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Resented Heart Ache

Updated on October 29, 2011

A part of my heart died last night

with a knife in my back

with the lies that were spewed from your lips

while your kiss upon me means nothing to you

puking your masterpiece of romantic confusion with bits and pieces of your fatal heart in the vomit painting

you never really gave a shit about me

holding things against me

and knowing false information you have no clue about

you don't see what you put me through

every time i see you

i'm becoming more resentful, unappreciated

tired of biting my tongue, because i'm finding it harder to swallow this blood thats inside my mouth.

You're making it impossible as to talk this out, as i make eye contact with you

i thought i saw the man i once knew or was that my hopeful imagination getting the best of me

the remaining part of my heart is aching and is silver and blue

trying to move on from you

nothing seems to be working

my judgment of character isn't the best because you fooled me into thinking you had genuine feelings for me.

just tired of the pain. Sick of the exhaustion and tears rolling down my face.


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