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Deaths Mistake

Updated on January 21, 2017


Everyone tells me I have to believe life goes on...that I can be happy and loved again. But how? I lost the one thing that gave me love, life and happiness. I feel like a shell a wondering ghost amongst the people of my life. How do I survive such an ordeal? I can't it's not that simple. Death...I can feel his cold presence beside me knowing he made his mistake. I vowed that I would never stop looking for her and so he will never leave me. My name is Vincent Barnet I currently reside in New York City as a detective my job is to simply investigate cold cases as well as my wife's case.

Everyday her name called out to me in hunting black letters from her cold case file. I relived her death each day. What happened to you Liv? Why did it happen to you?

'Hey Barnet! snap out of it.' My chair was turned away from my partner. Luke was an eager detective ready to leap up and grab the next case by the horns. But I couldn't let him leap at this one. This case was my own battle to fight on my own. I swiftly slid Livs file back into my brief case....soon honey I will figure this mess out.


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    • Jennifer Ceballos profile image

      Jennifer Ceballos 11 months ago

      I am trying my hand at writing again. I am scared so be gentle with me. Any suggestions...concerns please let me know here.