to be death race.
The same prison from the 1st and, and the same fate.
Using a fight of death for profit.
But Luke doesn't seem to be buying it.
Meanwhile, His old boss Markus Kane.
Is a little concerned that Lucas will give?
The Info on his crimes. So he gives dibs.
Dibs to inmates to kill him dead.
The inmates try. There was a point it seemed they succeeded.
But Luke doesn't die. He comes back and he kills Markus.

Luke Cross
Carl Lucas
Ving Rhames
R.H Weyland
Sean Bean
Markus Kane

Death Race 3

New Deal

Death Race has been sold.
Weyland sells York, to take control.
York's first move was to relocate the race.
The deserts of South Africa was the chosen place.
Before Leaving, Carl Lucas.
Has surgery to heal the infected.
The infected scars that he sustained.
From his gruesome crash his last game.
Lucas was one win away from being free.
But the billionaire york wanted him to be.
Right there in the prison, to keep the money coming.
Without Lucas, he knew the series is falling.
So he threatens Lucas before it all.
& right before the race, comes a huge brawl.
Despite the brawl, the race went on.
It was 11 racers but three were gone.
Lucas loses. More drivers replace.
The drivers that were killed in the 1st race.
The 2nd begins. Lucas wins
While he is reminded not to again.
But Lucas had his own intentions.
He wanted freedom and was going to get it.
He pulls ahead but he does not win.
but even in him losing the truth begins.
Begins, to come out as york survives.
but he is imprisoned for his many crimes.
Lucas losing harmed him but he did not know.
It kept Weyland in control and he was granted to go

Luke Cross
Carl Lucas
Ving Rhames
R,H Weyland
Dougray Scott

Death Race 2050


It's a fact that the death race provides entertainment.
It is also a fact that it controls the population.
Spanning from old york to Los Angelos.
Featuring some well-known faces.
Frankenstein and his friends are set to begin.
Assigned Proxy's, to make the viewers experience.
Experience the race through virtual reality.
but Frankenstein ignores his Proxy Annie.
Meanwhile, they drive down the east coast.
Through the traps set in place to make them choke.
They pass them but experience malfunctions.
Proxies are killed. Leading some to abandon.
Abandon the race to discover it's purpose.
but those that remained, gave fans what they wanted.
Meanwhile, Frankenstein was recognized.
As the only racer to be around a long time.
The Chairman says he has become a liability.
All because of his longevity.
As they pass, through the heartland of the country.
Frankenstein takes a shortcut to victory.
But he ends up stuck in a cornfield.
While stuck, things get real.
He fights off a group of ninjas.
Pursuing to again be the winner.
While getting closer, he rejoins Annie.
Who admits what she did and is now recruiting.
On the last day, the government sets.
Approved routes to avoid attacks.
As a result, Frankenstein wins again.
In the process, he kills the chairman.

Manu Bennet
Marci Miller
Malcom McDowell
The Chairman

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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