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Deepsop's Fables

Updated on February 25, 2012

The cat and the spider

Thought I'd post one of my attempted fables. Please rate, comment on meaningfulness and originality.

The cat was sitting alongside his master near the fireplace. The master was busy with his reading while the cat was napping as usual. Suddenly the cat spotted a big spider on the wall and wanted to eat it. The cat observed it for a long time and tried to device a plan to catch and eat it. But it was too high up the wall and there was no way for the cat to reach it. The cat tried and failed. The cat was so upset, he blamed his master for his misery and also left his house saying "you're an unhelpful, lazy and selfish master, you could've easily killed the spider with your broomstick and gave it to me to eat but you did not even move a muscle". And then he left. The cat began living alone in the alley. Soon, due to inadequate supply of food he had to go hunting. He found a similar looking spider except this time it was within reach. Using his agile hunting skills, the cat caught the spider and ate it. The spider's poison made the cat fatally sick and he remembered his master and the comfort in his house. Soon the cat died of extreme stomach poisoning from eating the spider and no treatment.

Too much comfort can become smothering for the undeserving/If you always blame others for not fulfilling your own demands soon you'll have no one left to blame.

Fables in Modern world?

Do you think Aesop's Fables and Jataka Tales hold any relevance in modern human society?

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