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Death by Coffee!

Updated on November 28, 2015

Alex Erickson's Death by Coffee

This book was hilarious as well as corny, but a good read! If you love lifetime movies, then you'll love this book. It started off slow at first, but as I continued to turn the pages it just got more interesting. It's about two females that moved from the big city to a small town where they opened up a coffee shop hence the name "Death by Coffee". On their first day, an egotistical guy somehow winds up dead minutes after leaving their shop and purchasing a beverage. Come to find out he died from ingesting peanuts- something that he is allergic to and his epi-pen that he faithfully carries with him is nowhere to be found. Many persons in this creepy town had motive, seeing as how no one really liked this guy not even his loving wife, Heidi. One of the lead characters, Kristina "Krissy" Hancock, takes it upon herself to start her own investigation. Krissy can't help but to immerse herself into this mysterious death and it does not help that her dad is a famous mystery writer. While everyone believes it was an accident, Krissy seems to think otherwise and begins snooping around town trying to find out relevant information.Upon her investigation of the recently deceased, she discovers that Brendon, the victim, had cheated on his wife multiple times. She has also discovered that his brother is not too fond of him either. It also came as shock to me when I discovered the wife had also stepped out on her marriage. Due to Brendon leaving their shop moments before his death, both Krissy and her co-worker, Vicki, are questioned by Officer Paul Dalton. Throughout the book Paul and Krissy grow close and she often tells him her theories on what happened. One night, Krissy somehow persuades Officer Dalton into taking her to the scene of the crime, which is illegal I might add. At first he was hesitant, but ends up agreeing. While at the scene of the crime, they are caught red handed by a fellow officer who takes them down to the station. They are given a fair warning and are let go by the Chief of police who just happens to be Officer Dalton's mother. Krissy feels not only embarrassed but guilt for getting Officer Dalton into this problem. He assures her that it was okay and that things happen. With that being said, he also assures her that it will never happen again. Although Krissy was warned to leave the recently widowed wife alone, she can't seem to shake off the feeling that the wife knew more than she was letting on. This led to Krissy finding the wife's address and showing up unannounced to her home. The wife's mother automatically refuses to let Krissy in which leads Krissy to maneuver her way past the intimidating mother. The mother calls the police while Krissy pleads for the wife, Heidi, to confess the name of the person she had an affair with. Heidi, still crying, refused. Krissy is then led off by the same officer who caught her at the scene of the crime. He was sure that she would not get off easy this time around. The chief of police then lectures Krissy about all the things that was done wrong and sternly warns her to stay away from the family or else she would face serious consequences. This scared her straight, but even then she couldn't let go of her need to know exactly what happened. She was glad to know that Officer Dalton tested the dust that they found in the vent of Brendon's office. They discovered that it was peanut dust and figured that someone intentionally put it there with hopes that Brendon would eventually inhale it. Krissy did eventually find out who the person was that Heidi had an affair with and was able to piece everything together. It was a shock to me when I discovered who the newly widowed wife had a steamy affair with and you would never guess with who! Did you guess? Well, it was with one of her husbands mistresses. Soon after the affair, the wife broke it off because both she and Brendon decided to give it another go. This came as a shock to her mother because she despised Brendon for everything that he put her daughter through. Being that Brendan was described to be a typical a--hole, it was hard to pinpoint who the killer was. But as the book drew to an end the killer was quite obvious. Come to find out the killer was the same mistress that both Heidi and Brendon slept with. When Krissy pieced this information together, she went to confront the mistress which led to the mistress pulling a gun on her. The mistress then confessed that she knew that Brendon was allergic to peanuts but did not know to what extent. She claims that she did not mean to kill Brendon but just wanted to scare him off because he ruined her life and took Heidi away from her. Officer Dalton eventually comes to the rescue and saves Krissy right in time. Who would've thought that the motive was pure jealousy.


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      Lola 2 years ago

      Sounds like a good read