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Deathly Stalker

Updated on December 8, 2013

A Note To Death

I turned around and there you were crouching behind me.

As I turned fully to face you, you rose up and I was amazed

How tall and thin you were.

Your eyes hollow, skin pasty and yellow.

For years I had felt your presence

Daily tauntings and reminders of your cloying predatory stalking.

To have you gone from this life was out of the question

In most ways you were not a part of it, mine or any others.

I knew one day you would take me for your own, to where you had taken others

Whether knowingly, willingly or suddenly.

I had only recently acknowledged your existence

Realised you had been there behind me since life began.

I am not afraid of you or what comes after.

You may creep behind me patiently waiting to pounce

But when it is my turn, my body will be the only thing you take.

Why I Wrote This

The idea of death is different for each of us, some ignore it believing it will never happen to them, some of us are aware of its existence and hope that it will not catch us until we have lived a full life span. And most of us hope it will just visit one night while we sleep, silently and painlessly drawing our last breath from us. Some even welcome death in place of unbearable pain and suffering.But whatever we think of death it is always there and is as much a part of life as anything else. I do not fear it nor do i welcome it but I do acknowledge it. I wrote note to death years ago and found it in the bottom of the cupboard with other little things I had written and forgotten. I had written it soon after a near fatal car accident I had in 2001 and I think it was the first time that I had even thought about death ever happening to me. I became aware that it can happen to anyone at any time and because of its presence I live my life differently now. I suppose it is quite a dark and morbid note, however I do believe that death will only be the end of my bodily form :)


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    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 6 years ago from Australia

      Well thank you so much. I must say this means a lot to me as I think your poems are amazing. My outlook has changed a lot for the better, I am finally comfortable with myself and whatever the future holds. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      You're profile drew me to your poems... Looks like we have some major similarities in how we think. I love this poem. I'm intrigued to read more, I like your outlook on life & death. Look forward to exploring more!