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Deep Sea Wishing.

Updated on November 8, 2009

Deep Sea Wishing.



It was a Port Canaveral launch

from Terminal two,

to a much more horizontal destination,

out through the distant space,

found 18 miles offshore.

Six hours on a vessel defying

the gravity of the ocean.

Me and my best pal dylan,

sharing a "chum" bucket,

as we skewered sardines and squid,

on large barbed hooks.

An entire afternoon spent

deep sixing a tantalizing fish buffet

100 feet to the bottom,

with 40 others seeking

some nibbles of expectation,

and some bites of excitement.

Soon enough my line jerked, hard!

and a battle ensued

as I reeled in my bragging rights.

A 3 foot nurse shark...

flailing like a patient in pain.

We set it free of hook and man,

most likely to be caught again.

My best pal Dylan was only able

to catch a nap and some deep sea wishing,

but the voyage was spectacular,

as a small part of our summer dreams came true,

out of the blue with a large splash,

and some shark teeth strung



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