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Sarah: Life Of Curiosity

Updated on December 30, 2016

Sarah: On A Journey

One day, a 17 year old girl began to travel along side a beautiful long river known as the Annukai River. The river was known to be a place of healing and a place of thought! The seventeen year old girl's name was Sarah and she could do nothing more but wonder. Sometimes her mother would say to her," Baby, you have the power of no other... a power of wisdom and thought and in time you would understand." Sarah never knew what her mother's words meant but she knew that it answered so many questions! So one day after school Sarah went to the Annukai River and decided to lay next to the flow of water that rushed through the blazing hot desert and somehow as time went by, Sarah felt as if she knew something more about herself. When she arrived home she told her mother of her experience but quickly fell silent when she saw that her mother had arranged an important meeting for her becoming a doctor. Sarah quickly said, "Mom, I never wanted to be a doctor and I thought we talked about this..." Her mother didn't say a word because she knew there would be no hope to explain that everyone expects her to be a doctor. When no response came, Sarah stormed into her room and layed on her bed crying into her pillow. She just didn't want to be a doctor! Sarah knew that her mind was filled with curiosity and wondered and being a doctor will be filled with curiosity but Sarah felt that it was just boring. She wanted to be able to show people different points of view and expressing how she felt through elaborate stories but she never really knew how! When nightfall came she gathered some food and clothing and material to build a tent. She then climbed out of her bedroom window and slowly tiptoed into the icy-cold desert. Sarah thought she was going to freeze to death until she cuddled up in the warmest blanket her great grandmother Roberta made. She felt so warm and decided to head North towards the Annukai River. Sarah had felt as if that was her calm place and when she arrived she settled up camp for the rest of the night. In the morning, Sarah woke up sad and very disappointed in herself. She knew that running away in the middle of the night with wovles roaming around would drive her mom to a heart attack. Sarah quickly knew how foolish she was and gathered up everything she took and raced home before her mother woke up. Luckily, she got there in time and before her mom could open up her door she threw everything in the closet. Finally, her mom walked in and announced that breakfast was ready. Sarah gave a sligh grin and then hid under the covers. She was exhausted and just wanted to forget everything. When Sarah reached the table and sat down her father brought up the doctor internship arraignment and quickly Sarah rejected it. He looked at her and let out a sigh. "Why don't you want to be a doctor?" Sarah's father asked. Sarah only replied with a fainted growling noise. She was tired of everyone nagging her to do something she didn't want to do. After a minute went by, all types of questions and conversation came up about Sarah and being a doctor." I had enough....STOP asking me to become a doctor because I will NEVER become a doctor and IM SORRY!" Sarah exclaimed. She then threw her plate down and ran to her room. After that everyone was silent for the rest of breakfast. Sarah stayed in her room all day wondering how to convince her family that she wanted to do something that she loved and will be accepted for. As days went by Sarah would work harder in school and get more opportunities at wonderful jobs but the jobs never fitted her needs. As nightfall came, Sarah decided to travel to the Annukai River and now she was certain that this place was calm and wise. After a good thirty minutes of relaxing alongside the water and becoming calm, she was ready to go home and deal with her parents constant efforts to get her to become a doctor. But as soon as she turns around she notices a wolf pack surrounding her causing her to try and swim across the Annukai River.But they quickly pounced on her causing her to roll the opposite direction from the water. Yelling and screaming would only cause the wolves to become more aggressive and so Sarah would only fight. She rolled around and bit the other wolves but would she survive the wolves attack or would she become their dinner!?


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