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Deep Cover

Updated on July 1, 2010

Deep Cover

It's kinda funny when you hear about the truth
you know you might not like it but its only real proof
about everything, not just the only thing
and I could walk into the night thinking of the dream
i'm just pathetic it's as simple as that
know one has to say it 'cause I'll hear it, its fact
an all the way home, I throw my headphones on
fly away from this world an my bass is on
music saves me from all who cannot fathom
some might say that clearly I just have um
life passes me by, watching all the cars drive on opposite sides
no help, just music is my tide, sitting on the beach waiting for the perfect lies
see, everyone does it, no one admits that it's real so fuck it
i'm so done with whatever they say, rock yo self slowly and think in your way
i'm not depressed so please don't assume I am, Just like to rock out with the mic as I shoot an land
level to the beats
clever an mystique
i'm warmin up for the future and what it seeks
fuck the world like 2pac once said
you could try to talk to me but I'm technically dead



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